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  2. Unhappy With Training Regime

    This issue has increased dramatically since the update I have noticed. Like @Ashezhas mentioned it really doesn't go away unless you put everything down to Light and None GK but then the player stats are so much worse then when you bought. The only option is to sell him! Also I've had players happy for nearly a whole season before deciding they don't like the training?
  3. Armstrong shooting for 1000 goals

    Season 19 Update - October We enter October with Armstrong needing just 6 more goals to reach 1000. So close! It might take a few months, but it's surely just a formality now, right? Well... He didn't score in the first game in October. Then in the second game, disaster! This is what we've been dreading. The main threat to Armstrong reaching 1000 now is injury. He's losing his skills, but if I can keep him on the field, then he'll surely pick up 6 goals via penalties, even if outfield goals dry up. But injury could prompt his retirement... Fortunately Armstrong looks happy to work his way back from this one... I immediately offered him a new contract and he signed on the dotted line. He also expressed his gratitude for my support when the media questioned him. But the hit to his attributes has been severe and at this age it takes a long time for players to get those back (if they do at all). I should get him back on the field in late November, but it could be another couple of months to get him back near where he was before the injury. So still 6 goals to go, but this just got a whole heap harder and can't be taken for granted now...
  4. Armstrong shooting for 1000 goals

    Hmm, about that..... (better read the next update, out now!).
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  6. Hex Editor Tutorial Changing B Team's Relationship Today, I'm going to write about how to change B team's relationship, etc. making B Teams like Real Madrid Castilla and Barcelona B playable. 1. Download any Hex Editor, you can do it both on phone or on PC. 2. Open club.dat from the Spain database folder. ( Open the one in spainsolo if you are playing with only Spanish league ). 3. Search for the first team name as ASCII. As an example, if you are trying to make Castilla playable, search for "R. Madrid". The club code of the club will be 4 values ahead of the first character of the club name. In the example, Real Madrid's club code will be 1104, note it down. 4. Search for the B team's name. In this example, search for the B team of Real Madrid which is R. Madrid B. The first team code of the B team is located somewhere few lines below the club name, and after a series of FFFFFFFF. Change the first team code to FFFF. In the example, I changed R. Madrid B's first team code, 1104, to FFFF, which changed the team's relationship to their first team. 5. Save the edited club.dat file, and start a new game with Spain loaded as primary league. You can then play as Castilla manager. Disclaimer : The players in the B team will be in loan status from the first team. Additional : There's other things you can do with this trick, like making some lower league teams the B team of your club. Please note that having a B team in England league is not something recommended, as the save will eventually crash when your B team is playing in EFL Cup or FA Cup. Finally, thanks for viewing, and please leave a comment if you have something you don't understand here. If you feel Hex editing something too difficult, but wish to play with Castilla or Barcelona B, you can download this club,dat file below, and place it under Android>data>com.sigames.fmm17>files>installed>database>spain. Then, start a new game with Spain as your primary league with other leagues loaded as well. club.dat
  7. So close now dude, just keep him fit and you will get there
  8. Armstrong shooting for 1000 goals

    Season 19 Update - September So it's September and Armstrong needs 8 more goals to reach 1000. Can he continue the goal a game form he had in August? Well he didn't score in the first game, but he did in the second: After that, nothing: There were two England games as well and he did score in one of those: Which means he's added 2 more to the total. It's a bit of a worry that the goals have dried up a little. He has aged a little more, losing a point of Shooting, Movement and Dribbling from where he was in August. Anyway, we're inching closer and we'll be back in October, with Armstrong only needing 6 more goals to reach 1000.
  9. Armstrong shooting for 1000 goals

    @BatiGoal @PriZe @Gonzolito @Westham_Till_I_Die @Taff Thanks everyone for the support! Inching our way towards the line!
  10. There he is, How's it going dude, I've just been racking my brain trying to remember who had the immense grey player 1K last year as I'm attempting something similar and bang there you are Great start dude, and i love the look of the tactic very intersting
  11. 2017 License Fixes

    Where exactly do i put this file i just downloaded becausr i placed it in thr com. Sigma folder, restarted the game and noting changed
  12. Real Random attempts the Wine World Tour

    Thanks mate, I did put him on a fitness regime but he hated it and it got worse. Thanks for the support.
  13. Unhappy With Training Regime

    I changed the 'Technical' training to have all attributes set to light, so if a player is unhappy with his training, I changed his regime to Technical, wait a while until he's happy again, and change it back to whatever regime he had before. It works everytime
  14. For me, I'm just indifferent to the training system, it barely exists until a player decides he doesn't like it. Even then I don't touch the regime, but shift him to another or sell him. Also not being able to retrain traits is annoying as heck.
  15. Hi all! Growcanine here and I'll be attempting my first ever 1000 goal challenge. I'm intending to attempt more than one challenge, so this will be the cliché wonderkid + top club career. Why Paulo Dybala? He's one of the best rated under-23 STs in the game (beside Anthony Martial and Harry Kane) and knowing how expensive PL players can get, I went with Dybala, which cost me a cool £45M. I originally intended to go for U-19 strikers, but after 2 attempts (Diogo Jota and Kelechi Iheanacho; both went <30 goals per season for 4 seasons) I decided to go for a more experienced striker. Why Real Madrid? The reason is simple: one of the best clubs (financially and tactically), and in a less challenging league. Starts with a lot of games to play also (CL + CWC + ESC + SSC) to let me start grinding the goals. And so it begins..
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  17. League Title Bug?

    Certainly looks a very defensive tactic but then Leicster had a run of games just winning by the single goal.Have you tried your formula in any other league? Is that Sebastian Coates in your team?
  18. Challenge Cup 2017

    You've totally just jinxed a CC first where it'll be a draw across the board and a tie breaker will be needed.
  19. I used a tactic I put up on here earlier this week but shifted the mentality from attacking to balanced. Seems to hold possession and can often overwhelm teams defences
  20. Neat. What formation did you use in the first season to stomp the division so hard?
  21. Introduction I have decided to ease my way back into the game and community with a simple career. The plan is to take FC United of Manchester all the way to the Premier league and to win all top level domestic titles and continental titles. So without further ado let's move on to season 1. Season 1 Unfortunately I forgot to take screenshots of my transfers for this season however let's see how the team did regardless. I was hoping for a season 1 promotion though. And we managed it with a 14 point gap too. Now let's see our key contributors for the season. Gilchrist knocked it out of the park on the goal front scoring 40 goals but my main man has to have been Connor McCloskey scoring 23 and assisting 15. Next up is the Vanarama national league and we will be aiming for promotion again to get this career really up and having a run upwards towards MUFC.
  22. As Athletic Bilbao have a Basque only rule.
  23. Unemployed Career - Looking for work!

    Thanks mate! I will pass on your regards to Arthur tomorrow morning 😜
  24. Dude I'm surprised your giving him another 6 months kick his worthless ass to the deepest part of hell!!!!!! Seriously though still a must read on the site KIU
  25. Why can't I sign this player?
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