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  1. BG's 1000 goals - Villalibre

    Excellent stuff. Asier and BatiGoal FTW
  2. Old Football Formations

    In my current save I use 4-2-4, only with WBs instead of FBs and APs instead of Ws. And occasionally a TM instead of one of the Poachers, or a DLP for one of the CMs. Attacking, mixed passing, both flanks, long gk distribution, normal tackling, pressing, primary outlet one of the CMs. It has worked wonders so far. Excellent post by the way!
  3. Player Interactions in FMM17

    For real?
  4. BG's 1000 goals - Villalibre

    I freakin love Asier from my FM16 Rayo save. Good luck with your challenge BatiGoal, looks you have what it takes to make it.
  5. Key to success in lower leagues

    Yeah, me neither Though it doesn't seem realistic, making money "disappear", only the board should be able to do that.
  6. Key to success in lower leagues

    WOW! I had no idea of this. Thank you!
  7. Key to success in lower leagues

    Why? If you don't do that does this money offset with the new transfer budget so in the end you get less? Like the board saying: "Ok, we were going to give you 10m of transfer budget but since you have already 1 remaining we only need to add 9" ? Whereas if we follow your advice we get 10m of transfer budget and + 1m on wage budget? Do I understand this correctly? And if so, is this tested and confirmed? Thanks mate.
  8. Little bit to easy

    How on earth does it make sense to have Transfer Acumen rated 16, when you have bought 3,3M and sold 325K ? Small bug perhaps?
  9. EXCLUSIVE! Player Interaction in FMM2017

    Amen brotha from a different motha.
  10. Well as a Greek I must say that although Ninis was indeed a wonderkid in his prime in Panathinaikos, after his injuries and his failed time in Parma and PAOK, he is definetely not considered one anymore. So don't expect much unless he's done amazing things in Belgium that no one here has heard of, including our National Team manager. My two cents.
  11. Turkey makes a lot of sense. Poland not so much but it is a big country with a strong national team and a lot of player prospects. Would love to see my country (Greece) or Argentina though.
  12. This looks awesome. Hope it works well. Kudos to Vibe and SI for acknowledging the community.
  13. Belotti in FMM2016 was a beast. I signed him in my Livorno save and he was incredible. Definetely will check him out in 2017 as well.