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    Free Agents Who Are
    Worth A Look On 7.2
    The transfer update was released recently for FMM 2016 and with that comes a new host of unemployed players for us to enjoy, with that in mind today i will be sharing with you my top ten free agents who are worth a look on 7.2!
    Grant Holt

    Grant Holt maybe past his best and i might be including him due to the impact he had at my hometown club back in the day but i'm positive this Englishman still has something to offer. His stamina is an eyesore as is his pace but if you look at him as your standard targetman you start to see the potential he could offer as a backup or as a plan B. His strength is extremely impressive and he still has his killer instinct with the ball in the air or on the deck thanks to his solid 14's in shooting and heading. Sure he'll likely not deliver at the highest level but at the right club he could be the difference between finishing mid table or gaining promotion. 

    I'm personally finding solid ball winning midfielders harder to find in game and that's mainly down to how expensive they've become over the years so it's no surprise Medo caught my eye. This international of nineteen games is about to enter his peak years and his stats are rather appealing for his position as he starts the game with 15 tackling, 13 positioning, 17 aggression, 15 teamwork and very solid physical stats. If he takes to intensive training it wouldn't be too far fetched to see him blossom into a very solid option at the base of your midfield. 
    Tommy Oar

    In footballing terms Oar is still relatively young with plenty of room to grow which could make him a promising signing. Looking at his base stats he does have the potential to develop everything he needs to be a winger of a decent level as it's not hard to see him gaining greens in crossing, dribbling, passing, technique, teamwork, movement, decisions, pace and stamina! If those were all green day one you'd be drooling at the idea of using him so he's certainly one to keep in mind. 
    Javier Matilla

    If i said to you describe your typical Spanish attacking midfielder by three stats i'm sure most of you would say passing, creativity and technique and Matilla has all three! In the right team a player with these stats could really do the business and with his current age he still has growing time and his prime ahead of him! I can't see him turning into a God anytime soon but intensive training should boost his already solid stats while also improving his dribbling, movement and teamwork which could make him a worthwhile addition to a lower side. 
    Jean-Bryan Boukaka

    What's the hardest thing to defend against in football? In my opinion it's pure pace and this lad starts off with a very solid 16 which when combined with his 15 dribbling and 16 movement makes him a real handful. Obviously with age and intensive training these stats should also improve to make him even deadlier while it wouldn't be shocking to see his technique, shooting, decisions, stamina and strength also improve which will give you a very solid option if you're in need of an inside forward. 
    Florian Buchot

    A green shooting stats always catches the eye when browsing through a list of players but thankfully Florian Buchot also has the potential to compliment this with the rest of his stat spread. His heading is disappointing and will likely stay in the lower end of the scale but his dribbling, decisions, movement, teamwork and physical stats are all up there and could turn green in no time, and at the age of 23 this lad has all the time he needs. 
    Flavio Ferreira

    I took one glance at this Portuguese defender and i knew i'd come across someone with the potential to be special. On this first glance i noticed his ability to play in two positions as well as that most coveted ball playing ability from central defence, thankfully he also backed this up with 15 positioning. Having a closer look i discovered his tackling, teamwork, technique, decisions, crossing and heading stats were also very appealing and depending on the training schedule you place him under he could be a top player. He can play it out from your back four or play in your midfield, he could also potentially be a solid wingback if he can retrain to that position!
    Luis Alberto

    Alberto is a hardworking striker which every fan can admire but his other stats are also rather promising as intensive training could help this Portuguese forward develop greens in shooting, decisions, movement, pace and stamina. While i agree this wouldn;t be the most eye catching or devastating stat spread a player has ever had it would be giving him just enough to be a threat in your attack. 

    Does this player ring a bell? Well he should as at one point he was a very popular wonderkid from the series. Barcelona once paid big money for this Brazilian flop and now he could be yours on a free transfer! He may not have lived up to the hype Barcelona and SI billed him as but it's clear to see Keirrison has something about him. He's about to enter his peak years which could make him useful for a year or two and his stats are still rather promising with 15 shooting, 13 passing, 13 dribbling, 15 pace, 15 movement and 13 decisions. Could you be the manager to unlock the potential in this once famed wonderkid?
    Vinicius Alves

