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  1. Works fine, please try aTorrent if you are using uTorrent
  2. 2017 BG Logos Megapack

    Try aTorrent as it is far more reliable. As seen above no one else is having issues. Thanks
  3. 2017 BG Logos Megapack

    Server is fine, I checked these yesterday after you said. Please give it time to start. It 100% works with aTorrent
  4. Can we set it this manner?

    That sounds like a bug to be honest. A winger shouldn't be able to play there. Either that or he has edited his game.
  5. Can you highlight their best attributes please? Thanks.
  6. Love, love, love this. Great read mate.
  7. Dolberg

    Sorry I don't understand. Is this a career? if so we prefer you post it first time rather than "reserve" a post. Thanks.
  8. Advice on my 4-4-2 attacking tatics

    I find wing backs with 2 INFs don't provide the relevant width to do well. Though you can argue 4 players in and around the box is excessive with a 5th pushing forward.
  9. FC Porto Guide

    Great work but I would make the headers smaller as on iPhone 7 some take up the whole screen.
  10. 2017 BG Logos Megapack

    Got a Torrent Downloader like uTorrent?
  11. Advice on my 4-4-2 attacking tatics

    Yes that would work. Assuming dropping Ki to a BWM is a good option?
  12. Advice on my 4-4-2 attacking tatics

    I would say you're playing a TM but no wingers so he isn't getting the crosses. You have a CM and APM which are two passing roles then a BPD. Play Ki as a BWM. Also drop the BPD, your team isn't the best and you have 2 players going forward from defence.
  13. Version 17.0.4


    If you want real competition and club names for England, Spain, Germany, Turkey and more then download this license fix file. This does not include players, that issue is due to piracy. Go buy the game! To Install: This file is for Android only, it doesn't work for iOS due to Apple restrictions Download the file - If you are not playing the game in English please download NON_ENGLISH, otherwise please download the other. Then use the ES File Explorer app to download directly onto your device or on a PC/Mac use: Your device cable OR use the AirDroid app for wireless transferring IF USING NON ENGLISH ONLY! Back up your database folder in files > Installed then delete. Extract the file using 7zip, winzip or ES File Explorer then copy the files folder. Navigate to Android/Data/com.sigames.fmm2017/files then place your file here. Start a new career. Other: Please report any bugs, crashes or missing changes in the comments. Thanks. Thanks to @TheFMEditor, @Kyle and all the BETA testers
  14. Wonderkids List

    I just checked on my mobile and it is fine when you swipe across. You can see all information. We are working on making it better but due to people using tables for different things it is not as simple as fixing one table.
  15. Wonderkids List

    This is something we are investigating but you can scroll across .
  16. 2017 BG Logos Megapack

    Please try aTorrent and making sure you wait for the file size to show before clicking ok.
  17. Wonderkids List

    Can you show me an example of the site being bad on your mobile please? Thanks
  18. 2017 License Fixes

    Is your game fully up to date? Did you extract it? Reserve matches are simulated yes, but this isn't part of this file. That is in general. It does work on an old save.
  19. Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sigames.fmm2017 iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/football-manager-mobile-2017/id1095683899?mt=8z Information: Football Manager Mobile 2017 will be out on Thursday 17th November Game will be available on Android and iOS and priced at £6.99/€8.99. Everton will now be licensed in FMM17. There are no additional languages New Features: There will be two NEW playable leagues - Poland and Turkey New National teams are playable including African nations. Brazil and Argentina are still playable. Scouts have been updated with the ability to hire real scouts and improved reports. Read more here. Player interaction has been improved with the ability to comment on performances and find for bad behaviour. Read more here. Footedness, staff search, Brexit, physios, youth promotions, appealing work permits and loan to buy transfers, UEFA Coefficients all in the game. Screenshots:
  20. There's no differences. Since the PSP version stopped the changes.txt files aren't officially supported by SI so haven't had any changes. If you want to do any more then you need to wait for the Pre-Game Editor.
  21. Manchester United have been rumoured to get Patrice Evra back at the club from Juventus. So today I ask, have you ever tried to sign a player back that you've sold? As always vote on the poll and leave stories in the comments. Thanks, Dec
  22. Sugar Daddy

    Go to options > preferences > unlockables then turn sugar daddy off and on again. You should then have a takeover news item