Other 2017 License Fixes 17.0.4

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If you want real competition and club names for England, Spain, Germany, Turkey and more then download this license fix file. 


This does not include players, that issue is due to piracy. Go buy the game!


To Install:

This file is for Android only, it doesn't work for iOS due to Apple restrictions

  • Download the file - If you are not playing the game in English please download NON_ENGLISH, otherwise please download the other.
  • Then use the ES File Explorer app to download directly onto your device or on a PC/Mac use:
    • Your device cable
    • OR use the AirDroid app for wireless transferring
  • IF USING NON ENGLISH ONLY! Back up your database folder in files > Installed then delete.
  • Extract the file using 7zip, winzip or ES File Explorer then copy the files folder.
  • Navigate to Android/Data/com.sigames.fmm2017/files then place your file here.
  • Start a new career.



Please report any bugs, crashes or missing changes in the comments. Thanks.

Thanks to @TheFMEditor@Kyle and all the BETA testers

What's New in Version 17.0.4   See changelog


  • Neatened up the file so it is easier to edit
  • Made Non-English database download 8.0.2
  • Added in Belgian Cup, German Super Cup, Italian Lower League Cups, Portugese Cups, Turkish Super Cup, Spanish Lower Leagues + Lower League Cup, Asian Confederations Cup, Northern Irish Cups and Irish Cups
  • Added in a variety of International Competition tweaks and fixes, including World Cup qualifying to include federation and federation to the Gold Cup)
  • Added U.S. Sassuolo Calcio, Vendée Fontenay Foot and Marseille Reserves
  • Added in lots of Spanish clubs - mostly lower leagues, including Eibar, Leganés and Sevilla Atlético
  • Added in newly promoted Portuguese Clubs
  • Added in Indian Clubs
  • Added in new short names for USA and for some French clubs (inc Reserves) to stop display issues
  • Updated Northern Irish Competitions, Irish Competitions and Portuguese Second Division
  • Updated some Spanish clubs
  • Updated Portuguese clubs' short names
  • Corrected UEFA Super Cup
  • Fixed Belgian Leagues, French National league and Managers
  • Fixed Bochum and Greuther Furth (and their II teams) from being named the wrong way around
  • Removed South American Continental Competitions as they don't exist in FMM17
  • Removed Lyon as the short name is now fixed in FMM17
  • Removed Welsh Competitions as they are now licensed in FMM17

  • Level 2 L2

Does this licence fix add playable serie D in italy?

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5 minutes ago, alessiof said:

Does this licence fix add playable serie D in italy?

You cannot make leagues playable that are below existing playable leagues

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  • Level 1 L1

I can't get this to work for the life of me, I've installed the changes.txt every where, delegated the data base and restarted my phone no luck and yes I have the correct language. Out side of that I have a few questions will this give dortmund II matches (not me controlling them but the players in there will get game time)  and lastly could this work on a old save (I doubt it but it would be nice) 

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