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  1. New 4-5-1

    So yeah, hi.   I know most people probably don't play 2012 on PSP anymore but since that's the latest FMH game I have and decided to pick up that's what this tactic is for. I did in fact just whip this up in about 12 minutes but honestly this has to be one of the greatest tactics I've ever made for this game (shameless overselling right there)   Stock 4-5-1, NO SET RUNS   Team Instruction Mentality: Attacking  Passing: Short Tackling:Normal Pressing:Yes Offside Trap: No Counter Attack: No Men Behind Ball: No Player Instructions: Passing: DC's are Long, Right MC and Left MC both Mixed, rest are Team Tackling: DC's and Right & Left MC's are Committed, rest Team Pressing: GK and Back 4 no, rest Team Pass To: All R/L/C Set Pieces (A): Normal; GK, Right MC, Left MC Back; DL, DR Rest are Forward Set Pieces (D): Normal; GK, ML, MR, Middle MC Forward; FC Rest are Back  Free Role: All no Forward Runs: All yes except GK and both DC's  Run With Ball: DL, DR, ML, MR and Middle MC yes, rest no Hold Up Ball: FC yes, rest no Long Shots: All MC's yes, rest no  Through Balls: Right & Left MC's yes, rest no Cross Ball: DL, DR, ML, MR yes, rest no Marking: Zonal; DL, DR, ML, MR, Middle MC Man; Both DC's, Right MC, Left MC Rest are None   So far I've used this tactic for a season with Bayern Munich, winning the Bundesliga in March, and I've started using it with Tottenham, so far I've played 6 matches in the premier league with 5 wins and 1 draw, 15 goals scored and 2 conceded, and my last 4 matches were: Tottenham 3-1 Liverpool (A) Tottenham 5-0 Swansea (A) Tottenham 5-0 Reading (H) Tottenham 3-0 Borac (BL) (A)   So there it is, a 4-5-1 for you I guess
  2. A Wide 4-3-2-1 By Ashez

    I was also using it for a England save but I overwrote both files... Clumsy me I think I can remember who I faced... Tottenham: Everton 2-1 Sunderland 1-0 England: Austrailia 3-3 Wales 4-0
  3. A Wide 4-3-2-1 By Ashez

    I'm going to test it out on my new Tottenham save, it looks cool.
  4. Sign up form

    General information Forum name: JeffreyA Real name: SJ Almond Nationality: England/Ethiopian Year of birth: 1996 Footed: Both but best Right Preferred position: AMC Secondary position:MC Stat information Please choose two in each section Mental: Aggression, Creativity, Decisions, Leadership, Movement, Positioning, Teamwork Physical: Pace, Stamina, Strength Outfield players: Crossing, Dribbling, Heading, Passing, Shooting, Tackling, Technique
  5. Training

    Good guide, very helpful
  6. The 'winner's circle' 4-3-3

    @Chelsea8 Caulker is phenomenal, and I got Messi after saving up and getting Sugar Daddy during my third season.
  7. The 'winner's circle' 4-3-3

    In some respects it does Dec.
  8. The 'winner's circle' 4-3-3

    That is surprisingly not my full strength team, this is: Gomes Mattock Papadopoulos Caulker Vrsaljko Gotze Sandro Gutierrez Messi Lucas Moura Cavani
  9. Inside Forwards - The Guide

    Just for peace's sake, I'm backing down from this argument and have changed the instructions to suit Dec's liking but the original instructions are as close as I've ever seen to achieving Gervinho's/Mata's style of play.
  10. Inside Forwards - The Guide

    Well, as some people have been experiencing, quite a few of the formations that worked perfectly on 2011 have flopped spectacularly on 2012, like the bugel, like Patrick's 4-1-2-1-2, like most of my formations. Also, as everyone knows the 4-3-3's that used to work great don't anymore, so there's another one. It's also (I find) a lot harder to defend on 2012, whatever the roles/instructions you used for the defense.
  11. Inside Forwards - The Guide

    I found a couple of changes and I was just saying that I did. You don't have to start hammering me for a sentence I typed on a post.
  12. Inside Forwards - The Guide

    @Dec: I know about your guide, but I felt it necessary to do one for 2012 since there have been slight changes in the tactics engine. @Ashez: Thanks mate
  13. Inside Forwards - The Guide