    I'll start by saying his physical stats are a worry but hopefully they'll improve with age as Alves is still only a child in footballing terms. If he can improve his stamina and strength Alves could be a very solid addition to your team as the rest of his spread is very promising as he could be built as a pure destroyer or as a deep lying playmaker. His defensive stats are already solid 13's which is a positive start but he also has 13 creativity, 14 dribbling, 12 passing and in truth a very balanced spread, it's a shame his stamina is so poor as he could have been an impactful box to box midfielder. 
    That's it for my ten free agents you should look at in the 7.2 update but what do you guys think? Have i missed anyone that i should have included? Have you signed any free agents worth highlighting? As always i'd love to hear your views and opinions so make sure you leave a comment. 
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    Below are the Football Manager Mobile 2016 7.2 Wonderkids. These are all 21 or Under players with the best Potential Ability (Judged out of 200, the higher the better and the maximum ability they can reach). Ranged Potential is available on some players and means that it can differ in each save between the values. Please note some players may not be available on the database you use, may differ or not be in the game as this is based off of the Football Manager database that SI uses.
    Name Age Position Club Nation Potential Ability Paulo Dybala 21 AM/S C Juventus Argentina 181 Raheem Sterling 20 M/AM/F RLC Manchester City England 178 Leon Goretzka 20 DM/M/AM C Gelsenkirchen Germany 175 Daniele Rugani 21 DC Juventus Italy 175 Julian Brandt 19 M/AM RL Leverkusen Germany 175 Alessio Romagnoli 20 D LC A.C. Milan Italy 175 Jonathan Tah 19 D RC Leverkusen Germany 174 Kingsley Coman 19 M/AM/F RLC Juventus France 174 John Stones 21 D RC Everton England 172 Memphis Depay 21 AM/F LC Manchester United Holland 172 Marquinhos 21 D RC Paris Saint-Germain Brazil 172 Maximillian Meyer 19 M/AM RLC Gelsenkirchen Germany 172 Julian Draxler 21 M/AM RLC Wolfsburg Germany 170 Donis Advijaj 18 AM/F C Gelsenkirchen Germany 170 Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg 19 DM/M/AM C Bayern Denmark 170 Domenico Berardi 21 AM/F RLC U.S. Sassuolo Italy 170 Luke Shaw 20 D/DM L Manchester United England 170 Bernardo Silva 20 M/AM RC AS Monaco Portugal 170 Predrag Rajkovic 19 GK Maccabi Tel-Aviv Serbia 170 Aymeric Laporte 21 DC Athletic Club France 168 Emre Can 21 D/DM/M C Liverpool Germany 168 José Giménez 20 DC Atlético de Madrid Uruguay 168 Eric Dier 21 D/DM RC Tottenham Hotspur England 168 Ross Barkley 21 M/AM RLC Everton England 168 Iñaki Williams 21 M/AM/F RLC Athletic Club Spain 166 Joshua Kimmich 20 DM/M/AM C Bayern Germany 165 Niklas Süle 19 DC Hoffenheim Germany 165 Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain 21 M/AM RLC Arsenal England 165 Leroy Sané 19 M/AM RLC Gelsenkirchen Germany 165 Adnan Januzaj 20 M/AM RLC Manchester United Belgium 165 José Gaya 20 D/DM/M L Valencia Spain 165 Saido Berahino 21 M/AM/F RLC West Bromwich Albion England 165 Lazar Markovic 21 DM/M/AM RLC Liverpool Serbia 165 Martin Ødegaard 16 M/AM RC Real Madrid Norway 160-190 Anthony Martial 19 AM/F LC Manchester United France 160-190 Youri Tielemans 18 DM/M/AM C RSC Anderlecht Belgium 160-190 Rúben Neves 18 DM/M C FCP Portugal 160-190 Che Nunnely 16 M/AM RLC AFC Ajax Holland 150-180 Abdou Diakhate 16 DM/D C ACF Fiorentina Senegal 150-180 Christian Pulisic 16 M/AM RLC Dortmund U.S.A. 150-180 Maximilliano Romero 16 SC Velez Sasfield Argentina 150-180 Gianluigi Donnarumma 16 GK A.C. Milan Italy 150-180 Rui Pedro 17 SC FCP Portugal 150-180 Kuki 17 AM/S C Atletico Malagueno Spain 150-180 Jhon Arango 17 M/AM C Deportivo Estudiantil Colombia 150-180 Matheus Pereira 17 AM RLC Corinthians Paulista Brazil 150-180 Renato Sanches 17 MC SLB Portugal 150-180 Manuel Locatelli 17 M LC A.C. Milan Italy 150-180 Bartlomiej Dragowski 17 GK Jagiellonia Bialystok Poland 150-180 Luís Henrique 17 SC Botafago FR Brazil 150-180 Fran Villalba 17 AMC Valencia Spain 150-180 Alex Meret 18 GK Udinese Italy 150-180 Breel Embolo 18 AM/F RLC FC Basel Switzerland 150-180 Thiago Maia 18 DMC Santos Brazil 150-180 Ante Coric 18 M/AM C GNK Dinamo Croatia 150-180 Riechedly Bazoer 18 D/DM/M C AFC Ajax Holland 150-180 Gonçalo Guedes 18 M/AM RL SLB Portugal 150-180 Kelechi Iheanacho 18 SC Manchester City Nigeria 150-180 Rodrigo Bentancur 18 M RC Boca Juniors Uruguay 150-180 Gérson 18 AM RLC Fluminense Brazil 150-180 Malcom 18 AM/F RLC Girondins de Bordeaux Brazil 150-180 Ezequiel Ponce 18 SC AS Roma Argentina 150-180 Jesús Vallejo 18 DC Real Madrid Spain 150-180 Gabriel Barbosa 18 AM/F RLC Santos Brazil 150-180 Assane Gnoukori 18 DM/M C F.C, Internazionale Ivory Coast 150-180 Matheus Pereira 19 AM RLC Sporting (POR) Brazil 150-180 Emanuel Mammana 19 DC River Plate Argentina 150-180 Simone Scuffet 19 GK Udinese Italy 150-180 André Silva 19 SC FCP Portugal 150-180 Lucas 19 D LC Atlético de Madrid France 150-180 Andrés Cubas 19 DMC Boca Juniors Argentina 150-180 Kenedy 19 AM/F RLC Chelsea Brazil 150-180 Thomas Lemar 19 M/AM RC AS Monaco France 150-180 José Mauri 19 DM/M C A.C. Milan Italy 150-180 Andrija Zivkovic 19 M/AM RL FK Teleoptik Zemun Serbia 150-180 Marco Asensio 19 M/AM RLC Real Madrid Spain 150-180 Jorge 19 D/DM/M L Flemish Brazil 150-180 Ángel Correa 20 AM/F LC Atlético de Madrid Argentina 150-180 Sergi Samper 20 DM/M C F.C. Barcelona Spain 150-180 Kurt Zouma 20 D RC Chelsea France 150-180 Hirving Lozano 20 M/AM RL Pachuca CF Mexico 150-180 Óliver 20 M/AM RLC Atlético de Madrid Spain 150-180 Denis Suárez 21 M/AM LC Villarreal C.F. Spain 150-180
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    The Tactics Guide
    Struggling for tactics? Want to buy someone for your team but do not know if they fit your system? Don’t worry and let me bring you the guide for tactics in Football Manager Mobile 2016, which will help you in your journey of FMM.
    Part 1 - Analysing the squad
    Whether you’re at 2025 with Bayern or in 2015 and just took over York, you have to analyse a squad and while there is not a quick way, it isn’t hard as all, with a few examples, I will lead you through how to analyse a squad.
    For the goalkeeper and defender sections an example will be Manchester United.
    Manchester United has 3 goalkeepers in the game, David de Gea, Sergio Romero and Victor Valdes. United has strength in-depth, with a world class keeper in David de Gea, and decent back up with Sergio Romero and Victor Valdes, and I think the team doesn’t need any transfers in the goalkeeper sections.
    Next up is full backs, we have Varela and Darmian as the right backs with Luke Shaw as the main left back, it doesn’t look very good with back up but as we have Smalling, Jones (right) and Blind and Rojo (left) as backup, it is ok and no transfers are needed.
    Central defenders consist of Blackett, Rojo, Jones, Smalling and McNair, and a world class signing is needed, as Rojo and Smalling not good enough in game and McNair and Blackett are just too young.
    For all midfield positions, we will use the example of F.C. Barcelona.
    In central midfield, they have fantastic players but not much strength in-depth, for a title winning team. They have Sergio Busquets, Rakitic, Song (on loan at West Ham) Iniesta and Rafinha. I would sell Rafinha and Song and bring in a world class centre mid, as backup that would be replacing Andres Iniesta in the future. Pogba is calling.
    Next is wingers, and Barcelona has some fantastic ones, with Neymar, Aleix and Arda Turan they are flying, along with Messi, and Munir, Sandro and Suarez (who could play as wingers), and the class they have means that no backups would be needed and you would be good playing 2 natural wingers.
    For strikers Bayern Munich will be used as an example.
    In attackers wise Bayern have few, but have a lot of quality, with Robben able to play not primarily, and Muller and Lewandowski, you only have very few good strikers to play with which makes a 3 upfront tactic risky, I’d do a 1 upfront with Lewandowski up front.
    Part 2 - Tactical Instructions
    Now you’ve decided on your tactic, you’ll need to do tactical instructions for your player, here I will talk about the instructions and what they will do.
    2a. Team Mentality
    The team mentality determines what style will your team play.
    Attacking mentality means that your team will always attack. It is best employed for matches that you are favourites to win, it aims to exploit the space and attack, it focuses on getting players forward.
    Balanced mentality enables the manager to assess the match situation by balancing risk and reward. It is an ideal mentality for short-odd matches.
    Defensive mentality is a mentality which is good for matches where you are favourites to lose, it relies on direct balls up to the attackers from the defense, it aims to get men behind ball.
    2b. Passing Style
    Passing Styles determines the style of passing you will use.
    Mixed passing styles means that your team will use a mixture of passing like tiki-taka style and also long balls like the old Stoke.
    A short passing style means that your team wouldn’t try long balls, instead they will play a tiki-taka style of play and will require some patience for success.
    A long passing style is a perfect match for the defensive mentality, as it will be pumping the ball upfield to the target man from the defense, it is good when you are not the favourites to win.
    A direct passing style will be a risky but a very good style at time and it will be an ok style to play in any situation, more when you are desperate to score a goal.
    2c. Passing Focus
    Passing focus determines where you will focus your passing and your game on.
    It is pretty straightforward.
    Right or left are focusing your passing on only one flank, either the left or right.
    Centre passing focus means that you will focus your passing on the middle, and is essential for a formation like 41212 narrow.
    The mixed passing focus means that it will focus on any of the other 4 passing focuses while both flanks means that your team will focus on attacking with the wings and exploiting the flanks.
    2d. Goalkeeper Distrubution
    The goalkeeper distrubution determines the way the goalkeeper kicks/throws.
    Long is for the goalkeeper to boom it upfield and aim it to the target man while short is distrubuting to the defenders.
    Short would mean that your goalkeeper would be putting the ball into the center halves and full backs, it would suit a possession style of play and also direct football.
    2e. Tackling
    Tackling instructions determines how tackling would be for your team against your opponent.
    Cautious means that they will usually stay on foot, while commited will mean that your players will get stuck in and tackle often.
    2f. Refinements
    Pressing is the art of attacking the opposition whenever your team doesn't have the ball by harassing the player on the ball as quickly as possible to get the ball back as soon as possible. This will force the opposition into more mistakes though can be fairly intensive meaning players will tire quickly especially if they are poor in the stamina attribute. Therefore it is up to you to consider if your players can handle it and if it is worth tiring them out more than usual (especially during a busy period of fixtures).
    Offside Trap:
    The Offside Trap is one of the most difficult parts of football to master. It relies on perfect teamwork, decision making and timing in order to implement this simple but deadly trick however one wrong move and you put the other team in a great goalscoring situation every time. The aim of the offside trap is to push up at exactly the right moment to catch the opposing forwards offside in order to win the ball back with a free kick. This will relieve and allow your forwards to get into good positions in order to receive the ball however as aforementioned if it goes wrong it could be very deadly and often results in a goal.
    Counter Attack:
    Counter Attacking can be very lethal if executed right. The use of fast players to hit quickly when the opposition get forward in numbers to expose themselves at the back can lead to some amazing goalscoring opportunities for your team. However while this is great for creating chances when the opponent is vulnerable it relies on having a sturdy defence than can soak up pressure. Then the right mix of players who can carry the ball forward is also needed. They need to be able to make a deadly pass and finish with ease despite only having a few chances during a game.
    Men Behind Ball:
    Your team will look to 'park the bus' as they set up defensive walls up to stop the other team trying to get passes through the slot into dangerous areas. This is very useful when trying to protect a lead against a team better than your own but due to the nature of the option it invites the opposition to get forward with a lot of your players in your own half. Your players will therefore find it difficult to get up the pitch to creating chances for themselves. Men Behind Ball is a purely defensive option and sometimes may not work as letting the opponents attack will sometimes mean they will get a goal as teams cannot keep clean sheets every single game. However it is useful if you want to base your success on solid defence or are looking to keep the result the same as it is in a game.

