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  1. Thanks, I've written that request here: Hopefully there are better progress .
  2. Well, before I apologized mistyped if red colored balls, but my team clothing color is red and orange colored balls. But both have in common that thin is not, perhaps later would I show this photo but logically we know how these two are almost the same color. I hope this game can detect how the user selects the team with the core apparel red, while there is a color that is almost equal to the same form in the game display.
  3. A little extra, if you make one version in the league make sure there is display Champions League (not the other leagues). May you succeed, perhaps with a better idea. I support you
  4. Maybe this is just my opinion, I want you to create multiple versions in several leagues. Examples sky sport featuring some footage only one league in a later version that you created, so you can make up for some versions of the domestic league, because we know that many users have different gaming tastes. Maybe someone can add more ideas
  5. That's it, hopefully no such feature. Changing the ball or kits 2nd.
  6. My team wearing red clothes while the ball is almost the same, it makes the display a bit distracting. If there is a feature to change clothes then I'll replace it. I believe it is good if the ball seasonally adjusted like reality but should not interfere with the game display
  7. I want to ask you where a file to the ball, because I want to eliminate the red ball or you can give me the color of the white ball. thank you
  8. Not mean it like that, I just gave input sorry if it offends. Continue friends, hopefully there are several versions.
  9. What does seem manager guardiola? I hope it does not have to show who the manager is displayed in the screen because we act as ourselves who is the manager.
  10. Winter transfers

    Nice, go ahead bro!
  11. Thank you so much already tried formations, note also true that when using these formations I always change the forefront, whether it's a goal poacher, Trequartista or Advance Forward I also sometimes even cursing complete forward .. it all depends on the strategy of the opponent during a match.
  12. haha i affected Klopp effect, then do I give to see the face when the train as managers like the others?
  13. If I could start the game from scratch using real coaches, such as simulating the life of a coach. If anyone can help, I hope becomes Jürgen Klopp who trains in liverpool. Thanks
  14. 4-3-3 gegenpress

    That's what I mean why some people think it intersects tactic (as seen from the actual football game), okey thanks good luck.