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  1. Now I'm seriously worried that you've completed Australia and France with unknown players and now you have a world beater your gonna have this wrapped up in record time
  2. Cheers RR I've actually already completed my third country and am working on my 4th but will have to wait till Wednesday to post as my computers down and I find it takes forever to update from my phone but hopefully I'll have the whole thing wrapped up by then
  3. Dude you truly are killing it Two wine countries down after only 3 1/3 seasons you might want to slow down before the wine sniper gets you lol
  4. Great start dude Kiu glad you decided to give it a go
  5. Cheers dude, I was lucky just can't seem to hit those high numbers but I'm happy with the progress so far
  6. Sevilla Career

    Great start dude shame about the missed opportunities against Real but more than made up for it vs Barcelona Keep up the good work and looking forward to the next update
  7. Only once I can remember during last years game I sold a young midfielder at Ajax then a few seasons later re-signed him as he had become an excellent player
  8. What a fantastic read dude so much research and insight lots to think about when signing those young superstars of the future
  9. Trust me dude it is worth the bitterness to get to the sweet taste of victory, Australia was always going to be the tough one as very few (apart form @Real_Random) have any knowledge of the league, but this challenge and the one buy @liam1872 are great because it makes people step out of their comfort zones to try something new, rather than the same old top leagues/teams
  10. I was a bit on edge towards the end as he went a few games without scoring and I thought I might have to run onto next season but having the European games helped a lot
  11. Hi guys and I'm back with the completed update of my next leg in the WWT challenge so without further ado lets move on. So I had completed the Australian leg of the journey nearing the end of the season and had the chance to jump straight into a team in one of my chosen leagues, so I took the plunge and found myself.... In Italy and joined the mighty Napoli to continue my journey, I joined with one game to go in the regular season so I simply waited till the new season started and dove straight in. Searching thorugh my squad I found myself a good looking Italian striker and decided to stick with him rather than go trolling through the transfer markets, and the chosen striker is none other than (pause for effect) Manolo Gabbidini (That's right I'd never heard of him either) but he has some decent looking stats and greens in Shooting, Movement and Stamina were all I needed to see, so with my striker already in the team and a very handsome transfer budget from the board I decided to go and bring in some players for squad improvement, as most of the team were either really young or really old And boy I went big spending almost £140M, but they all played their parts well (except Consigli who was just a half decent young GK prospect) Hysaj was a half decent RB but i had brought in Henrichs who was way better so when I got offered almost £30M I took it, the rest were older players out of contract or graduates I deemed not useful So with our transfer business done and our striker ready we get the season underway. Season 4 Into our first season and I told the board we would claim a Euro Cup spot (wasn't sure how we would fare agaisnt the Italian Giants of Juventus, Inter, AC Milan or Roma but we did OK We go on to win the Seria A and with a nice 9 point cushion and a very decent GF/GA ratio too Then the season got even better We make it all the way to the Italian Cup Final and thanks to a single goal in the first minute of the game we take that home as well Here's the full season fixtures A pretty solid season all things considered Now the main focus is how well the striker did Some improvements in his stats with greens now in Crossing, Dribbling and Decisions but his Stamina has dropped a point, but how did he do 50 goals in 44 games, again no where near @Real_Random but a good start 1/2 way there Now onto season 5 and hopefully he can grab the remaining 50 Season 5 So straight in I didn't get that many screen shots this season, but I'll share what I have We start the season off with a bang Maybe bang is a strong word but we beat Lazio once again and claim the Italian Supercup this time thanks to an very late extra time winner courtesy of Insigne We then go on to claim our second league title Winning with 6 games to go and another solid season at either end of the pitch scoring 85 and only conceding 16 We also had Champions League football this year, we start in the groups where we are drawn against some big names in Barcelona and SLB and then Celtic (sorry to any Celtic fans) Unfortunately we then draw Real Madrid in the first round, we were confident having beaten Barcelona twice during the group stages but we weren't good enough Lost out after loosing the first leg 3-2 and being unable to grab a second goal at home But we ploughed on and..... Gabbiadini grabs his 100th goal and ends my time in Itlay (hence the shortage of screen shots), here's how his stats look at the end of the second season Pretty much the same except for an improvement in his technique He did OK though Claiming the WPOTY so not all bad I play 2-3 more games while I wait for a Job in either France or Portugal but then one comes up I apply, I get accepted and I go So that's two portions down but it's taken way too long, 5 seasons so I really need to pick up the pace See you on the flip side
  12. Cheers dude, I did OK took a bit to long for my liking but I got through and have also completed my next leg which I will be posting shortly
  13. look forward to seeing your progress so far
  14. A very ambitious project but your enthusiasm is contagious so I'll be following this with great interest Good luck sir
  15. Clean sheet record

    fair play dude that's a pretty big achievement Had plenty of seasons where I didn't conceded that many goals but 23 games with a clean sheet, can't say I've come anywhere near that as far as I'm aware