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  1. Challenge Cup 2017 Hello fellow Vibers, and welcome to the 2017 version of VibeCommunity's Challenge Cup. This is a series of in-game challenges where members face off against each other to see who becomes the 'King' of FMM. This year's version will be brought to you by samhardy and me. If you are an FMHVibe veteran, then you will know how these work. If not, then there are 9 other glorious Challenge Cups for you all to look back on. The very first CC was hosted by samhardy and won by Ollie back in 2011. CC2 and CC4 were won by Sunny who remains to date to only person winning it twice. Scott beat this year's co-host, samhardy, in CC3 and Lewiitom claimed the Cup (CC5) early 2013. Due to unfortunate circumstances CC6 had to be canceled and what followed was a series of Cups where Ashez played both Hero and Villain. A lot of the latter and a little of the former to be exact. Devil popped Ashez's balloons in the finals in March 2014 claiming the CC7 title with the runner-up Ashez paying that favor forward annihilating Scott just a few months later, and becoming the 'King' of FMM in August of that same year. But then in 2015 Ashez failed miserably to retain his crown and was dethroned by MerlionMaple96 in the final. Let's have a look at the winners and losers of the glorious past. Do you think you have what it takes to beat every manager put in front of you and call yourself the next 'King' of FMM? Well, join and prove it! Your name could forever go into the history books of Vibe. Rules There will need to be rules to keep this madness on track so keep these in mind pls! To keep things equal all challenges last 1 season and will need to be played on Enhanced Match Engine (EME). Each challenge comes with a deadline, and each deadline comes with no extensions. No entry -> No points. Every manager must provide evidence using screenshots. As the rule above, No screenshots -> No points. No cheating and no unlockables, if suspicions arise, you will be asked to submit your save for inspection. No holidaying. No use of the editor at all. Own tactics only. Send your results via PM with both samhardy and myself included in it. Have fun !!! After a brief discussion with my co-host we've decided that for the first round 1 challenge will be posted. The top 16 will qualify for the group stages which will see the numbers 1 and 2 of each group move on to the quarter-final stages of the tournament. Winners meet in the Semi's and the winners of those in the Grande Finale of CC10. Challenge Cup 2017 - Schedule Please leave a comment below if you want to join. The registration process will be open until we have enough members competing. Thank you and good luck! Qualifying Round - Best 16 will progress to the Group Stages PriZe Robbrown172 Thepremiermanager Jack Pogba HashtagTatica danovic78 Kun Aguero dutchfmh * Registration period still open *
  2. Challenge Cup 2017

    Great to see some old as well as new faces joining these challenges. Welcome to The Challenge Cup guys. OP updated!
  3. EME = Enhanced Match Engine OME = Original Match Engine
  4. Challenge Cup 2017

    OP updated with participants for the qualifying round. Very good to see the confidence among the managers here. @Ashez not joining this year? No worries, you may not need to wait until next year for CC11 if this hits with the community we'll do these back-to-back as long as the demand is there.
  5. The Race Back To The Top

    I did the math and Man Utd came on top as clear winners. No suprise there. Man U in season 7.
  6. 95 Yard Wonder Goal

    Gorgeous goal!!!
  7. That's a fine half season. Nice player too as he was a huge talent but mostly out of the spotlight since. Can you complete 100 next season?
  8. Great season and the Brazil job on top of that. A massive boost for the challenge. Very much back on track!
  9. Armstrong shooting for 1000 goals

    Great going, mate! Only those who attempt scoring 1000 goals know how tough a ride this is. Hope he makes it!!
  10. Sam v Ash 2 - A Unique Hammering

    You know me, mate, the bigger the challenge we face the more we stretch our limits
  11. Those players probably feel ditto re their manager But same here. My judgement is flawless so no need for their future services.
  12. Sam v Ash 2 - A Unique Hammering

    Well, Ashez had a terrible 2nd season, who's to tell Sam won't do "an Ash" in season 3? If it's mathematically possible come on @Ashez roll up those sleeves, leave those shin pads in the dressing room and show @samhardy how it's done old school. Defy the odds, mate, you got this!!
  13. How To Nurture Talents

