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  2. No he will ease this, thats why we all have to beat him in all other Challenges meanwhile 😜😳
  3. Quality start mate, can see you smashing this! Don't think Taff's quite at that level yet mate
  4. You always test your tactics good, which teams did you try it with :)?
  5. Top Football Manager Cup

    with your recent record you'll somehow manage to lose 12-0
  6. The only thing I always think of changing is the role of the striker
  7. Hello everyone i searched alote on Tactics and tried every Tactic possible and now i am convinced this is the most stable Tactic that will make you score in every game and in the same time not conceding goals if you play barca or real or any strong team this Tactic will make you happy Regards
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  9. We're not all as amazing as you...
  10. The Polish Conquest Challenge

    I don't think thats enough time
  11. The Polish Conquest Challenge

    Tell me about it, tweet them quickly and ask them to postpone 12 months 😂
  12. Solid start mate, dont you get sacked now 😂
  13. It was one of the main reasons I wanted to do it as @AndersJ myself and a few others tried to come up with a 433 (not quite the same here) but I'm using a 433 this season and it's going OK, still struggle to get all three scoring consistently though. look forward to following you if you decide to give it a go
  14. Haha i derserved that one, but i can take it 😎
  15. Rebuilding Team Vibe

    Thanks for taking an interest, how would you like to help?
  16. Rebuilding Team Vibe

    I would like to help
  17. Wow this looks like a great challenge, and a great unbeaten start to mate with plenty of goals flowing. Been working on a 433 so this could be the perfect challenge to see if it could thrive. Keep up the good work.
  18. The Polish Conquest Challenge

    We might need to contact SI and tell them to hold off on FMM 18 as there is still so much to do on here
  19. Bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. Good luck dude, I can already see you surpassing @AndersJ
  21. I don't agree wth the cheap shot but you can be forgiven as long as you complete this career and give me a letter to beat when I attempt it!!
  22. Hi guys as some of you may have seen (or not) I put up a new(ish) challenge idea and I wanted to have a go myself (wouldn't be much of a member if I didn't try my own challenge) Anyway let's get on with it before I start ranting Taff Attempts the "Alphabet/Nation Lock/TT" Season A So we begin with season A (no need for numbers with this challenge (unless you don't know your alphabet @Brenty92) Now we have a few options Argentina, Australia, Austria...erm...erm well thats it (unless you fancy a go with Azerbaijan) And lets face it there is only one country to kick this off with (sorry @Real_Random but I'm still stewing after the H2H so no love for the Aussies) So season A will follow three strikers from Argentina But it's not enough to pick the nation this first season also requires me to pick the team to play with, and after both my 1K and DT were played out in the EPL, this time would be no different and I decided to use a team that I have never managed before, so move over Pep Guardiola Taffman Jones is in town So we have a club and know which Nation we want to use, and it helps that one of the best strikers in the EPL is both at the club and an Argentinian So there we have it my first set of three to get as many as they can in season A So I have my Team I have my Strikers, but I needed a formation to get the season onto the right foot Here's the Tactic and Instructions I used this year Not much in the way of transfers in my first season (usually with a tactic like this I can sell off all my CB's to raise funds, but hell none of Man Citys CB's are worth buying) So the squad is set, the tactic in place and I'm ready to get Season A underway, so lets look at how the team got on this year So a great season for the team but how did my triple Argentinian front line do? Lets have a look Here's their stats at the end of the season So their stats look good, but how did they get on in front of goal Here's the histories of ADP Aguero having what most would consider a healthy season netting just under 40 goals, not too bad considering the time he missed Dybala nets just over 50, well done young man And Pratto brings up the rear (as I thought he might), with 28 Aguero: 38 Dybala: 51 Pratto: 28 Total: 117 Goals Scored: 117 Goals Remaining: 1383 Alphabet TT Table Nation Goals Argentina 117 So a decent season netting over the 100 mark, but was hoping for closer to 150 a season, but we can't always get what we want can we Here's the boring bits So there we have it guys Season A over with now onto Season B, and with Aguero and Dybala to sell I think I'll be quids in for next season. Cheers for reading and as always comments are appreciated See you on the B side (HAHAHAHA See what I did there)
  23. Top Football Manager Cup

    10-0 is an understatement mate Na in all seriousness best of luck, really enjoyed both of your journeys so far!
  24. Top Football Manager Cup

    Good luck to both of you guys. My money would be on @AndersJ if I was a betting man, but @Jens this could be you moment
  25. Tried to edit my profile for the club i manage but i cant be unemployed, so now i just took the seat in some club in Angola 😂
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