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  1. No idea what I was doing lol, but it worked!!!! Awesome. Thanks so much!!
  2. Klose just got me promoted to La Liga in my first attempt with Cordoba. Repaid him by giving him a coaching job!
  3. It's the player of the month award that wet to my sub GK who played 5 mins at the end of one game, no touches of the ball and a 7 rating that gets me.
  4. Loaning out

    Newcastle United
  5. How to manage National Team

    I've managed Colombia and Denmark so far in my Newcastle save. Holding out for the Brazilian job!!!!!
  6. Loaning out

    Loans work really well for me. I've got about 15 of my future stars out on loan atm..
  7. Back ground leagues?

    If I change jobs to a team in a background league, will it load all lower divisions at that point?
  8. Help With National Job

    You need to make sure you didn't already have the full quota of players. If you do, you won't see the action on a player either.
  9. Season 3 hasn't started so well. 4 losses out of 5, doh! Will keep this in my back pocket and try another for a while. Thanks again for the awesome tactic!
  10. Fantastic tactic. I used it on a Newcastle United save. It won me the Championship (by a fair margin) in year one. And in year two.... it won me the Premiership!!!! Went down to the last game of the season though. Chelsea lost to Liverpool, not that it mattered, was in my hands and we thrashed Norwich. We'll see how year 3 goes....!
  11. FMM17 Bug List

    They must have seen him performing well in training...
  12. Selling Players in FMM 2017

    I had load of Newcastle players I couldn't sell, even when I offered them out at peanuts..
  13. None yet for me. Do you have any Danish players? Are we able to accept country roles whilst keeping our club job?
  14. The best wonderkids in FMM17

    Where do we place it on andoid? userdata folder? Edit: yes, thats the right place
  15. [EME]The best wonderkids in FMM17

    Where do we place it on andoid? userdata folder?