    I clicked on Post Topic instead of Preview Topic by mistake :blush: Happy mistake.
  14. How to create... An Inside Forward So, after a request from the latest Youth Coach Ashez I am taking the Inside Forward instructions (or Inf :lol:) from my 4-2-3-1 Inf tactic and making it into a guide. So then, on with the guide! In General: An 'Inf' is usually a winger who instead of doing the traditional job you'd expect from him, would come inside and playmake, shoot and generally be a major nuisance for the opposition. Most commonly used when there is 1 player upfront, seen at Arsenal, an Inf is utilized to provide support for the lone striker. A bit like Gervinho: Notice how Gervinho is always coming inside, trying to break down the defense and make space for the rest of the team to attack? Brilliant, isn't it. Let's break it down: Pro's: An Inf provides a more creative option in the midfield and attack, linking the two together as much as possible to provide a threat from out wide. He is always attempting to break down the defense with that extra-special pass or incredible individual displays. If an opponent underestimates him, they do so at their own peril. Con's: Although the benefits are substantial, there is a blindingly obvious con to using this role: Wing Exposure. When an Inf is attacking, if the attack fails then because he is so inside when playing, the opposing team can exploit that opening which is created. This can force the rest of your team to come out and put pressure on the ball, which will expose a much larger opening down the middle. Needed stats: Technical: Dribbling: As with most wingers-by-trade and wide roles, Dribbling is heavily important to find space behind defenders. Passing: Playing that killer ball is key to an Inf. Shooting: As with Gervinho, the Inf must be able to shoot and score when called upon to do so. Technique: Keeping the ball and recieving passes is another stat that can make or break a player. Mental: Creativity: The Key-stone of all Inf's play, without this stat higher than, about 13 he will continuously get poor ratings. Decisions: An Inf must be decisive with play or losing the ball is a foregone conclusion. Movement: Again, using Gervinho as an example (especially the first goal he scores on the video above) an Inf needs to be able to have that awareness to be able to find space behind the back-line and time his runs to beat the defense. Physical: Pace: The only Physical stat you need for and Inf, this, as well as everything else, is a crucial stat for an Inf because it ties in with 2 other crucial stats: Dribbling and Movement. A bit like this beasty kid: Above is a pic of Del Piero's regen How to make one: Passing: Direct Tackling: Normal Pressing: Team Pass to: R/L/C Set pieces (A): Forward (D): Normal Free Role: Yes Forward Runs: Yes Run with ball: Yes Hold up ball: No Long shots: Yes Through balls: Yes Cross ball: No Marking: None Quite obviously the player needs a run into the box from wide. This role is available on iOS, just tap the Inf option! Enjoy!
  15. Outer MC's have runs to AML and AMR. Team Instruction: Mentality: Attacking Passing: Short Tackling: Normal Pressing: Yes Rest No. Player Instructions: Passing: DC's Long, Centre MC Direct, Outer FC's Mixed Tackling: DC's and Centre MC Committed rest Team. Pressing: GK and Defense no rest Yes Pass To: All R/L/C Set Pieces (A): DL and DR Back, GK and Central MC Normal rest Forward. Set Pieces (D): Central FC Forward, GK and outer MC's Normal rest Back. Free Role: All No Forward Runs: DL, DR, Midfield and Attack Yes rest No. Run With Ball: DL, DR, outer MC's and outer FC's Yes rest No Hold Up Ball: All No Long Shots: Midfield and outer FC's Yes rest No Through Balls: Centre MC and outer FC's Yes rest No Cross Ball: DL, DR and the outer MC's Yes rest No Marking: DC's and Centre MC Man, GK and Attack None rest Zonal This is a... Perfect tactic. With Tottenham, so far I have: Games Played: 245 Games Won: 210 Games Drawn: 30 Games Lost: 5 Goals Scored: 673 Goals Conceded: 143 League Titles: 3 Cup Titles: 17 Manager Rank: 1st Manager Points: 4750 As usual with my 4-3-3's, you can easily translate them to iOS: GK: Gk DL: Wbk DR: Wbk DC's: LiD Outer MC's: APM Inner MC: DLM Outer FC's: Dlf Inner FC: Tm