    Thanks Dec. I generally keep 1 talent and 1"more seasoned" player for each line on the pitch. I try to give those talents at least 10-15 games/season. If that number ends up being under 10 they're imo better off on a loan spell.
  14. How To Nurture Your Talents Let me take you on a little experiment I did the other day. I went on a journey with 4 talents I had in my squad in order to find out which specific journey works best for their development. It works really simple. I inherited a very strong squad in FC Barcelona and the sheer talent in that squad is mind-blowing. Setting up a formation and tactics is pretty easy with that sort of quality in the squad but with an eye on the future as well I wasn't sure what the best path was to take for some of the other players. Once the starting 11 are set and the bench filled with subs for all positions, what do I do with the 'leftovers'? Just leave 'em there? Throw them into the Reserve Team? Loan them out? Well, to be fair, they aren't exactly 'leftovers', they're talented players that we need to keep for the future but since the competition is immense at certain teams such as Barcelona it may take a season or two before they're ready to become a regular or even a key player for the team. In the meantime? We have three options Join The Reserves Keep in the squad Send on a loan spell Let's meet our talents! Our GoalKeeper Only 1 GK at the time on the pitch. Our friend Jose Aurelio Suarez has competition from A.Ter Stegen, J.Cilessen and J.Masip. That's lots so I'm taking Jose on 3 journeys and I'm eager to find out which one's going to make him a better Goalkeeper. Our Defender No lack of competition here either. T.Vermaelen, S.Roberto, G.Pique, J.Mascherano, J.Alba, J.Mathieu..our defender Umtiti looks really nice with many 13s and 14s. Let's bring friend #2 on this journey with us in order to find out what suits him best. Our Midfielder Looks great. But..He's no S.Buquests, no A.Iniesta, no A.Turan and no I.Rakitic. But he could very well be one day. He's a really promising talent so let's take this midfielder and friend #3 on this journey as well. Our Forward Great numbers here. If you find a way to implement him into your formation then that's settled. But what if you can't guarantee playing time with guys like Neymar, L.Messi, L.Suarez, Rafinha and others already in your team? This is going to be our 4th member for this all-revealing journey. The Journey The journey is very simple as I explained earlier. These 4 players happened to be on the wrong side of the cut but the manager has big plans for the future with this group. They need to develop into mature players and be ready when they're called upon. The first journey is taking them 1 full season into The Reserves (Barcelona B). They'll be getting plenty of games versus weaker opposition but the amount of gametime may just be what these talents need. The second journey will keep them with the squad and while training with the very best in the world is very educational, the lack of gametime opportunities may very well stagnate their development, or part of it. The third journey will split the group. Each will go on a seperate adventure to a new club (on loan) where they'll get new teammates and play regular football in a top division against top opponents. Let's start this experiment with our GK, followed by the CD, the CM and lastly our F. GK - Jose Jose played nearly every game in The Reserves, 0 games with the main squad and 39 games on loan with Rayo Vallecano. Where did he learn the most? Let's look at those digits below. Far