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  1. Too easy

    The current save I'm doing has become that way but in general no it's not an easy game.
  2. The Race Back To The Top

    I'm United through and through however I've seen the power of Chelsea on this game so this is my prediction: Chelsea - Season 7 (2022/23)
  3. How To Nurture Talents

    Quality content, thanks for sharing.
  4. That's Gerrard's regen. Keep going mate, I'm keeping the faith he can definitely produce at his peak for at least 3 more seasons...3 big seasons should get you over the line!
  5. I love these types of articles - it was an enjoyable read so thanks for this. I think Lindelof could be the one out of this crop that can really progress in next year's FMM give his form this season.
  6. Often I'll sell younger players who can't get a game then end up buying them back at some point down the line if they can fulfil their potential
  7. Player in FMH/FMM history

    Would love to see Paul Scholes' stats. I remember the days of FHM 2007 on my PSP, golden times.
  8. Clean sheet record

    That's amazing. I've had runs of 13/14 with some of my better teams but nothing on that scale. Well done mate.
  9. Fair enough. I always find the game more fun to play by using smaller & poorer quality teams so I always start with a weak club. Looking forward to your next update mate.
  10. Great start mate any particular country you aim to tackle next?
  11. Next SI update?

    A loan system fix would be greatly appreciated
  12. Nah not concerned, if the Chinese League has any sense they'll put restrictions on number of foreigners (or non-Asians) that can play for Chinese clubs so that the clubs invest in infrastructure rather than overpriced players.
  13. Well done on the promotion, what made you choose Grimsby?