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  1. Never use wingers as they always seem to get a 6 rating unless they score
  2. Clean sheet record

    Here is the tactic like I said nothing special
  3. Clean sheet record

    @TAF will upload it in a bit nothing special more to do with the quality of the players
  4. Clean sheet record

    @Meow I only realised because I thought wow I haven't conceded in a few games then when I looked it was around 20
  5. Clean sheet record

    @rseven wow 31 games is crazy
  6. In my current save I managed to go 23 games without conceding I thought this was a pretty good accomplishment but has anyone done even better
  7. I can never get the best out of aguero or maybe I expect to much of him
  8. You can get a motivational coach that seems to work for me
  9. Already looking forward to trying it
  10. @PriZe it's amazing cheers for posting it
  11. I have tried this formation in the Prem with a couple of teams and with a small change to the player roles it works just as good as in la liga I kept everything else the same.
  12. Strategy for mediocre team

    Cheers @BatiGoal
  13. Strategy for mediocre team

    How do you tell if you have got the players for it?
  14. I have only had 3 red cards in 2 and a half seasons