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  1. Enjoyed reading this mate, good work. Sometimes i get too fixated on playing a certain way and will try to adapt my squad to do that, instead of looking at what I have and picking a formation which suits my existing players. Keep up the good work.
  2. With the January transfer window about to swing open, I thought it would be a good idea to take a look at some of the transfers which are rumoured to take place and how they play out in-game. First up is Swedish defender Victor Lindelof, currently plying his trade at Benfica, but who has been linked with Manchester United. The Old Trafford club have denied the move, but that doesn't mean anything in this day and age. Let's look at his stats at the start of the game: Nothing outstanding there (decisions and positioning aside) but for that asking price you're looking at potential, and this boy has it in spades. So, moving on to the transfer itself - in real life, the cost of the deal is rumoured to be £42million. In game? Not so much. After going in at his January asking price of £21.5million, I took part in a bidding war with Juventus and finally managed to see them off at £27.5million - a near £15million saving on real life. The kicker? Despite being on less that £7k per week at Benfica, the young Swede demanded £110k per week for me, and wouldn't budge. However, it might all prove to be worth it, as.... The fans are delighted to see the Swede come in to the club - I'm not sure the reaction will be the same if this comes off for real, but I might be wrong! So, how does his first half-season at Old Trafford shape up? Well, with an intensive training programme, his stats shoot up: All of the key attributes for a defender are there - aerial ability, tackling, positioning, stamina, strength, and pace as well. He can't shoot and his aggression is low, but that isn't too bad. His value has also dropped from £47.5million on signing day to £29million at the end of the season, so still more than he was signed for. How do his stats translate into performances I hear you ask? Great form in the league, but not so much everywhere else. Looking at the number of appearances, it's clear that he walks straight into the team instead of sitting on the bench. It might be worth noting that most of those games were played in defensive midfield, rather than in defence, so could that attribute for the better-than-expected return on goals and assists? Maybe so. Finally, what do the staff think? A whole raft of positive comments and not one single negative? I'll take that. So it looks like Victor Lindelof, should he move to Manchester United, could develop into a very good player indeed. But will the transfer come off? Only time will tell. Let me know your thoughts? Are there any other rumoured transfers you'd like to see previewed?
  3. EFL Cup

    Sounds like a bug in your game.
  4. primary outlet

    It definitely does make a difference IMO. I tend to use one of my IFs as my outlet, but a DLP as a second choice. I do tend to change it at half time if its not working and I find that can change things too.
  5. Turkey - where to start?

    Trabzonspor Six-time Turkish champions Trabzonspor are a good place to start in the Super Lig. A team with lofty ambitions, you are expected to achieve European qualification with just 100k to spend on transfers and 6k on top of your existing wages, despite the team finishing a lowly 12th last season. Suk Hyun-Jun is a decent enough striker (but make the most of him as he is only on loan), while young midfielder Ogenyi Onazi has plenty of experience both domestically and internationally despite being only 23. The team is set up in a 4-2-2-2 formation, but seems to have an overload of central defenders and a lack of width in the attacking positions, so you may have to adjust that. The squad is also big enough to allow you to make some sales, while there are some bargains out there on free transfers to help your European push. Playing with Trabzonspor? Let me know how you get on!
  6. Who is better - Messi or Ronaldo?

    End of Game: As I was midway through simulating the 2020/2021 season, I thought I'd see how both players were doing, only to find out that Cristiano had called it quits. Not getting games for a Italian second division side must have damaged his ego! With that in mind, I've ended the simulation, and present the final stats to you: Lionel Messi: 40 Major Honours (10 in game) 411 goals (88 in game) 52 assists (52 in game) 506 games (126 in game) 0.81 goal per game ratio (0.70 in game) 0.41 assist per game ratio (0.41 in game) Cristiano Ronaldo: 27 Major Honours (5 in game) 394 goals (47 in game) 9 assists (9 in game) 543 games (84 in game) 0.76 goal per game ratio (0.56 in game) 0.11 assist per game ratio (0.11 in game) So as you can see, the results are fairly conclusive - Messi has more goals and more assists in fewer games, as well as a third more major honours than his great rival, as well as the potential to get more due to his young age. It is therefore the opinion of this fair poster that Lionel Messi is in fact better than Cristiano Ronaldo.
  7. Wine World Tour

