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  1. Challenge Cup 2017

    im in!!
  2. The Race Back To The Top

    Chelsea 2024/25
  3. Jeffrey's First FMM17 Save!

    thanks! im in march at the moment, so i will be able to post my 1st season very soon!
  4. SI's EME 1000 Goal Challenge

    wow i literally just decided to do a EME 1kc with moussa dembele...
  5. The 1000 Goal Challenge

    yesss the 1kc is back!!! will try the 1kc right after my polish save ends
  6. Jeffrey's First FMM17 Save!

    FMM17 Lech Poznan Save -- Save Targets With FMM17 being released, I’ve hopped straight into the Polish League and I have started my save with Lech Poznan, with that though, I need some time to play through the season, which means for now, we will be able to go through some targets that I have for the Lech Poznan save. So, different to all of my saves to start of FMM/FMH games, this will be a longer save, as I would like to bring this team to European and World Glory, but before I set targets for European Glory, I would like to set targets for domestic competitions. Domestic Cup For the Polish FA Cup, I would like to get glory as fast as possible, and I would like to win the cup in my first two years. Domestic League For the Polish league, it is quite a challenging task because although Lech is historically a strong team, it isn’t always a team contending, in fact, if we look at the past winners of the league, Lech has in fact won in 2014-15, but they only went 6th in the league, barely in the championship round, so I would like to rebuild the team within 3 years and win the domestic league in 3 years. Now I’ve set goals for myself in the domestic competitions, I would like to set goals on when I want to get progression in European competitions. Europa League For the Europa League, I expect to crossways with them a couple of time in my path to glory, but I don’t really want to set a goal for the Europa League, because it is not really what I want to achieve. Yes it would be great to go far in this competition, but it is not to the best of my interests, so I dont really want to set a goal. UEFA Champions League The Champions League final is eventually where I want to go to, but as we are still a small Polish club, we want to set small goals which we can realistically achieve. So, we will have a short-ish term goal, a mid-term goal, and our final goal. Short-ish term goal: In 7 years, Reach the knockout stages of the Champions League Mid term goal: In 10 years, reach the quarter finals stages of the Champions League Final goal: In 15 years, win the Champions League So, here are my goals for the season, and I am so excited to get into the save, hope you enjoy! Next Post: Season One Review
  7. Jeffrey's First FMM17 Save!

    Thanks for the suggestion, I will certainly be looking for strikers when the save starts Thanks, Rudnevs I remember too, just don't know from where haha Hope i wont disappoint you with my career though!
  8. With only a few hours until Football Manager Mobile 2017 is released, I am really liking the new features, and I am really excited for a new year of FMM. And for my first save for the whole FMM/FMH series, I’ve always started with Manchester United, as I like to adapt to the new game by starting with a big team and United just happen to be my favourite team, but this year with our two new leagues, I have decided to change things up and start with a new league, the Polish League. So, the Polish League has some very interesting rules, which make me very excited, and it is now time to pick the team, looking at the league table, I don’t want to start with the top team, so a team who has the chance to win the league but needs to be challenging, not an easy roll through the league, so, I hereby present you: Kolejowy Klub Sportowy Lech Poznań, S.A … Know the team? No? OK, never mind, Lech Poznań, ok? Know the team? OK fine, the team who had Lewandowski when he was in Poland. Actually, I think giving you the logo would be better. Now you know, so, I’m excited to delph into the season and FMM17 in general, so let’s go! Next Post: Target for Lech Poznań Save
  9. FM Mobile 2017 Features - Out now

    people have expectations of the game, we have been disappointed for ages now. I dont necessarily agree with ashez and others but i understand why they complain.
  10. FM Mobile 2017 Features - Out now

    The one thing I would ask is if our skin will be the same as FMM16 for ios.
  11. FM Mobile 2017 Features - Out now

    trivial thing but I am absolutely loving that along with the new features, I love it, thanks SI!!!
  12. FM Mobile 2017 Features - Out now

    it could still be announced couldnt it
  13. FM Mobile 2017 Features - Out now

    probably does not mean anything but i notice on the kaboul screenshot there are 10 tabs for us to go to instead of 9 on fmm16, something new to be added about tactics or something like that? oh yes that would help so much
  14. FM Mobile 2017 Features - Out now

    coefficients for clubs and countries are in the game now? hats off (trivial thing but i really like it)