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  1. Challenge Cup 2017

    Since Ash is not joining, I will take it upon myself to represent the Vibe Legends.
  2. BG's 1000 goals - Villalibre

    I'm curious: is Sevilla now Villalibre's favourite team? I once had a Spanish striker who was massive for my Tottenham side in the days of FMH PSP. At the end of his career, he changed his favourite club to Tottenham, probably because of all the succes over a good ten years. How's that for your man?
  3. BG's 1000 goals - Villalibre

    Cracking career, BG. Something for the Vibe history books! I now challenge you to have Villalibre retire and manipulate the game so that your son is a good enoguh striker to try again Since you'll only have 12-13 seasons left, this would be the real challenge.
  4. I actually forgot it was THAT bad 😀
  5. That's awfully bold for someone who failed miserably at PSG.
  6. 2017 Tactic Kits

    Wow, terrific work. The VERY FIRST piece of custom graphics I'll ever use. Good stuff guys!
  7. Intended or not; more in depth content will bring in more comments, more traffic and ultimately more $$$ (which is why you're writing these things, amirite?) Honestly, you have a splendid idea, and with the right execution you can get to something people will actually want to read, which is beneficial for everyone.
  8. I really feel these things lack a lot of depth. You could be focussing more on improved stats, what they imply and how that affects his role in his teams. I appreciate the effort, I really do, but this series is currently not fulfilling the potential it undoubtedly has. Heck, I'd be willing to offer my second opinions and spice things up for you - for free.
  9. I've always been on Sam's side in the past, so for a change I'll get my heart painted LFC red. Sam also lost most of my respect when Sunderland got themselves relegated. Go Ash!
  10. Finances 'bankrupt' issue

    I've found you can easily get to the 'bankrupt' state if you tend to give out high signing on fees. No matter what kind of transfer budget/wages you have left.
  11. Excuse me my friend, but what about the mighty KV Mechelen beating the invincible Ajax in '87-'88?
  12. Mercurial talent

    Makes me wonder whether that's something you'd want in your team tbf
  13. Mercurial talent

    That would be strange since ronaldinho still had the label at 36
  14. I'm not a native language speaker, so I fear that the term 'mercurial talent' is a bit lost on me. I presume that it's something very positive (since it appears on the green side of coach reports), but when looking at definitions of 'mercurial', I also found some negative connotations. Mario Ballotelli came up a lot too. I know Ronaldinho and his regens have the description as well on the game. Can anybody explain further? Also, if you know of any players having the trait, please let me know I know for certain that Ronaldinho and Leon Bailey have it.
  15. Game crashes

    That's a known bug. Si will have it fixed in a hotfix that presumably will be out in the coming weeks. The fix should save your save, if you get the irony in that ?