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  1. Youth Or Superstars

    Wow that's a sick comment what were you thinking??
  2. Challenge Cup 2017

    Yeah I hear you mate there's nothing you can do about it except hope people are honest, but thanks for clearing that up for me.
  3. Challenge Cup 2017

    So in a word your saying people could potentially be doing it over and over until they have the perfect season. I am personally gunna have one attempt and post it.
  4. Challenge Cup 2017

    Are people re doing seasons if there not happy as I'm seeing people mentioning second attempts, I thought it should be your first attempt.
  5. Challenge Cup 2017

    That your first attempt or the best one you've had so far?
  6. Challenge Cup 2017

    On that note count me in
  7. Challenge Cup 2017

    If I knew everyone participating was a legit player I'd be in on this one
  8. Wow that cup final looked tense mate, congratulations on the trophy. Time to aim for promotion next season I think they look more than ready.
  9. What a great read mate enjoyed that keep up the good work, and good luck in the final.
  10. How about you make your own tactic your comments are ruining people's threads, have some respect
  11. Giant killing 4231(EME)

    Fair play mate and as they say if it ain't broke don't fix it and it's obviously still working a treat. I'm currently working on a 433 with wide IF which is looking good so far.
  12. Giant killing 4231(EME)

    Nice one mate I was gutted to lose out at the final hurdle. Is that the 433 tactic which you've posted on here or is it altered now.