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  1. Son in the team

    Did any of you manage to get a son?
  2. Armstrong shooting for 1000 goals

    Great challenge mate. Question, Jay Tanner is a regen of who? Lampard? Gerrard?
  3. FMM17 Bug List

    Glitch here! Players receiving awards for the wrong year? Look at the date
  4. Clean sheet record

    I went 32 games without conceding and conceded only 5 in the league.
  5. Brick wall challenge

  6. Brick wall challenge

    Ah yes, Goretzka worked brilliantly for me. Is Rudiger solid in game?
  7. Brick wall challenge

    I'm on my way to beating my record hopefully. 19 league games in and concede only 3! I think this is a good challenge, everyone so interested in scoring goals they don't care about the solid defence.
  8. Brick wall challenge

    Haha, considering I scored 83 goals I didn't park the bus. I had the right balance. Also I played 3 center backs in case anyone was wondering.
  9. Simple but difficult challenge. I challenge any one on this site to beat my 13 goals conceded record. Only the top 5 leagues can be used (Germany, Spain, Italy, England and France). Everything else is up to you. Post the league table at the end of the season. Good luck at beating me!
  10. It's not just one save Marc, it's the game. Loans aren't as common as they should be. I'm having the same problem.
  11. Player Generator

    What is the purpose of this? To add fake players?
  12. Loaning out

    What club do you manage?
  13. Clean sheet run

    Thanks mate, is this FM Touch on iPad or mobile? Looks different from mine
  14. Improvements proving difficult

    Same problem with loaning out players, can barely get offers for youngsters or older players. Not even from lower league teams.
  15. FMM17 Bug List

    Loans in this game aren't as common as I need. I signed 4 wonderkids and want to loan them out but I don't get any offers. Also why wouldn't anyone want Reus on loan at their club?! Game needs to have a more realistic loan market