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  2. FMM17 Bug List

    This is happening to me too. I have my tactic saved but between each match some player roles change when i check my tactics page, and before every game i have to reload my saved tactic. Sometimes it even changes during the game as when i make subs i have been checking player roles and they have changed without me touching them, the same ones every time as well?
  3. Redknapp Returns...

    Harry in
  4. Why Game Why?

    Out of interest, how long does he last in games?
  5. Redknapp Returns...

    Just read through this and it's a really great read keep up the good work mate, Harry in
  6. 2017 License Fixes

    Hello can i help true instruction for done game real names pls
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  8. Managing Germany

    See your License Fix file that isn't installed correctly? Install that then that contains a changes.txt file.
  9. Managing Germany

    But i didnt create the file? So im quite stuck now
  10. Managing Germany

    There should be a file called changes.txt not for you to create a folder called "Open changes"
  11. Why Game Why?

    Yeah I'm not planning on using the IGE for this save, and I've used @Rami's training program which is the same as what @Jack has mentioned above and this was the progress after half a season. So I'm thinking about cashing on in on him if I can, maybe at the end of the season especially with Drogbas regent soon to appear!!
  12. Managing Germany

    Umm so how do i proceed frm here?
  13. Managing Germany

    Add line means type it in manually.
  14. Managing Germany

    Wheres the "add line" part?
  15. Managing Germany

    Never mind I just read up and it won't work on my iPhone
  16. Become A Fmm Legend!

    First name: IrsanLast name: Adi NugrahaNationality: FrancePosition: AML, AMR, AMCRole : Inside Forward
  17. Armstrong shooting for 1000 goals

    Heck, even I can't believe how that just worked out!
  18. Managing Germany

    Create one if you don't already have it. If you have downloaded the License fix one, edit it, it should be under com.sigames.fmm17>files
  19. League Failed To Restart...

    A save from after the issue's already occurred isn't much use to us I'm afraid. Not had this issue reported anywhere else (nor does it reproduce here) so not sure what's happened. What DB did you have loaded?
  20. Redknapp Returns...

    Loving this career! HARRY IN
  21. Managing Germany

    When you say "open Changes.txt" where would I find that?
  22. Seasons 4 & 5 We can work our way through this update quite quickly because the only thing I'm really interested in are the jobs at Manchester United and Manchester City. Over at the Theatre of Dreams, Mourinho was still in charge and enjoying himself. Having finished runner up in the league for the previous 2 seasons, United romped to the title in the 2020/21 season, finishing 7 points clear of Spurs in second, and picking up an (ingame) record number of points and goals in the process. They also managed to finish runners up in the EFL cup this season. The winners of that particular trophy, incidentally, were Manchester City. Despite interviewing me for the Manchester City job in January 2019, the board plumped for Brendan Rodgers instead. Rodgers has had a bit of a topsy-turvy time of it over at Eastlands since then, winning the Euro Cup in that first season, and trumping that by winning the league in his second. But in this last season they've had a bit of a nightmare, struggling to even qualify for Europe before stuttering in at fifth. Rodgers' personal profile has his job status as insecure but he remains in charge there for the time being. I did get a job offer from Chelsea, but that came around just a little too soon on our journey. Hard as it was to turn down all that money, I had to reject it. So, as far as this challenge goes, I remain in limbo. I am still stuck in Belgium, patiently waiting for the opportunity to board a plane to Manchester. The idea of this challenge was to follow the path of Sir Bradley Wiggins and stop at all the significant junctures of his career. I note that it took him 22 years to get from Gent to Manchester. I hope to god it doesn't take me that long! Gent The last few seasons at Gent have been as trophy laden as ever, with two domestic trebles to go with our European Super Cup and Club World Championship. The only blemishes on the record really were consecutive defeats at the semi final stage of the European Cup. In the most recent case, we were dumped out due to an away goal we conceded in injury time in the first leg, so that was something of a sickener. And Finally... After signing the brilliant Timo Horn in net, our defence has become close to impenetrable. So much so that I noticed that we went through a spell from October 2020 to January 2021 where we didn't concede a single goal. That's fully 15 games without Timo Horn having to pick the ball out of the net. Assuming there's an average of 3 minutes extra time in each game, that's 93 x 15 = 1,395 minutes without conceding a goal. The current world record for games without conceding was also set in the Belgian Pro League, by Danny Verlinden for Club Brugge. Between March and September 1990, Verlinden remained unbeaten in the Belgian league for... 1,390 minutes. 5 minutes less than Horn. That's another record broken by us!
  23. League Failed To Restart...

    I have only the save from that date, 1st October. No, the game wasn't edited at all.
  24. League Failed To Restart...

    We'd need to see a save from before the season reset (just before your league matches stopped last season) to know what's going on here. Have you edited the game in any way?
  25. Sala is a poacher. Schurrle and Gregoritsch are inside forwards and Lemar is an advanced playmaker. I don't use primary outlet or primary striker as I expect everyone to contribute for goals and assists. I do rotate quite a lot to try and keep players happy.
  26. Redknapp Returns...

    Wow, this must have be the most unique career writing style. Really like how you do those featured matches. KIU.
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