right column are Jose's starting attributes. His technical attributes developed nicely in save 2 and 3. No difference there which is perhaps surprising. Mental attributes actually decreased in save 2 and 3 which to me is odd but telling. Physical attributes increased really well in save 3 with strength being really useful for a GK on certain ocassions. I would therefore say the Jose's third journey has been the most succesful one. CD - Samuel Samuel joined Barcelona B and played only 23 games due to injuries. Second journey took him to the main squad where he played nothing. Third journey was with Sporting Gijon where he managed 30 games in total. Which journey was best for him? Far right his starting numbers. He did ok in The Reserves, better with the main squad but clearly the best in save 3, on loan. Physical attributes jumped up, mental ones too in 'decisions' and 'positioning', which are pretty crucial for defenders. What about 'passing' and 'tackling' for his technical attributes. Those went up nicely so that's pretty clear that once again save 3 wins it. CM - Andre Same as the others. Started at the Reserve Team. 29 games versus weaker opposition. 15 goals. Very good for a midfielder I'd say. Then main squad, 1 game there. Lastly, Sevilla which are a strong team so that's perfect getting 29 games there. Let's look at the numbers. You can instantly see too much blue on the two most right columns. Then save 2 and 3 are close but the physical attributes' improvement in save 3 nicks it. Quite significant ups too with +2 +2 +3 for 'strength', 'stamina' and 'pace' respectively. That's a lot in 1 season. Small wins on mental and technical attributes too makes this an clear win for save 3 again. F - Paco Same journey here apart from the loan spell. Reserves brought him a massive 38 games with a whopping 29 goals. That's great despite the weaker league. Then main squad. Just like our CM, 1 game. Then the, what's becoming clearer, all-important loan spell with Valencia. 30 games and a chunk of goals. What do the stats have to say? First thing I see are those physical stats. Save 1 (The Reserves) are instantly out of contention. Mental stats are better in save 3 and so are the technical ones with 'shooting' being one of the most important for our forward. 'Technique' up as well and so is 'teamwork'. Great up in 'pace' btw during his loan spell. There's no question here. Save 3 wins! Conclusion: There's not a whole lot to conclude here anymore. I think we all know that playing your talents regularly at your very club is the best for their development. If they're just lacking that quality or maturity in the first few seasons then placing them on the sub bench + regular playing time is a fantastic alternative. But if you happen to have "too many" talents which is a welcome luxury of course then looking at our 4 friends' journeys the loan journey is the best option. I think the reason save 2 (staying with main squad) won it over The Reserves is because the 4 were probably too talented for a lower division playing weak opposition so there was little to learn for them in the end. They had quality players on the training ground to work with on a daily basis which proved more educational. I'd like to put the latter on a test for future expirements as I think there's more to take from these but for now I think I can safely conclude that opting between going to Reserves, the squad, and on loan, the loan spell is the best choice for your future stars. Thanks for reading and feel free to drop a comment, opinion or experience.
  15. Player roles