    Part 3 - Individual Players
    3a. Player Roles Explained
    Defender Roles:
    Sweeper - The Sweeper's role is to mop up anything that passes the DCs using his positioning and decisions. He acts as the final line of defence with nearly none attacking abilities.
    Limited Defender - Limited Defenders are the no-nonsense centre backs England fans are very used to. They don't care where they put the ball as long as they clear it out. This role is suited for less technically gifted central defenders.
    Central Defender - A central defender will do what is required of him. He won't try to overplay or try to play too simply. He'll look for the safest play and act that out.
    Ball Playing Defender - Ball Playing Defenders like to take more risks by getting the ball back then initiating moves. They will look to play defence splitting passes by moving out of their defensive zone to make a creative play to try and score a goal. They can be prone to mistakes with a lack of mental attributes though.
    Full Back - The less attacking of the two wide defenders roles. A full back's primary job is to defend and then provide support in attacking when it is a very clear opportunity. He doesn't risk anything by leaving his man free to go and join in with the attack.
    Wing Back - A source of width from deep. The Wing Back will look to push on at every chance to try and provide a further crossing option from the wings. He requires great stamina, crossing, dribbling and decisions as they may be guilty of leaving their man free if a turnover in play happens quickly.
    Midfielder Roles:
    Deep Lying Playmaker - The Deep Lying Playmaker is a player who sits in front of the defence trying to retrieve the ball using brains. He looks to intercept the ball and only commits to tackles when vital. His job is to provide the defence with a closer outlet and also start attacks through clever passes with ball retention is primary concern, he also makes tackles and dictates tempo of the team with passing and getting the ball up the field.
    Ball Winning Midfielder - An aggressive player who likes to throw his physical stature around in order to win the ball back. He may often make surging runs into space to progress his team forward and try a long shot.
    Box to Box Midfielder - Box to Box Midfielders never stop running. They need very high stamina and are everywhere on the pitch. This role is the most demanding on the game as they need the ability to do everything on the pitch for 90 minutes as they look to move from defence to attack with the play.
    Central Midfielder - The second neutral midfield role with the Box to Box Midfielder. The central midfielder tries to pass the ball on and hold play up by linking the attack and defence up through vision and passing ability. He will very rarely leave the middle third of the pitch as he tries to provide a smooth transition throughout the team's play.
    Advanced Playmaker - One of the most craved and creative players in the game but a role that is very hard to get right. An advanced playmaker is the hub of most teams when he is on the pitch and can be responsible for goals out of nothing with the creativity and passing ability that they bring. However if marked out of the game with no other outlet for splitting a defence apart the team can struggle because of this.
    Inside Forward - Inside Forwards will look to find space in order to shoot. They'll go on surging runs from the wings or centre to get next to or past the forwards or shoot on sight. They may have a high amount of shots with most off target but an inside forward with high shooting may net some very important goals against hard to break down teams.
    Defensive Winger - A defensive winger is extremely useful against top wing backs. They will not just look to get forward but think about their defensive duties too in a manner similar to wing backs but higher up the pitch. They too are like a box to box midfielder in which they require high stamina but instead of requiring tackling/shooting they will need crossing and tackling.
    Wide Midfielder - The Wide Midfielders are a similar role as a central midfielder but on the ML/MR spots. They will try to drift inside and are useful for if there is space in MC such as in a wide diamond. Their role means that your team will be compact in which is ideal for short passing but they'll lack width so you cannot stretch your attacking plays as much.
    Winger - Wingers are the conventional role that you expect out wide. When they get the ball they will run forward with speed in order to deliver the ball into the box. Their speed is perfect for quick moves such as counter attacks but they will hardly ever worry about their opposite number meaning that in defence your DL/DR may be overran with two players depending on the other team's tactics.
    Forward Roles:
    Defensive Forward - A Defensive Forward will track back and press the opposition defences. Their primary aim is to win the ball back high up in order to force opposition mistakes and gift your team cheap goals.
    Deep Lying Forward - Deep Lying Forwards are exactly what the name says. They sit back when not in possession to pick up the ball from a near AMC spot and move forward with the team as opposed to being the furthest player forward. This is useful if you intend to play the ball around quickly in order to make space and sit deep to play on the counter.
    Trequartista - This role isn't a typical forward role. It concentrates more on the link up play and playing the passing game. The Trequartista uses movement to find space in order to link up play between the attacking midfielders and strikers. You may often find this player on the wings too if given enough space to do so.
    Advanced Forward - The Advanced Forward will play off of the back of the opposition defenders so is prone to being offside. However with his pace and movement often means he can be one on one with the goalkeeper and be scoring 40/50 a season as a result. His movement means he will struggle to be tracked by a sub-par defender and can cause problems by dragging oppositions out of their natural positions creating room for others.
    Poacher - A Poacher will sit in and around the box trying to get on the end of low crosses and passes. The primary aim of a Poacher is to put the ball into the back of the net from rebounds, deflections and crosses.
    Target Man - Target Men use their strength and height in order to score goals or feed the ball to other players from long balls. They will look to outmuscle players and win everything in the air to generally keep possession, put the ball in the net or be a pest to the defenders.
    Complete Forward - The name for a Complete Forward says it all. They do all of the forward roles as instructed and as they decide fit depending on the match they are playing in. This player will use his decisions and his well rounded attacking ability to play the best he can in the match. This is therefore the hardest role to be played in the game as it relies on extreme ability and decisions to conquer.
    3b. Practicality of Player Roles
    Now you have a good understanding of the backbone to each player role and their uses we need to consider the practicality of each one when setting up a team.
    While it is easy to place the player's in roles that they are most suited for with their attributes sometimes this isn't the way to go about it as the pairing of roles can change the use of it. You need to consider this and envisage how each player will influence a role. For example if you want your Ball Winning Midfielder to go forward more then you shouldn't pair him with only "attacking" midfield player roles; such as Advanced Playmaker, else he will be solely responsible for defending and not have a chance to get into the opposition's third. Please note this will not cover every single combination as this would get extensive beyond readability. While you will find a few examples of combinations influencing defence it is more than likely you will find more to do with attacking and space due to roles occupying similar spaces will adapt to find new positions (such as INFs with a DLF). It may also be noted that positioning can have a say in a player's role whether this be attacking or defending; though it is in more cases than not the case 'if a player has a lot of room on one side of him then he will often drift to occupy this extra room.'
    Throughout this article I am going to look at the variance of roles when you place another role with them or how you can get the best out of a player in a specific role by using other roles in your team.
    Ball Playing Defenders with Central/Limited Defenders:
    If you look at the Ball Playing Defender and what he is capable of then you wouldn't be wrong to think they can be hazardous. However pairing with another type of central defenders and they can be the first point in a very dangerous move. Putting a Ball Playing Defender with another defender (particularly two either side in a 3 or 5 man defensive line) allows him more freedom and to take more risks to get the most out of the player without the worry about them pushing up too far up and getting exposed by great movement and pace by the opposition.
    Wing Backs with Inside Forwards:
    As you know from the previous section wing backs are very adventurous and love to get forward . However with this it can also depend on who is far up the pitch as to the extent of how far they get up and what they do when they are up there. In the case of pairing them with Inside Forwards allow them to have the flank to themselves at times and mean they can get as far up the pitch as they desire.
    Wing Backs with Wingers:
    As mentioned in the above section of Wing Backs with Inside Forwards they act differently depending on the player higher up the pitch. In the case of Wingers they will often lie further back and feed the ball up to the wingers so that they can cross the ball. However, this isn't all as they may look to overlap and combine on the wing in a 2v2 situation as they move the ball around the side of the pitch to find a crossing spot. This is more the case when they play a team who are hard to break down and get men back as it allows the Wing Back to get further forward without much defensive responsibility.

