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  1. Striker not testing keeper enough?

    A dlp will by definition be a defensive player. I think that the only thing that really changes for him is the urgency and directness of his passing and pressing when playing attacking.
  2. Striker not testing keeper enough?

    I'd say the striker isn't supported enough. A poacher tends to sit around in front, not really dropping back, so if your team is having trouble to get balls in the box, or your poacher isn't finding the best positions, then you can get that problem. @sduncan0312 in your case I'd say the striker lacks support in the box. That could be fixed by making an InF from one of your wingers.
  3. Two New Leagues Announced! Poll

    I see what you mean, and that's kind of what's happening in Russia now. The only league that wouldn't bother me, for some reason, is the Turkish league. It simply doesn't appeal to me...
  4. I'm not too sure actually since I've spent the past month with ManU and Tottenham (two of my old lovers), winning a lot of prizes. I've spent the rest of the year on Belgium, Ireland (Limerick <3) and failing in Scotland... So atm I'd say: -first and foremost a club from one of the new leagues that appeals most to me -a club in the other new league (because new leagues <3) -FC united of Manchester -KV Mechelen at some point (or perhaps Antwerp as I'm now an official resident) -Tottenham again, because screw you, Leicester
  5. How ridiculous will it be if Everton is the only club in the EPL to have a logo and player faces
  6. Have you tried changing some roles up? Did that give different results? Also, perhaps post some screenies of goals/assists for some players? Otherwise a solid tactic that seems to give nice results. Good work.
  7. Two New Leagues Announced! Poll

    I'm intensely hoping for at least a simplified version of the MLS and Denmark. The Danes have so much potential, when you think about it. If not those, I'm hoping Switzerland or Mexico.
  8. 1k Against All Odds

    So all we have to do to resolve this Brexit nonsense is to transform the British healthcare system into a programming language? ->Profit
  9. Imo, a lot of you are forgetting some really basic stuff. a) The game is only 7 pounds (10 euro), which is far below the 30-40 price point that FMH always commanded back on the PSP. 7 quid is next to nothing for a full game that is as immersive as FMM is. I see a lot of people saying "if SI dare to charge 7 pounds, it better be damn good". I'll drop a hard truth for you: if you get any other mobile game for 7 pounds or less, you'll be far worse off. You get what you pay for, and seeing where we came from, you get 10x as much as you're paying for with FMM. I challenge you to go back to FMH13 (the last PSP version), come back and say that the game hasn't made any progress in those four years. I believe the SI team are doing wonders for a game that could easily cost 15 or even 20 pounds. Instead, you get everything for just 7! I'm really happy that the game I play for an entire year (hundreds of hours) costs less than a third compared to a second hand Fifa 16. b) The MLS is on FM Touch as well, but without most of the rules. You have the Eastern and Western conference, the supporters' shield, the play-offs and continental competitions. Then you have the domestic rules for the US cup. And that's pretty much it. Yet the league is very enjoyable to me. What I'm trying to say is that even if they say that there are too many rules too completely implement the MLS, it can still be done in a toned down manner. It would probably look a lot like the Australian competition on FMM, but it would still be very much awesome. Tl;dr: let's not count our money before the very sensibly priced game is out or until we know which leagues we are talking about. As far as I'm concerned (@ashez) we can't be sure of any guesses, which is, to me at least, a viable way for marketing to work.
  10. And the new leagues arrrrrreeeeeeee: *massive drum roll* English League 289 (right beneath the Bananarama interkindergarten competition) AND The Turkish League, but without a licensing deal, which means teams full of Jens Mustermann'en.
  11. Working 4-2-3-1 on OME?

    I don't think there's an OP 4231 ont he OME. If I recall correctly, the best tactics on the original engine work with two or more strikes as that uses a weakness in the engine. But one striker tactics can be dismantled too easily if I'm not mistaken.
  12. I'm just jumping into the conversation, so pardon me if this has already been explained, but I'm wondering how it's possible that results can can vary like they do when you reload before a game. If the engine calculates a game beforehand, and you change nothing at all when you go into that same game you've already played, where do the calculations vary to make the outcome so very different? Thanks for the extensive explaining btw, I actually understood everything you said
  13. Great going, Taff. I thought the 1K's were done for with the new engine, but you've clearly proven me wrong. I'm sorry if you stated this before, but what tactic are you using? I'm always up for some new inspiration to my ideas.
  14. Mate, you want to steer clear of that two time staffer thing Can't remember anything I cocked up more. But I was having the same problem back then that you're having now. I'm back at it again though, trying my hand (and succeding) at the EME with United. Feels like a breath of fresh air if I'm honest; big fan of the EME. Feels a lot more like the full FM engine does. If they can iron out some of (what to me are) the minor bugs, I might be persuaded into posting again. I've got some ideas anyway. And yes, I do remember you sticking it to Archie Finest days of my Vibe career those were. Perhaps we should bring some of the guys together again and do a one-off group save? Craft some whacky story around it, like we used to.
  15. Jeeeeeeez, cut the crap already. You take this stuff waaaaay too seriously. Of course, if you'd have thought to mention me (which you didn't! ) I'd probably be saying something like: It was great having you around. I remember you joining the team, being all motivated and stuff. But nobody really likes overachievers, so maybe it's for the best that you're going. I mean, a couple of thousands of posts, hundreds of careers, what's that really mean, ya know? But cutting the crap, I felt this coming (yes, I've been lurking around) but it's still a shocker to see you've actually pulled the plug. Perhaps now it's time to share that one tactic with me? You know, that one that you never wanted people to know about? Have fun at whatever is next for you, mate. And give the Vibe regards to your little brother (is he still little though?)