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  1. I like to have an IF on one side and a W on the other. My preference is to have wide players who can play both roles so I can switch them depending on the opposition. Ive tried two IFs and found it too narrow and 'stodgy' and two Wingers didn't provide enough attacking threat.
  2. How To Be Your Own Sugar Daddy

    Can I just say that Micky Moncur is the best 1970s footballer name ever.
  3. Seeing out a game - advice needed

    Thanks for the replies. I will admit, I'd completely forgotten about Men Behind the Ball, I'll do some testing with that and see how I get on. I don't think it's a fitness issue as I'm very careful about monitoring my players fitness. However it's something I'll pay attention to when recruiting coaches. This may have to wait for a bit as I'm a bit limited in options in the VNL. Ill also consider the BWM role when defending a lead. I will admit that I've been using the role based on how a better player (Claudio Yacob) has interpreted it in another save. I do miss the CM-D role from the full fat version of the game as that position has always been a lynchpin of my teams.
  4. I was hoping that you clever folks might be able to help me with strategies for seeing out a game - I find that I tend to concede an awful lot of goals past the 80th minute, especially in games with a close score line. If you're defending a a single goal margin, what do you do? Ive tried setting the team to Counter Attack, but this just seems to invite pressure. Changing to a Defensive mentality seems to do little, likewise changing to a more defensive formation. For context: ive started an unemployed save and wound up at Stockport. Generally I use a trademark Wenger 4231, but for harder games I drop the wingers back for a 4411. Balanced mentality, mixed passing, no pressing, etc. I know that the two CMs are the weak point of this formation, so they have BWM and DLP roles and so shouldn't push up high. The team is fairly young, but my back four are primarily in their mid to late 20s. Any good tips to try and counter this problem? I'm a bit fed up of that sinking feeling I get when the game cuts to the pitch view in the last 5 minutes of a game.
  5. I've found it depends on the strikers attributes really. Which I guess is kind of obvious. Ive had success with a DLF or CF dropping deep making space for the IF in the gap, but equally I've had success with a pacy AF type striker pulling defenders out of position with his runs into channels.
  6. Not exactly that problem, but I have seen a disallowed goal for me marked as a disallowed for my opponent (credited to an opposing striker).
  7. Possession Tactic (EME)

    AMR is a standard winger role with a solid, no nonsense FB behind him.
  8. Possession Tactic (EME)

    I'm using a similar tactic with great success for West Brom. It's been very solid defensively for me. I use the following midfield roles though: CM BWM AP. The CM recycles possession behind the IF, the BWM sits deeper breaking up attacks and the AP moves into the hole in the AMC position. I also use a WB down the left to provide width.
  9. Mollers01's Top Eight Teams to Manage

    Thank you! I've been finding it very difficult to get into a save this version and right on queue, some food for thought.
  10. 4-2-3-1 (EME)

    Kane is definitely quite streaky, I seem to get the best out of him as a CF. It helps that Lamela and Eriksson are ridiculous, but still...