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  1. 10 teams to manage in the FMM16 Update

    How can you say 'so you are Jens' and then declare you've never heard of me?
  2. 10 teams to manage in the FMM16 Update

    While I do agree with most of the list, I feel that AA Gent deserve quite a high spot in your list as well. They went from mid-table team to final 16 in the Champions League. They are baffling the country with a mediocre team, yet they are a well-oiled and unstoppable machine.   Also, 'young talent' Ritchie De Laet was young and talented at ManU, now some 3-4 years ago  Currently 28 yo   Edit: also got some very interesting transfers in with Mbark Boussouffa and Gustav Wikheim.
  3. Make it New: The Limerick

    Passing and distribution are mixed. I don't really see a point in changing those. My primary creator is the APM, obviously  Or none selected if I don't have a player who I deem good enough. I mostly set one of the InF's as prim att, but I have the feeling that they score less than when they are not. Perhaps they get closed down more by the AI?
  4. Make it New: The Limerick

    I prefer to use In<f/wingers, but will use anyone who can perform there. E.g.: I had to sell Kane because he hardly did anything there, while Dean Clarke (crappy Limerick player) can't stop scoring.
  5. Make it New: The Limerick

    I will get on that as soon as I can! Currently won two consecutive titles with Limerick, with a third under way. Win ratio is nearing 70%. 
  6. Make it New: The Limerick

    It is indeed the original engine. I tried with 2 InF's and an APM in AMC slot, but the results were shaky. I felt this works better. The number of cards against is no worse than with normal, I feel. I get about 3 red cards per season.
  7. Make it New: The Limerick

    If you like the Modernists, you may have heard of the phrase 'make it new'. It encouraged writers to try their profession from a completely different angle. The result: complete and utter gibberish. But I come to you, not with gibberish, but with a tactic like you have never seen before. Unless you followed my Limerick career 2-3 years ago. Then you've probably already seen it. I tried this tactic last year and the year before that, but it never worked since FMH 2013. I'm very pleased to announce though, that it works again and it is better than ever. I can't currently take screenshots because of laziness, so you'll just have to take my word for it. I'm currently still testing with Tottenham, but things are looking good. I'm posting this before the tests are done because I want to (re)claim this shape so no one else will be able to say I wasn't the first! Why the name, you ask? I have the tendency to name my tactics after the place they've been conceived. Like Paris (Hilton) or North (West, make of that what you will). I came up with this tactic some 3 years ago while managing Limerick and it brought me instant succes. This time again, it gave me and my surprisingly average Limerick F.C. the title in the first season with five games in hand. Yes, I'm very proud of that, I interviewed myself for countless hours after that. I cam on both Belgian and Irish imaginary talkshows.  So now, without further ado: The Limerick. ------------GK----------- WB(R)-DC-DC-WB(L) -----------BWM--------- -------AP-------B2B---- ------------INF----------- INF------------------INF TI: attacking, short, committed, pressing on (rest off) Now look at it and try telling me you've already seen anything like this I did exceptionally well with this tactic, although it might not be a universal killer (I'm yet to find that out). Give it a go if you like it and please, report back with your findings. Remember, you saw it here first! Any questions?
  8. FMM2016 Wonderkids List

    Why is there no Januzaj How is that possible? Sure he's not lived up to his full potential yet, but stilll. And no Carrasco/Bakkali? :/
  9. New Players who will be in FMM16

    Always found him with Belgium as main db. Never found Musonda jr. though...
  10. New Players who will be in FMM16

    Good list, looking forward to Loftus-Cheek Azzaoui is already on FH15 though.
  11. For God's sake, Ash, you're starting to sound like an emotional version of my grandmother :-P  For what my opinion's worth, I don't think vibe should be rebranded along with the game. Why not keep it fmh, as that is what it is? Make the site available through the new handle, but keep the name. Even if it is just for old time's sake. 
  12. Football Manager Mobile 2016 OUT NOW!

    Figuratively speaking
  13. Football Manager Mobile 2016 OUT NOW!

    And still I daresay I miss Beckham coming back from the dead...  
  14. Football Manager Mobile 2016 OUT NOW!

    But the new regen system has already made it more unpredictable  I also never manage big teams anymore.
  15. Football Manager Mobile 2016 OUT NOW!

    The new tactical options sound delightful to my ears. Something we've been asking for for years