    Ball Winning Midfielders with Deep Lying Midfielders:
    Ball Winning Midfielders are a unique player role in FMM2016 as they are one of the only players that can change their role almost entirely depending on how they are lined up with. If they are with a Deep Lying Midfielder then they will be a lot more aggressive and attacking than when paired with any other role. With a Deep Lying Midfielder they'll look to get forward and dribble the ball to shoot as opposed to sitting back and acting as a screen to break up play near him in front of the defence.
    Multiple Advanced Playmakers:
    While having many threats is very useful especially when it comes to the supply against high pressing teams it may actually be counter-intuitive to your team if you do not set them out correctly. Each playmaker needs two things - time and space, without these they will not thrive and their quality will suffer. In order to get the full potential out of your advanced playmaker/s you need to give them space. For example in a 433 you may want to play them either side of the 3 man midfield and not next to each other as this will limit their productivity and their similar styles will clash.
    Wingers with Target Men:
    In order to make a Target Man effective Wingers are often the most commonly used with him. Their deadly crosses are the perfect supply for the strong, lethal forwards. Able to dominate many people in the air the Target Men need a passing source to utilise this and Wingers do just that. If you have Target Men then a Winger is a real threat for the opposition unless you play long passing in which case this can also use his strength but in a different way. There will be more on passing styles and how to make it work later in the guide though.
    Inside Forwards (Wing) vs Inside Forwards (Central):
    Inside Forwards' are tasked with the job of finding space and bursting into them often to pass or shoot but their positioning is important. However placing an Inside Forward on the wing means they can only drift one way - inside by the side of the striker/s or just behind. On the other hand the central Inside Forwards will look to get past the striker/s in all sides possible.
    Inside Forwards (Wing) with Deep Lying Forwards:
    As the player role guide should have explained to you a Deep Lying Forward is a player whom sits farther back than a normal striker trying to bring the defenders up the field a bit to leave gaps in behind.  This means that when playing Inside Forwards that they will have even more room up front to get into and create a goal scoring player from the wing akin to Cristiano Ronaldo.