    In order to get more people's view in maybe it helps if we define primary and secondary attributes. My definition is as follows: Prim. Attr. - The attributes needed to successfully perform a specific player role. Sec. Attr. - The attributes needed to distinguish good players from great players for a specific player role. One of the roles I would 'update' is Box-to-Box Midfielder. I think 'teamwork' has become an essential attr. since these players need to help out both ends of the pitch. Some of the worldclass BBMs have high numbers here. 'Shooting' was in my opinion a sec. attr. but since they also seem to have become more ' attacking-minded' in FMM17 I'm a little doubtful.
  16. How To Nurture Talents

    Thanks Jack. Altho I'm a liitle disappointed the Reserve Teams aren't doing what they're supposed to be doing at the moment. So the results aren't reflecting the contrast between the different options accurately enough. Oh well, that means more experiments to take and more articles to write once we get the next 'fix' in.
  17. BatiGoal's T.K.O. Tactical Knock Out 2-2-1-5 Formation for EME Before you're going to comment based on your first impression (which I know looks absolutely terrible) please give me a chance to explain, and defend, the craziness up here. Doing my 1KC (scoring 1000 goals) I used this formation for the final 11 seasons of a 16-season career. So it's a pretty well-tested formation and I can say that with the right players it's deadly... at both ends of the pitch It derived from the original 1-2-7 formation that was used during the earliest football days back in the 1860s-1870s. That particular one had zero chance of succeeding in FMM, but with a bit of imagination, tweaks and tests this 2-2-1-5 T.K.O. ('T-shaped' formation) came to life. T.K.O. is a boxing term that stands for Technical Knock Out but my T.K.O. stands for Tactical Knock Out since the idea is to tactically overwhelm the opponent and knock them out with all the attacking prowess up front before they find a working remedy to counter it. Simply put, the idea is to outscore the opponent. It works for a team with top players. I need the best up front in order to create and score otherwise you're just going to be outscored at the other end. I have tried this tactic with smaller teams but that didn't go very well. I'll look for a 'sister' formation with a similar effect for small teams but pls feel free to tweak or test yourself with any team. Let me know how it goes and I'll offer advice and help with tweaks where needed. Main Formation Player Roles and Match Settings Goals will definitely fall at both ends but I managed to minimize the damage at the back in order to give my 5 forwards enough leverage to score 1 more goal than the opponent does. It's not waterproof and you won't win every game. There's bound to be some heavy losses as well from time to time but there shouldn't be too many. I do manage to outscore opponents on a consistent basis using just a balanced mentality as the formation is set up in a pretty attacking way as it is. Going att. mentality will just make this formation leakier and not add that much more to the attack. Short passing works best with worldclass players who thrive on possession to create and score goals. Alternative Formation Player Roles and Match Settings If the main formation fails or isn't as effective as you'd hoped for then try these alternative settings. CFs can be inconsistent if you haven't got the perfect player for it so then you could opt for a T. Same goes for a DLF that you can swap for a DF. It really depends on the players you have in your squad as either combination works well. I prefer an AF over a P since they got pace and add a little more to the build ups as well but if your player is a Poacher by nature then that's a good alternative as he'd perform much better and be more effective in his own preferred role. Short passing is perfect but if your players lack a bit of quality in the passing department then opt for 'mixed'. I don't often go 'centre' re passing focus as 'mixed' works well against most opponents but sometimes this alternative will do. Note. Don't try/tweak all alternative settings all at once. Go for the Main Formation first and if that doesn't work pick 1 alternative option and try those 1 by 1 until your Main Formation becomes more effective. You may ultimately end up using the entire Alternative Formation but I recommend tweaking in small bits in order to pinpoint improvements. Results It really does work. These are the better seasons I had during my recent career. Many goals conceded I know but you can counter that with scored goals. Lots of scored goals as you can see. Over 100 easy! I did have two 'Invincible' seasons along the way so it's possible not losing a single league game if that's what you like. Lastly, I came up with this formation after writing an article about old football formations. If you want to create a formation of your own that is anything but mainstream and need ideas or inspiration, may I suggest following this link to Old Football Formations Hope things work out as it did for me and let me know what your opinions and results are. Goodluck!
  18. Squad building guide

    You make some very good points, Dar J. But I think it becomes a lot easier for the reader if you group the info and use headers. Reason is that when people return to a post/guide to look for specific info, they won't need to dig thru large amounts of texts but are able to find info instantly.
  19. How To Nurture Talents

    That's why I kept things even by holidaying thru. Would've been skewed otherwise. The effectiveness of trainings intensity- wise is a different experiment altogether. I know how it works. It really doesn't need to be that complicated. They're simply players who aren't featuring in the starting 11 or sub bench. So sending them out on loan at a suitable team which play a level suited for their quality is in most cases best for their development. It's that simple.
  20. BatiGoal's T.K.O.

    People have lives outside this community too. If you ask nicely and treat everyone as you'd like to be treated yourself then you'll find this place to be filled with knowledgeable and experienced players who're always willing to help fellow Vibers. Cheers!
  21. How To Nurture Talents

    These players are approx. 20yo and youngsters generally improve faster which is no surprise. The ones I used aren't maxed out btw they are 3-4 stars. Thanks mate. Perhaps no surprising results to most but still good to re-confirm things now and again. And especially the difference between the options. Yes.
  22. How To Nurture Talents

    Haha Thanks mate, I'll have to redo this time-consuming test once they claim to have fixed it. I do believe that improvements in B- teams are slow and better suited for below 3-star talents tho.
  23. How To Nurture Talents

    We can always do additional experiments but it seems to me that if players are too talented then they are better off staying with the squad then being thrown into the reserves.
  24. Thanks Rob. There are a lot of Scandinavian players in the Dutch league and the playing style and conditions etc suits them very well. Maybe that's just what our Norwegian friend needed before conquering Europe's south.