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  1. I'm expecting a hail mary from you! A gameplan only you can come up with and stunning Vibe and show you are the nr 1 on Vibe! Go team @Ashez
  2. Challenge Cup 2017

    I'm game!
  3. now that is what we call a good season Nice one m8!
  4. Nice improvement this season I wouldn't be to worried about his age at this point. This year it seems players age a bit better then they used to so with some luck his stats won't drop as hard. On too the next 371 goals
  5. Wooohaaaaa what a season.... @samhardy congrats at the win haha @Ashez... where the F is your mojo gonne off too?
  6. I choose to ignore you due to how you comment to loads of tactis here. All you do is complain....
  7. How To Nurture Talents

    Quality content as always m8! Hats off for you sir
  8. Ouch tough season what happend? Then again they have some years left so no worries for now
  9. On OME they have always been a great Assister and giving me 20+ assists per season. Haven't had that result on the EME in 17. I prefer the ISF's this year, all though they are a bit goal happy. Would be great though if Wingers are more effective then they used to be
  10. As in Wingers? If so then only on OME. Not as effective on EME imho
  11. What a season, great comeback after his injury, and like Ashez said, nice write up m8! KIU
  12. Glad you took the time to complain instead of seeking help. Good luck with that buddy
  13. And could you please let people know which engine? Helps them out ;-)