    Inside Forwards (Wing) with Advanced Forwards:
    As you may have noticed by now a common trend with Inside Forwards is that they drift inside when out on the wing. With this in mind an Advanced Forward will look to exploit this by getting into the free space around the edge of the boxes and the wings. This will end up pulling players out of their comfort zones  like the Inside Forwards to create deadly movement that is designed to confuse the opposition's defence. As Advanced Forwards love to make runs to get into pockets of space the opposition find difficult to attract this allows them to pull out space for the Inside Forwards to get into.
    Advanced Forwards with Deep Lying Forwards:
    As previously explained Advanced Forwards like to use their movement and pace to create chances. When you put an Advanced Forward with a Deep Lying Forward then they act as a pivot with the Advanced Forwards playing off of the defenders looking to beat the offside trap and the Deep Lying Forwards coming closer to bridge the gap between attack and midfield and take men away to feed the Advanced Forward. If your Advanced Forward has good pace, movement and decisions then he can be very hard to catch when he breaks free of the defence and paired with a natural scoring instinct then a goal is almost certain.
    Poachers with Target Men:
    Poachers' aim is to put the ball into the back of the net by being in the box on the opposition's blind side. When you pair this with a Target Man you get the situation of having polar opposites in which can outdo even the best defences with their movement and strength having to be matched. While the Target Man will be stationary for the most part he will feed the Poacher whom will pop up where the defenders don't expect him to as he floats around the Target Man to get into good areas. The Poacher will use the Target Man's natural levitation of drawing in opposition defenders to find his space and a scoring opportunity.
    Trequartistas with Poachers OR Target Men:
    When you pair a Trequartista with a Poacher or a Target Man then they will drop deeper and act as an ever-moving threat trying to feed the ball up. They'll drift from left to right just behind the main attacker looking to feed balls through and open up spaces for their partner to use. Their constant movement will make them hard to pick up and draw the opposition out to try and combat this but this can then leave their partner free for a killer through ball to be played. If that opportunity happens then they will duly oblige by providing that.
    Advanced Forwards with Target Men:
    Play an Advanced Forward beside or either side of a Target Man and you don't get a player who wants to just break past the defence but you'll get a player who will drift outside looking to chip the ball into the Target Man. As well as trying to feed off of his knock downs stretching the play and providing a variety in pressure for the opposition due to the opposite nature of the Advanced Forward and Target Man roles.
    While I have covered the majority of player roles that differ and work well together this isn't all of them as Football Manager Mobile 2016 offers so many different roles and combinations that when working together can change the very nature of the play. I hope by explaining a few of them you can get a good grasp on how players evolve to suit their surrounding players.  Remember that balance is key in a tactic so using too many attacking/defensive players can create a great imbalance and you will find it hard to do the other or too similar players can lead to one dimensional play. You must consider the types of players you're playing else you may end up with a front line of two or three non-striking forwards such as a Defensive Forward with Deep Lying Forwards and these will then struggle to put the ball into the back of the net due to the nature of their roles. Don't be afraid to go with non-symmetrical player roles with your tactic if it suits your players better and can create deadly combinations as this can sometimes be the difference between a win and a draw.
    The best advice about player roles to give is to envisage the roles and how they will be playing in a team, if you think something will work and can justify it then give it a go. Sometimes a little foresight is all that you require is the best thing to have when determining player roles so they don't clash and can work together to create a solid unit in both defence and attack. While Lionel Messi may prefer to be a poacher you have to consider how well he would perform in that role and also the influence of him being this in relation to the team as you may find that a Deep Lying Forward could benefit your squad more and therefore one simple change can win you the league! And most importantly be patient with your team, don't start modifying their roles after one game as you lost it may take time for them to settle. Deadly partnerships are not created over night but also be strict with the results you get by looking at their match statistics.
    Part 4 - Balance
    In a created tactic you will always need balance, you don't want 10 attackers and 0 defenders in a tactic right?
    So, that is exactly why when creating tactics you need to check the balance, one of the most important things in any football tactic, let's use the standard 4-4-2 as an example.
    In the standard 4-4-2 we have the standard goalkeeper and the defence, but then in the center of midfield you wil
  • Kyle
    Vibe Community Skin
    Theme/Skin for Football Manager Mobile 2016 - Android Only
    (Skin may vary from size to size)
    Torrents/Server Download?
    Don't want Torrent downloads? Then buy a monthly, yearly or lifetime subscription to help support the site. This will give you faster downloads for your time period and other perks such as a special symbol. We thank you for your support.
    If you run the Torrents make sure you have a Torrent extractor like uTorrent (available on Android too).
    Installation Instructions:
    ***Important! - First Backup and Remove your original folder(s)***
    (1080p - fmhi_1080p_skin)
    (Retina/HDTV - fmhi_hdtv_skin & fmhi_retina_skin)
    (WVGA - fmhi_wvga_skin)
    (SD/HVGA - fmhi_skin)
    then unzip and copy both folder(s) to your android/data/com.sigames.fmh2016/files/com.sigames.2016/data/
    once copied over restart your Device (Phone/Tablet)
    There you go a Vibe Community Theme/Skin
    ***Reminder this is for Android - 1080p/Retina/WVGA/SD Only!***
  • Dec
    These files include:
    Over 24,000 faces for Players and Managers in FMM2016. With thanks to Sortitoutsi for their FM megapack and @rseven / @jaymarvels for their help.
    Torrents/Server Download?
    Don't want Torrent downloads? Then buy a monthly, yearly or lifetime subscription to help support the site. This will give you faster downloads for your time period and other perks such as a special symbol. We thank you for your support.
    If you run the Torrents make sure you have a Torrent extractor like uTorrent (available on Android) too.
    How to install:
    Find what skin you use by going into credits and on the top bar finding what is in the brackets (e.g. HVGA).
    Select your file - 1080/HD (1080/Retina/TV in credits) are big phones/tablets, WVGA are mini tablets and SD (HVGA) are lower screen spec phones.
    For iOS -
    Extract your file using 7Zip or a Mac equivalent.
    On iTunes in the top left next to the music, TV, etc... symbols click your device's icon (the little iPhone/iPad) - This is on the latest iTunes version, it may differ on previous.
    Navigate to app > file sharing > FMM 2016 and drag and drop faces in there (press CTRL/CMD + A to select all in the folder). Please don't drag the folders.
    For Android -
    Extract your file using:
    7Zip or a Mac .zip extractor equivalent.
    ES FIle Explorer App
    Use AirDroid or a USB and drag them into Android/Data/com.sigames.fmh2016/ then logos (or Logos_Android for WVGA/Logos_iPad for HD). Then place the players folder into this directory.
    *Note* There are a lot of files, it can take a while to start and then to transfer, please give them time (especially on iTunes).

