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  1. Challenge Cup 2017

    Ok guys the registration will be open for another 24 hours, it will close this time tomorrow (midnight). Qualifying round will be posted on Friday.
  2. Sam v Ash 2 - A Unique Hammering

    I already have, look at his response to mine above In all seriousness my update will probably be on Saturday
  3. Challenge Cup 2017

    Let's be honest @PriZe you're the bookies favourite for the title
  4. Challenge Cup 2017

    This is the 5th one I've hosted and my name still doesn't appear on the beautiful trophy, time for that to change. I'm in!
  5. Challenge Cup 2017

    Here's the most recent challenge cup
  6. Sam v Ash 2 - A Unique Hammering

    I do think it's over but we committed to three seasons at the start so I'm more than happy to play it especially with the good views it's been getting. The challenge itself has relied on luck more than I would have wanted with injuries and NDiaye moving on Ash's save, personally I felt my results weren't great and would have been beaten in contrasting scenarios but the injuries happened and unfortunately that can't be changed. We'll never know how close I was to being sacked last season but I do remember a last minute equaliser against Swansea that potentially saved me from the sack, but the main reason it's probably over was because when we won the Europa league I got the message saying that'd be enough to keep me in the job for another season. But seen as that's what you guys want I'll definitely play and update season 3
  7. Sam v Ash 2 - A Unique Hammering

    Sam v Ashez An Unique Hammering Season Two Part Two Once again there has been a large delay since my last update, hopefully you can find it in your hearts to forgive me for the second update running. So for the second season on the bounce we are trying to regain our lead from Ash... Whoops.. He didn't even get into the lead this time despite playing ahead! Can we all but end this showdown and sail off into the sunset this half season? Transfers There is no screenshot below regarding transfers and there's a good reason accompanying that; no transfers were made in January. The same squad was kept together. Yes, I'm fully aware I've just copied and pasted that from my first season update. Season Review Manager profile Ash's probably looks better but he has won more trophies to be fair. The main event Pape Alioune NDiaye Results A massive season and very impressive goal tally. Was expecting a big season from this man and he didn't disappoint. The striker Willian Jose Results Slightly better than the first half but he did still disappoint overall. A very poor season from Jose. The unique goals NDiaye Scored - 20Unique - 17Points - 34 Unique goals: Crystal Palace FCP Leicester Lokomotiv Moscow Hull Middlesbrough Omonia Leeds Swansea Norwich Chelsea Watford Southampton AEK Sheffield Wednesday PSG Arsenal The unique goals Jose Scored - 23Unique - 17Points - 17 Unique goals: Crystal Palace FCP Chelsea Burnley Galatasaray Watford Arsenal Swansea Everton Middlesbrough Leeds West Brom Southampton Norwich Manchester City AEK PSG Evidence Points total - 101 Leaderboard: Sam - 101 Ashez - 78 A very commanding lead for myself after two. After discussing these results with Ash we came to the conclusion that it would be almost impossible for him to overturn this in season three hence making playing it near pointless. So we decided to leave the decision to you guys who read this: Would you like to see us play and post the final season anyway? Thanks for reading and please remember to leave a comment along with your opinion on season 3
  8. It's a great guide, however surely this is the case in all matches, not just against big teams? Nice work nonetheless
  9. Great article - He was sensational on my save a few months ago.
  10. BUG when starting a new season

    This fixes itself, you just need to play a couple of months and the stats revert to normal.
  11. Manager Job Realse clause

    Allows the player to move immediately if he's offered a managerial role.
  12. Sam v Ash 2 - A Unique Hammering

    Shame there's more than a whole season to go for his opponent
  13. BG's 1000 goals - Villalibre

    Brilliant stuff, well done mate
  14. Sam v Ash 2 - A Unique Hammering

    A lot of support for Ash however deep down they all know it could be all but over at the end of this season