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  1. Challenge Cup 2017

    Chuck me in if there is still room!
  2. I'm loving this challenge. I really like seeing players I've not really heard of before. Good working doing Italy in 2 seasons, would have been frustrating to go over a season and get the 100 a few games in. Now you can do a full preseason with your next team and hit the ground running!
  3. Very interesting read. I don’t think I’ve ever had a game where he has fulfilled even a smidge of his potential. I tried him out as a potential 50-50 candidate last year before stumbling across Guedes and he just didn’t cut the mustered despite a probable PA of at least >170.
  4. Season 6 It has been a while since my last update – I am struggling to find the time to post full updates so this will be a quick one so I don’t get too behind. Same tactics and a settled team – I’ve played ahead a little bit so I can’t get any more screenshots other than those I have here but this is most of the squad. Along with Dembele, De Bryune, Kane, Griezman and Sane and Ronaldo are all so lethal – each one gets double figures for both goals and assists. He was absolutely flying up until the new year… But then a little injury And his form was never quite the same – the two weeks turned into a month out by the time he was back to 100% For the season Goals – 57 Assists – 34 Total so far Goals – 250 Assists – 145
  5. Fantastic work mate. I'm doubly impressed as I've never got anything out of Niang!
  6. I say they should only count under your management - when i attempted this with Luis Henrique last year i found that around Jan - Feb his int caps and goals would suddenly jump by 5 or 6 without ever being away on int duty. They were basically free goals that i played no part in achieving. The feat of achieving a 1k is greater when all the goals only count when you are in charge.
  7. BG's 1000 goals - Villalibre

    Smashing stuff - just caught up with about 6 seasons. Bring it home BatiGoal, bring it home.
  8. He is a crazy good player, once this is done I might dodge him for a while as everything is just a little too easy with him in your side!
  9. Same here, I've been running some test saves to try anf work a formation to get the assists up but I'm struggling to find anything consistent. I'll keep trying though!
  10. Season 5 Transfers Not too much going on here. I bought an Italian striker who was smashing them in in Serie A to cover Kane and Passlack a quality cover for Bellerin. I also bought a highly rate Argentinian CB who was top of the world youth ranking in the scout report – back on 2016 that almost guaranteed a quality player straight off but it seems 2017 needs you to nurture a young player before they come good. I don’t have the time nor inclination so he didn’t see much game time. Comps A mixed bag, European success, domestic meh… Awards Dembele Down on last season due to fitness issues (not big injuries though, touchwood), a few knocks limited his game time and he always returned from international duty in the low 80s. Didier Deschamps is somehow holding on to the French job despite not even qualifying for the Euro’s. Stats are looking nice! Total - still goal heavy but getting there... Goals 193 Assists 111
  11. IF. He gets most of his assists from set pieces and no other player out "asissts" him so I will have to change the whole system at some point rather than simply switching positions.
  12. Season 4 Transfers I’ve gone for a bit more aerial presence for corners this year so Icardi, Aguero and Jovetic out, Griezman, Kane and Ronaldo in. Ronaldo had been released on a free at the end of the first season and had been (secretly) banging them in for Arouca in the Portuguese league – in past years once a player hits their early to mid-thirties they decline so rapidly, but on FMM2017 it’s a much more natural decline. For someone like Ronaldo who will still be a beast for years to come this seems much more realistic. Competitions Domestic dominance, European naivety. Dembele That’s a bit more like it Goals 157 Assists 85 79 chipped off the total and as expected he'll hit the goals target long before the assists target so at some point I am going to have to work out a new tactic! Awards I think he won WPOTY too but i can't seem to find it...
  13. Too easy

    Agreed but I still do it, I can't help myself.