    Looking forward to seeing this.
  8. FMM2017 Funnies

    Lionel Messi - Spanish player of the year. What's funny about that I hear you ask? Four goals in four games. That's what.
  9. Loan Feeder Clubs

    Would love to see this. I tend to get as big a squad as possible and then loan out (a bit like Chelsea IRL) but it can be very frustrating to loan a player without him playing. I'd love to have a lower league club that I could choose (so they play the same style as me) where I could develop youngsters.
  10. Who is better - Messi or Ronaldo?

    2019/2020 season: Another season, another Barcelona title win, giving Messi another one in the 'Major honours' column. However, that doesn't matter so much for CR7, as at the beginning of the season... That's right - the Portuguese superstar is allowed to leave Madrid for free to head to the heights of Serie B. Unfortunately the database I selected doesn't show whether Modena won the title (although I'm not sure it would count as a major honour even if they did), but still, you'd expect Ronaldo, even at 35, to blow the league away, right? Just one goal in six games, and no more awards. I think we are seeing Ronaldo ride off into the sunset. Messi, on the other hand... 12 goals and seven assists in 27 games, as well as a Super Cup win to go with La Liga. Bizarrely, he's also named Player of the Year, but I won't be counting that. On to the next season!
  11. Who is better - Messi or Ronaldo?

    2018/2019 season: So once again, Barcelona pick up the La Liga title, making it three in three since the start of the game. Real once again finish third, some nineteen points off the top: Little Leo, in addition to the league title, picks up the Super Cup and the Spanish Cup, leaving CR7 with nothing. In terms of individual contribution, it looks like Ronaldo's time at the top may finally be over, with a return of just six goals and three assists in 23 games. At age 34, and not much more than a benchwarmer at Madrid, is he considering calling it quits? Messi, on the other hand, continues to perform. 23 goals and 20 assists in 35 games shows that he's on the top of his game, and he's still rated as one of Barcelona's key men.
  12. Who is better - Messi or Ronaldo?

    End of 2017/2018 season: So, at the end of the second in-game season, Barcelona win their second league title, with Real jumping back up to third. In addition to his league winner's medal, Messi picks up the Super Cup, giving him two major trophies for the season, compared to Ronaldo's victories in the Spanish Cup and the European Super Cup. So, goals. Another strong season for the little Argentine with 17 goals and 12 assists in 29: After last season, it very much seemed that Ronaldo was on the downward spiral. Not so much this time - 21 goals and four assists in 29 of his own: Internationally, neither player had any success at the World Cup, with Messi's Argentina failing to make it out of the group and Ronaldo's European Champions getting knocked out in the second round. So, Ronaldo shades it this season, with more goals than Messi in the same amount of games (albeit with fewer assists), with each man picking up two major honours. But is it too late for the former Manchester United man to overtake his great rival?
  13. Who is better - Messi or Ronaldo?

    Apologies for the delay! End of 2016/2017 season: So as you can see, Messi picks up three major trophies at the end of the first season, taking his total to 33. In terms of on-field contributions, the little Argentine continues his impressive form, scoring 36 and assisting 13 in 44 games, leaving him with a goal to game ratio 0.85. On the other hand.... While Ronaldo does pick up two trophies with Madrid, they finish outside the top four, which leads to the sacking of Zinedine Zidane. The Portuguese superstar also scores fewer goals in fewer games - dropping his goals per game average by 0.01 to 0.75. Messi still looks to be going strong - but is this the end for Ronaldo? Stay tuned to find out.