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  1. Anyway sad story about injury of player.
  2. 3900. Pay attention to caps. and search direction.
  3. Left Wingers Recommendation

    Chapman Lookman
  4. Thanks you. But can I see the home/away team stats? I want to check in/tk numbers.
  5. Can you share your match stats? How "Gegenpressing" your tactics is.
  6. Yes. Can change name, CA, PA for player. For age, I failed.
  7. 1. Wait. Maybe several minutes required if you installed game on external SD card. 2. Try to open the game though google play.
  8. What I got is that the changes.txt not only impact new start but also existing save. Is that true? @Dec
  9. Loaning out

    Have you turned on loan out by Ass. manager and list player list of loan?
  10. To use two wingers, you can use two attacking role in middle. May be one AP + one BBM
  11. Player roles

    I think shooting should be primary attribute. Think about the shoot number of BBM.
  12. How To Nurture Talents

    The player development in AI controlled team is different with human controlled team. Because we can train players.
  13. Please try more. My winger's average rating is around 7.5 for season.
  14. So, your sequence is AP, IF,then W. Mine is W, AP, then IF.