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  2. Top Football Manager Cup

    Great idea, I'm in.
  3. They do me no good in the real world Update will be up in morning
  4. Top Football Manager Cup

    If this is on the EME i would love to take part in this.
  5. Liga Indonesia

    As a suggestion, maybe not do everything all in caps as it doesn't go with the rest of the game.
  6. They have to be accepted somewhere, i'd rather in a safe place like vibe
  7. Brenty's Latin Europe Attempt

    I'm going to make this as quick as i can, as i've had a long stressful day and im already behind schedule updating. Going to keep the talking to a minimum, probably let the screenies do the talking tbh. Transfers. League Table. Euro Cup. Spanish Cup. Tactic Change. The Main Event. Stats. Star Performers. Just want to thank everyone who commented for keeping this career alive, wouldn't have enjoyed it half as much without the encouraging words and banter! @BatiGoal, whenever you have time pal
  8. I hope we're nowhere near that bad! Thanks :D. I love my weird ideas are embraced here lol. We need a long run soon that's for sure!
  9. Haha no worries, the Night is Dark an full of good friend....👀
  10. Oh poor Ravel, I feel like I'm near the top of that list of assassinations.....
  11. Liga Indonesia

    oh yea, will em possible to be playing in continental competition?
  12. Liga Indonesia

    liga 2 are will playable? in previous database i got, only liga 1 are playable and it's using an A-league
  13. Top Football Manager Cup

    I dont really know the game and is certainly not addicted to it or anything, is there a room for a newbie rookie type like me 👽
  14. bagi dong bro database nya. @supersp i have the save data Indonesia NT in 2022. won the FWC and qualified to AFC Cup this fm_save1.dat
  15. That is truely a great comment !!! We have to have more of theese Challenges with talk like this! Im actually a viking born gladiator but i hope i can execute on or two of my opponents in their Sleep ✊😉😂😂
  16. yes i have Ravel but he is not a good enough warrior, he is below average and actually i have to go with rule execute on him....😜
  17. Top Football Manager Cup

    I'm in it looks really interesting and luck based
  18. Ashez Is The Lower League Rogue!

    Unlucky mate, your career is getting shorter and shorter at each club, hopefully next time you can last longer than two games. KIU
  19. Does Catenaccio work in game?

    It all depends what formation you're playing. If you're playing with 2 strikers you could use Trequartista and Poacher or DLF and Poacher. One of them will move around and drop deeper to receive the ball to feed the Poacher. If you are playing with one striker than it depends what players and how many you have in midfield. In one of my saves i had a fantastic regen striker but because of wrong roles combo in midfield i was using, he didn't performed as expected. You should check BatiGoal's "Guide for player roles combo" if you haven't already. Good luck.
  20. Loss of form

    Rotate your starting 11 as well if they're a bit knackered!
  21. International "Unfitness"

    It should depend on the nation you're managing + the databases you're using.Admittedly I usually use the Home Nations but I've never had that issue
  22. Does Catenaccio work in game?

    I might try and get the Italy job in a save. Enjoying a current save at the moment though, in which I've branded myself as a more attacking manager, so I probably won't be able to try an Italian system just yet. Will try and give it a go at some point soon though hopefully. Any suggestions for what to do further up the pitch? Obviously we still need some goals and I don't know what sort of attack would work best.
  23. 25 teams before the seasons out at this point kiu dude loving all these crazy saves
  24. Does Catenaccio work in game?

    Well, you said it all :). You should try out and see how things works,it's always fun to try something new in tactic approach. Are you planing to play with Italian team,by the way? I like Italian way of play they are tactic masterminds,I miss 90's Serie A football that I used to watch every weekend as a kid.
  25. Non-league eight seasons ago...

    Daniel, here are my tactics (EME). On the instructions tab everything is the same except the primary outlet is always the advanced playmaker and the passing focus is almost always center. If the opponent runs a diamond against me then I'll switch to either mixed or both flanks, but I like going right up the middle. I like keeping primary attacker empty since I invested a lot of money into the attacking options and I want all of them to be a threat. And Bati, my bad, I honestly forgot about the first post.I'll keep any future updates in this post. Cheers.
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