More on Vibe...

Football Manager Mobile 2016 7.2 Update is out now . 

App Store link: http://ftbl.ma/FMMiOS
Google Play link: http://ftbl.ma/FMMAndroid

The Amazon version will be following in the coming days.

Changelist is as follows:
Winter transfer window update Improved attacking movement for several roles Clarified situation when club cannot afford to hire coach Improved commentary only performance of Enhanced Match Engine Improved behaviour of players set as Outlets Improved short goalkeeper distribution Improved scout rating of player potentials Fixed various rare crashes Added news filtering Added dialog for when user views incompatible match Tuned national team selection Fixed issue where free agent managers were rarely getting jobs Allowed human manager to choose specialisation when unlocked Improved assistant manager comments on transfer bids Fixed virtual players being inappropriately awful in some cases Fixed issue on match screen if player scored a goal and an own goal Tuned club and player reputation changes when overperforming Increased effect of lower condition on more physical players Fixed harsh sacking when club doing OK in league Tweaked match analysis feedback Updated several screens to use nation flags rather than badges Fixed club signing absurd amount of free agents Increased transfer interest in players who are way too good for current club Fixed national team not picking loan players Fixed Italian Super Cup draw Fixed incorrect valuation in transfer rumour Fixed age of My Club players Fixed various match odds issues Fixed news item wrongly appearing as unread after response Fixed job advert persisting when new career loaded Fixed incorrect Hall of Fame ranking Fixed rare issue where game could get stuck after saving Allowed upgrade to Gold badge in setup confirmation Prevented highlights from cutting away too soon when penalty missed Increased variety of roles used by AI clubs Prevented full-time whistle when dangerous attack in progress Fixed various cosmetic UI issues Prevented too many Evogens starting as free agents Fixed various translation/language issues   Source: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/443058-Football-Manager-Mobile-2016%E2%80%A6-we%E2%80%99ve-pushed-the-button-now-with-7-2-winter-transfer-update!
The Football Manager Mobile 2016 7.2 Update should be around by Mid to Late March 2016 and with this there is expected to be some game tweaks based upon feedback from the launch version. Within this article we will run down the top 5 changes that we want to see in the 7.2 Update. If you agree or disagree then leave a comment down below with your opinions.
New Players
While the transfer update is bound to happen the 2015/16 season has seen some big names break through. There is a noticeable absence of Marcus Rashford whom has scored 4 goals in just 2 games for Manchester United, as well as new Everton signing Shani Tarashaj. Adding in new players gives us more gems to find and different options to buy. This is bound to happen and has done in all previous versions, however it is still worth mentioning as it isn't as certain as the transfers happening...almost but not nailed on.
Likelihood: 9/10

