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  1. That would be great. Your diagram is awesome! Your findings also correlate with the guide Prize linked to above. Does the W provide defensive width like the IF or not really like the wide AP?
  2. All the tactics I see on this forum show two Inside Forwards on the flanks. There was a thread recently by rseven which revealed that people use Wingers in those spots occasionally as well. But what about Advanced Playmakers? APs are common in the midfield by being the attack minded playmakers who link up the attack and create chances. Can they serve the same role from the flanks? I'm talking about the guys who have midfield stats but are versatile enough to play from the flanks. These players are the ones who don't have good crossing to be a W and have better passing/creativity/decisions than dribbling/shooting/movement. Can APs be effective on the flanks in this match engine to provide width while playing a role their stats are suited for? Or are they better off as IFs or being played as APs in the midfield?
  3. The Not-so-clever Opponent

    This is an unfixed bug from last year's version. It's only a message bug - if you actually check the opponent's tactics after that message, it'll show an attacking mentality.
  4. Same old story

    As a relatively basic tactic, it is prone to getting countered by the opposition. Pay attention to the comments you get on the match after it's over. You may need to start adjusting your formations mid-match.
  5. No Notifications & Match Results!

    #1 is definitely a known bug and for #2 SI have said on their forums they are working on letting the game pause more often to show other match results.
  6. Most random manager appointment

    Lol ok then. I'm out of ideas. Thought maybe Alferton made a historic run to the championship in your save.
  7. Most random manager appointment

    I guess the other question is - how good is Alferton in your save?
  8. You have it positioned correctly. The OP's screenshots are taken on a smaller screen device than yours so the tactics field looks squished by comparison.
  9. Anyone got a secret to success?

    The tactics bible by Dec! Many of my notes when I was learning came from that guide. In fact, I'm going to go re-read it now.
  10. Hard to play

    I am like 95% sure this is not a thing in FMM. Only in the non-mobile versions.
  11. Hard to play

    Ohhhh so the attacking midfielder comment refers to any player on that level of the pitch? I always assumed it referred to midfielders only and the players on the sides were called wingers. Good to know!
  12. Hard to play

    Interesting. It said AMC got into box frequently yet that wasn't enough runs from midfield. Seems contradictory to me. Anyone have any idea why?
  13. Most random manager appointment

    Did Chelsea get relegated in your game or something? It's also surprising Conte lasted 10 game years with Chelsea. That's like Alex Ferguson-like tenure in real life years.
  14. Advice On My 4-4-2 Attacking Tatics

    Wouldn't the WB's get sufficiently forward to provide the crosses?
  15. Challenge Cup 2017

    The FIX is IN! We have Blatter and Valcke participating in their own tournament, stealing away MILLIONS IN PRIZE MONEY!!! Joking of course. I can barely get through 3 months in a week, let alone a season, so I'm going to sit this one out. BG, my money's on you here.