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  1. Challenge Cup 2017

    Great to see some old as well as new faces joining these challenges. Welcome to The Challenge Cup guys. OP updated!
  2. EME = Enhanced Match Engine OME = Original Match Engine
  3. Challenge Cup 2017

    OP updated with participants for the qualifying round. Very good to see the confidence among the managers here. @Ashez not joining this year? No worries, you may not need to wait until next year for CC11 if this hits with the community we'll do these back-to-back as long as the demand is there.
  4. The Race Back To The Top

    I did the math and Man Utd came on top as clear winners. No suprise there. Man U in season 7.
  5. 95 Yard Wonder Goal

    Gorgeous goal!!!
  6. Challenge Cup 2017 Hello fellow Vibers, and welcome to the 2017 version of VibeCommunity's Challenge Cup. This is a series of in-game challenges where members face off against each other to see who becomes the 'King' of FMM. This year's version will be brought to you by samhardy and me. If you are an FMHVibe veteran, then you will know how these work. If not, then there are 9 other glorious Challenge Cups for you all to look back on. The very first CC was hosted by samhardy and won by Ollie back in 2011. CC2 and CC4 were won by Sunny who remains to date to only person winning it twice. Scott beat this year's co-host, samhardy, in CC3 and Lewiitom claimed the Cup (CC5) early 2013. Due to unfortunate circumstances CC6 had to be canceled and what followed was a series of Cups where Ashez played both Hero and Villain. A lot of the latter and a little of the former to be exact. Devil popped Ashez's balloons in the finals in March 2014 claiming the CC7 title with the runner-up Ashez paying that favor forward annihilating Scott just a few months later, and becoming the 'King' of FMM in August of that same year. But then in 2015 Ashez failed miserably to retain his crown and was dethroned by MerlionMaple96 in the final. Let's have a look at the winners and losers of the glorious past. Do you think you have what it takes to beat every manager put in front of you and call yourself the next 'King' of FMM? Well, join and prove it! Your name could forever go into the history books of Vibe. Rules There will need to be rules to keep this madness on track so keep these in mind pls! To keep things equal all challenges last 1 season and will need to be played on Enhanced Match Engine (EME). Each challenge comes with a deadline, and each deadline comes with no extensions. No entry -> No points. Every manager must provide evidence using screenshots. As the rule above, No screenshots -> No points. No cheating and no unlockables, if suspicions arise, you will be asked to submit your save for inspection. No holidaying. No use of the editor at all. Own tactics only. Send your results via PM with both samhardy and myself included in it. Have fun !!! After a brief discussion with my co-host we've decided that for the first round 1 challenge will be posted. The top 16 will qualify for the group stages which will see the numbers 1 and 2 of each group move on to the quarter-final stages of the tournament. Winners meet in the Semi's and the winners of those in the Grande Finale of CC10. Challenge Cup 2017 - Schedule Please leave a comment below if you want to join. The registration process will be open until we have enough members competing. Thank you and good luck! Qualifying Round - Best 16 will progress to the Group Stages PriZe Robbrown172 Thepremiermanager Jack Pogba HashtagTatica danovic78 Kun Aguero dutchfmh * Registration period still open *
  7. That's a fine half season. Nice player too as he was a huge talent but mostly out of the spotlight since. Can you complete 100 next season?
  8. Great season and the Brazil job on top of that. A massive boost for the challenge. Very much back on track!
  9. Armstrong shooting for 1000 goals

    Great going, mate! Only those who attempt scoring 1000 goals know how tough a ride this is. Hope he makes it!!
  10. Sam v Ash 2 - A Unique Hammering

    You know me, mate, the bigger the challenge we face the more we stretch our limits
  11. Those players probably feel ditto re their manager But same here. My judgement is flawless so no need for their future services.
  12. Sam v Ash 2 - A Unique Hammering

    Well, Ashez had a terrible 2nd season, who's to tell Sam won't do "an Ash" in season 3? If it's mathematically possible come on @Ashez roll up those sleeves, leave those shin pads in the dressing room and show @samhardy how it's done old school. Defy the odds, mate, you got this!!
  13. How To Nurture Talents

    Thanks Dec. I generally keep 1 talent and 1"more seasoned" player for each line on the pitch. I try to give those talents at least 10-15 games/season. If that number ends up being under 10 they're imo better off on a loan spell.
  14. Player roles

    In order to get more people's view in maybe it helps if we define primary and secondary attributes. My definition is as follows: Prim. Attr. - The attributes needed to successfully perform a specific player role. Sec. Attr. - The attributes needed to distinguish good players from great players for a specific player role. One of the roles I would 'update' is Box-to-Box Midfielder. I think 'teamwork' has become an essential attr. since these players need to help out both ends of the pitch. Some of the worldclass BBMs have high numbers here. 'Shooting' was in my opinion a sec. attr. but since they also seem to have become more ' attacking-minded' in FMM17 I'm a little doubtful.