Player Role Tweaks
Many have noted that Inside Forwards do not behave properly as well as some other oddities involving player roles. Sports Interactive have confirmed they are looking into this and will respond to feedback. While it isn't 100% definite, it is very, very likely that there will be refinements in this area.  As well as the Inside Forward repositioning roles such as the Box to Box Midfielder to just the defensive/central midfielder positions are slightly more unlikely but still on the table at this stage and are something that will be looked into for the update.
Likelihood: 9/10
Appointing Coaches Improvements
Players have been baffled by a few features related to Coaches. Those whom choose Lower League Management have looked to utilise Coaches to boost their existing players but upon trying to do so have found after sacking a Coach they cannot appoint a new one due to finances. Though the game doesn't offer any indication of this when sacking a Coach or trying to appoint a new one - the option is just greyed out. Not only this but many have been frustrated by having to buy a player before appointing as a Coach, leading to players like Ronaldinho not going to the Championship level though in reality he would probably jump at this. The former is such an repetitive question that this should be add in order to stop Sports Interactive staff constantly answering it. The latter improvements to appointing Free Agent or Bosman may be a bit further down the pipeline but is one of the most consistent grumbles about the new feature.
Likelihood: 7/10

News Updates
The improved news system is being very well received and has been widely regarded as a step in the right direction for the Football Manager Mobile series. Despite this there are some complaints about having to read every news article still, despite this being what most people hated about the existing system. To combat this continuing without having to read all; unless they are requiring a response, and being able to mark all as read to prevent that annoying notification of unread news items appearing would solve this solution nicely. Neither feature should be difficult to introduce as they don't take up much space nor are complex to code. However it then comes down to if Sports Interactive see this as a necessity as it isn't a hot topic like the Coaches improvement and could be put back to a later update or FMM2017.
Likelihood: 5/10
In-Game Editor Update
When the In-Game Editor was announced to be in FMH2015 we were excited about the potential of it.  However it has had no update for 2016 despite Coaches and Stadium Names being introduced.  This is very frustrating given there is also a lack of functionality to add a Loan or make a Free Agent. With it not being changed at all between versions then it seems unlikely that the limited development time after release will go to an In App Purchase rather than improving the main game from user feedback.
Likelihood: 2/10

What is the Vibe Winter Transfer Update?
A database update for Football Manager Mobile 2016 that includes all the latest transfers, loans and more. This is the file dated to 26/02/2016 with all completed transfers contained on the database. 
Over 1138 changes including...
507 transfers/loans/releases/retirements 293 Player/Club/Nation Edits including kit colours and contracts 195 Player Ability Updates 69 New Players to the database 57 Manager Changes 18 Backroom Staff Changes  
We apologise but...
Some loans not working, we have tried to fix this but it is due to a limit in the game Staff teams can have duplicate positions or no coaches, we cannot fix this Players whose club is not in the game are at similar clubs (e.g. Ramires)  
How to Install:
Extract the file using WinZip/7Zip or ES File Explorer so you get the folder, the internet provides lots of good tips on how to convert from a .zip for a variety of programs Place the database folder in: Android > data > com.sigames.fmh2016 > files > com.sigames.fmh2016 > data Select yes to overwrite Disable Quick Start in Preferences > Starting Configuration Start a new career with England as the primary league  
For Graphics:
Find which size you need by using the credits in game. It displays in brackets next to version number (e.g. 1080p). Extract the file using WinZip/7Zip or ES File Explorer so you get the folder, the internet provides lots of good tips on how to convert from a .zip for a variety of programs Place the Person folder in: Android > data > com.sigames.fmh2016 > files > com.sigames.fmh2016 > data > logos_? Select yes to overwrite  
You can only install iOS by a PC/Mac or Linux computer due to the way the devices are made. There are NO direct installs onto a device.
Install the Save Editor on your PC or through Winebottler on Mac. Extract the file using WinZip/7Zip or iZip so you get the folder, the internet provides lots of good tips on how to convert from a .zip for a variety of programs. Select which match engine you want to load then the number on the save corresponds with the following leagues loaded: England (primary), Germany, Italy, Spain England (primary), France, Holland, Portugal England (primary), Ireland, Scotland, Wales England (primary), Belgium, N. Ireland  
Load one into the Save Editor then go to Manager > Vibe Community and change the firstname/surname (note it can only be changed to the ones in the drop down menu). Then go to Clubs > Find the club you want to manager > Edit > Swap the manager with "unemployed" then swap again with yourself. Go on iTunes, then select your device. Go to apps and scroll down to "Sharing Area". Select FMM 2016 and drag and drop your modified save into right section with the files. Select yes to replace. Load the save from the available save slots.  
For Graphics:
Find which size you need by using the credits in game. It displays in brackets next to version number (e.g. 1080p). Extract the file using WinZip/7Zip  so you get the folder, the internet provides lots of good tips on how to convert from a .zip for a variety of programs Get all .png files from the download Drag and drop into the iTunes place as with the save  
The update is dated on 26/02/16, any transfers or changes after this are not made. If you spot any errors, bugs or missing transfers please comment. Thanks. With thanks to Jaymarvels' Pre-Editor
In FMH2015, I haven’t been bothered to manage in any lower league teams but this year I’m not about the big teams, it has been for me about the lower league players and teams, and it’s been about finding hidden gems that is very good.
After having lower league saves in Italy, Spain, France, Germany and England, I have compiled the list of “Top 5 Lower League Teams to manage”, and I hope you enjoy.
5. Portsmouth (England)
In May 2008, Portsmouth won the FA Cup while finishing 8th in the Premier League, but then things went horribly wrong and after some poor managing from several managers, Portsmouth is now in League 2. The challenge now is to rebuild Portsmouth F.C., back to their glory days with the 8th place finish and the FA Cup win, and maybe even more...
4. Real Oviedo (Spain)
Real Oviedo might be known to you as the academy producing some of the best Spanish playmakers, but in fact a few years ago they were very close into administration, and they sold shares to different people around the world, and they managed to just hold on. They are now in the 2nd tier of Spanish football and has a pretty decent team, it makes for a fantastic road to glory series.
3. RC Lens (France)
RC Lens in France is a fantastic lower league team to manage, not only because of its rich background and history, but also two major factors. Although getting relegated from Ligue 1 in the 2014-15 season, they have still some of the best things for the lower leagues, the Stade Felix Bollaert-Delelis, RC Lens’ stadium has the capacity of 38,233 people, but not only that, they also start with the highest training facilities, with “Superb and Youth Academy”, this makes for a fantastic save and a rebuilding job for you.
2. FC United (England)
FC United, a club which was founded in 2005, was only a club that was built because people protested about the Glazers taking over Manchester United. Since then, FC United has had a dramatic rise, they are now in the 6th tier of English football, after just 10 years of existence, maybe their history isn’t as entertaining as some like AFC Wimbledon, but if you like a long term save aiming for a club with entertaining background to overtaking another club (in this case Manchester United), this will be your no.1 choice.
1. RBL (Germany)
Finally at No.1 is RBL, founded only 6 years ago, this German team has found theirselves a way up to the 2. Bundesliga, their incredible rise makes it a very interesting challenge in itself, but the players they have are just way beyond the level of the 2nd tier of German football. They have players like Yussuf Poulsen and Davie Selke, which are nice players with bags of potential. With a big stadium of 44,345 seats, a good training facility and some nice finances, you can definitely build a dynasty with the bulls.
So, here marks the end of my top 5 lower league teams to manage list, in my opinion these are the best lower league teams to manage, this year I’ve really gone into LLM, and some obscure teams has been found by me, but these 5 lower league teams are still my favourites of all.
Thanks for viewing.
Probably one of the most appealing parts of the update is player upgrades. Those whom have done well should see an increase in abilities and create a superstar that wasn't there before. It opens up new players to be the ones to sign and this finding is a great buzz in the game. Today I will run down the 10 large players whom I think will get the biggest upgrades in the Football Manager Mobile 2016 update.


