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  1. I did have one save where with Marseille I made a few mistakes in letting some average youngsters leave on frees who turned into good international standard players. I moved on to the likes of Bayern, Barcelona and Chelsea, often keeping an eye on the players but never approaching them. Through pride I suppose, didn't want to undermine my earlier decisions, however badly hindsight reflected upon them.
  2. Unemployed Career - Looking for work!

    I get excited about every installment of this career, I'm running out of compliments but keep it up!
  3. FMM17 Bug List

    I believe that was my save, same thing happened to Kingsley Coman.
  4. Youth player stamina issues

    I've occasionally had this issue. It's odd because youth players' stamina is either okay (8+), or abysmal (1-3). There's no middle ground. These players came straight out of the academy like this, no injuries. It's particularly frustrating as I've found it to be most common in the better players of each batch. I even reloaded my youth intake once
  5. Unemployed Career - Looking for work!

    This is the best career I've read here. Keep up the amazing work, it's rare that the writing style and gameplay enjoyment are equally good on a career thread. Are you looking to move clubs in the future?
  6. Unemployed Career - Looking for work!

    Nothing like a good career thread. Keep it up, just read from the start and your writing style is really engaging. I can't imagine how much time you spent searching for players to secure some of the bargains you have pulled off!
  7. Endless injuries!!! Help

    Were not used to having many injury problems in game but it goes on all the time in real life. Read any match preview and you can bet that every team has atleast 3 players who are major fitness or even injury concerns at a given time.
  8. I find that goals from corners are really rare on this game, and when I do score a goal from a corner, it's almost always my striker on the front post. In real life, most traditional big centre backs can expect 4+ goals a season, and these will typically come from getting on the end of set peices. So far, I've not had a centre back score more than one goal in a season over the course of about 5 seasons worth of gameplay. The AI don't seem to have this issue. They often score goals from corners in games and if you look at their rosters, most teams' centre backs have several goals each come to the end of the season. My current centre back pairing have 17 and 18 aerial and good positioning, why can't they score??? There is nothing wrong with my corner taker either, he has 16 crossing and decisions, as well as the 'dead ball expert' comment in his pros/cons section. Has anyone else struggled to score from corners, and particularly with centre backs? Is there a way around it?
  9. Clean sheet run

    Think I got around 10 clean sheets on the bounce on my Torino save, but that's in Italy to be fair. It seems as though 'game management' is more important than ever this year. This means that if you have a lead, you have to make conscious tactical adjustments to retain your margin of lead. This could mean switching to a system that focuses on possession (balanced and short passing/distribution) or something that allows the opposition time on the ball but that will make you difficult to break down (bring on a defensive midfielder and go defensive with men behind the ball on.) If you watch matches in real life, there are rarely clean sheets unless one (or both) team(s) is/are very defensive, or one team is superior at keeping the ball, particularly in the Premier League. Liverpool have only kept 4 clean sheets this season from 16, which is nothing to about about considering they played Middleborough and Sunderland in two of them, games in which Liverpool would've dominated possession. My point is that if you committ a lot to an attack (like Liverpool do) your'e going to be left a bit short at the back. Most teams settle for a big lead and won't try to extend it too far. Germany against Brazil in the 2014 world cup is a good example. They took a big lead in the first half, and for most of the second half they just kept the ball and frustrated Brazil out of the game. That was the perfect example of game management. A bad example of game management was England versus Iceland in Euro 2016. We went 1-0 up, but immediately panicked and threw away the lead. Also, pay attention to whether your fixtures are home or away, you'll soon see a pattern .
  10. Improvements proving difficult

    Do you find that their one position in which they are 'very poor' for retraining is always something odd? So for example if they are a striker the new position is something random like left back, or left wing for players that are currently centre backs etc.
  11. Too easy

    I think it's harder. For the first time ever on an FMM/H game I just finished lower in the league than in the previous season.
  12. My Best Ever Youth Graduate

    I got a very similar player to him come through my youth academy, only difference being that he was Italian. It's nice to have some threads on here that aren't just moaning about the game, please continue doing regular updates
  13. Improvements proving difficult

    Every player seems to have one totally random position in which they have minor aptitude to be retrained in, it's a bit issue. I've not had any issues with facilities, but I've not done any lower league saves yet. Loaning seems harder, and the AI favours 3 month loans now. This would be realistic if it were for young and unproven players, but I've tried loaning out more proven , experienced players and 3 month offers are more frequent with them.
  14. World Class CM Ball Winners?

    I think it's evident that top teams don't really use simple ball winners, most likely because you don't need one if you keep all of the ball (which most big teams do).