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  1. Fantastic totals Sam, very impressive! Shame you didn't get sacked like but it's amazing how similar our club form has been in these three seasons, just wish the player performances were as close As for season three I'll give my thoughts here: To me this is over lol, 23 points is tough enough to catch, never mind doing enough damage to actually pressure Sam in his half season in hand. True disaster could strike Sam but it would have to be something massive lol, even if I got 30 odd that's only a 7 point lead which isn't much. I am happy to play the season however as at the end of the day the point of this is for your enjoyment, I'm only here due to the way you respond to my content, so I'm always happy to give something back :). Three seasons were promised so I'm game to play it but with this looking over it's kinda meh to waste 5 odd hours here (2 updates hour each plus playing the season) when they could be played else where in a new career or whatever. This is why I wanted the thoughts of the fans I have all the bad luck in the history of mine and Sam's H2Hs lol, maybe it's time he has some, hmm. Haha I haven't shown that over the years? Haha. As said above I'm happy to play it if it's what the fans want which it seems it is The faith is inspiring! No one can resist Team Ashez! Always got to push those limits! Hmmm, looks like I best start thinking towards season 3 haha. Gunna be tough to motivate myself into playing it so not sure when it'll happen but as it stands season three is coming as planned
  2. I don't plan H2H's like other saves lol, just means mistakes can be made haha. Ouch
  3. And all you achieved was to remind me of my failings Thanks for the faith!
  4. Congrats on promotion
  5. Sell a squad player for decent money to a small side with a BCRC, when his value drops at the new side due to reputation etc, re sign him via the BCRC, rinse and repeat :). In short anytime you sell a player check if he has the clause and keep an eye on him if he does. Great way to either sign cheap talent or make a quick buck.
  6. With results like that it won't be full often Kyle's a mate and a good lad, show him what a magical place Vibe is for career posters :D. I've nagged him to post something for 2017 since release haha. A big reason for keeping me interested in the game during the last 6 odd months tbf!
  7. Interesting club choice
  8. Smashed the half way point with 10 odd years left in the tank, fantastic going
  9. Player in FMH/FMM history

    Cheers for that, he looks better than I expected for reasons previous mentioned :). He'd massively stand out on the game now a days haha.
  10. Player in FMH/FMM history

    Suarez would be of interest, I don't recall him being spoken about here much before he moved to LFC. As Ajax has always been a popular club to play as I find it baffling, unless my memory is tricking me lol.
  11. Let's hope your faith is well placed Just hoping Sam get's the sack :p, or I at least win on club form/achievement, that would count for something right? Yeah, it's so annoying as you never know what you have until it's too late. Usually you can just use another player but being locked in can make it suck! Hopefully! Wish I had that optimism! No chance of you getting sacked this half season then? You tell him! Cheers for the comments lads, for obvious reason I didn't enjoy posting this but you made it worthwhile :)!
  12. The detail is outstanding, you don't get enough credit for it so thought I'd mention it Shame the goals are down but I'm keeping the faith!
  13. Yikes! Talk about smashing it! 99% I posted a 1kc with that striker years ago but he broke his leg and it ended :(. Thankfully save was saved as it was a double goal challenge so the second part could continue lol.
  14. Very nice season mate! Ticking along nicely