10) Brendan Galloway (Everton)

Injuries meant that Galloway got given his chance early in the season and after that the wing back has been given starts consistently. To many people's surprise he has slotted in comfortably to the life of a Premier League club. With good defensive contribution mixed in with an attacking threat the youngster looks to be the real deal in a club renowned for developing great wing backs.


9) Serge Aurier  (Paris Saint-Germain)

Paris Saint-Germain right back Serge Aurier is criminally underrated given he is the number 1 right back in a side that consistently win the League and get to the Knockout stages in European competitions. Realistically he should be up there with other first team right backs in Football Manager Mobile 2016. Despite news of indefinite suspension from the Parisian club this shouldn't influence the researchers decisions on his abilities as he has more than proved his worth on the pitch.


8) Kingsley Coman (Bayern Munich)

Eyebrows were raised when Juventus allowed Coman to go on loan to Bayern Munich. He was tipped as a promising wonderkid in World football but most thought Bayern wouldn't give him a chance to play in their first team. Pep Guardiola has given the French winger a chance though and in these starts he is proving to be an exciting talent with skills to fit the hype. Testing even Bayern's star studded midfielders including Arjen Robben and Mario Gotze for a spot in the Starting XI.


7) Renato Sanches (SL Benfica)

If you look at Renato Sanches on Football Manager Mobile 2016 like a lot of Manchester United fans did then you will be shocked for 2 reasons. 1) He is in the Benfica B team. 2) He isn't very good.

A massive £20m was touted for the Benfica midfielder but in the game he isn't even good enough for the Championship never mind one of the biggest clubs in the Premier League. With the game time for Benfica and the publicity of the Manchester United bid he should be subject to a huge upgrade.


6) Ben Chilwell (Leicester City)

Leicester City are the surprise package of the Premier League by a long shot and many players deserve upgrades. Chilwell is a youngster whom has gotten into The Foxes side with some consistent performances. This has meant that Arsenal have been scouting the English wing back and are tempted to pay a good fee for the player.


5) Dele Alli (Tottenham Hotspur)

Now an England International there is no surprise that Alli is being tipped to be an integral part of the England team for a long time. In FMM16 he is not even a starter for Tottenham Hotspur and often found rotting in the reserves. Real life is totally different as he is one of the first names on their team sheet and has been playing well getting many vital goals or assists.


4) Jaume Domenech (Valencia)

Jaume Domenech has had some good fortune for Valencia this year. While the side has been struggling under new manager Gary Neville, Jaume Domenech has gone from 3rd choice to 1st choice after an injury to Diego Alves. The team's performances have been terrible but not so bad to be rated as poorly as he is in FMM16


3) Jamie Vardy (Leicester City)

If you have missed Jamie Vardy's goal scoring in the Premier League this season then you are missing out. He has been ruthless and has smashed many records throughout the year. In Football Manager Mobile 16 he is good but not outstanding as he has been. You'd expect him to be top of the Premier League goalscoring charts in the game but he struggles to reach that height. 1 Jamie Vardy Upgrade please, Sports Interactive. You know he deserves it.


2) Kelechi Ihaenacho (Manchester City)

Despite the big Wilfried Bony offering back up support for injury prone Sergio Aguero it is their wonderkid striker Kelechi Ihaenacho that has been coming on when they need a goal. He has done pretty well too. Getting a hat trick in the FA Cup only helped to raise his stakes in the hunt for a FMM16 upgrade. The wonderkid striker definitely is showing skill in his first professional season.


1) Gianluigi Donnarumma (A.C. Milan)

16 year old Gianluigi Donnarumma is now the first team goalkeeper for A.C. Milan. This is a mad prospect to even consider in FMM16 but it has happened in real life and now his ability within the game should reflect this new found status. Even putting in game winning performances for the Italian side he is being likened to Italian legend Gianluigi Buffon and from his consistency so far he could be as good as the World Cup winning goalkeeper. The ability upgrade will see him move closer to the potential of being at Buffon level and also get opportunities within the first few seasons that are currently not seen in the game.