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  1. Wonderkids List

    I just checked on my mobile and it is fine when you swipe across. You can see all information. We are working on making it better but due to people using tables for different things it is not as simple as fixing one table.
  2. Wonderkids List

    This is something we are investigating but you can scroll across .
  3. 2017 BG Logos Megapack

    Please try aTorrent and making sure you wait for the file size to show before clicking ok.
  4. Wonderkids List

    Can you show me an example of the site being bad on your mobile please? Thanks
  5. 2017 License Fixes

    Is your game fully up to date? Did you extract it? Reserve matches are simulated yes, but this isn't part of this file. That is in general. It does work on an old save.
  6. There's no differences. Since the PSP version stopped the changes.txt files aren't officially supported by SI so haven't had any changes. If you want to do any more then you need to wait for the Pre-Game Editor.
  7. Sugar Daddy

    Go to options > preferences > unlockables then turn sugar daddy off and on again. You should then have a takeover news item
  8. Player roles

    You are spot on with that definition @BatiGoal as that is how I intended it. Primary are the ones needed where as secondary are for the best player so not needed as much for Lower Leagues but make the best players.
  9. Tactical help request

    Can you send the player attributes for Meli please? Thanks
  10. How To Nurture Talents

    Great work, very detailed and answers such a common question. Only thing is I would say is playing once in the squad may not be enough. Would be good if he played 5-10 times or as a sub but obviously not as much as on loan as that would defeat the point.
  11. Nottingham Forest tactics

    Tagging as help as it isn't a guide. Thanks