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  2. Ah..painful loss right there. That's another major dent in your general feel about the engine. Don't do it @Ashez ignore those negative flashbacks and keep looking ahead. There's a lot of wonderful things down the road.. keep walking and don't look back
  3. Brenty's Latin Europe Attempt

    You have to give my spot back mate :)!
  4. When Life Gives You Lemons...

    Loving this @mcandrew003 keep up the good work!
  5. Tactics Guide For Newbies

    Box-to-Box Midfielder (BBM) player role prim./sec. attributes updated in the OP. Thanks for taking the time to run some tests @veerus . If anyone else has any questions re attributes or has disagreeing views pls let us here it. Only discussion can make us improve. Thanks.
  6. BBM role updated in the Tactics Guide
  7. Today
  8. Latin Europe Challenge

    It's an honour pal! Thanks for the wonderful fun filled stressful challenge 😂
  9. The Expansive Kingdom Challenge

    @Taff Must have missed the Barbosa one, although the Akpom one was a good and thrilling read! @AndersJ Same on my side pal, I'm not even halfway through season 6 of The Journey yet!
  10. Top Football Manager Cup

    OP updated. 15 Managers so far. Looking promising, but would like to see a few more people join the fun.
  11. Aguero?? Man, that's just brilliant. Great way to end your Dutch journey. Hello Germany...
  12. You got this mate, Isak will be in fine form and in his peak by the time you're in Spain! Keep pushing
  13. The Roman Empire Challenge

    Sounds good, i have startet on it, well knowing that i still have the western to complete
  14. Cheers guys, just looking to get a decent move to the EPL to carry on, just have a season to run in my UK challenge first then straight back into it
  15. The next game

    Yep... And 16-17 is not properly finished yet... Just with lower leagues finished now, I am starting to want '18 like now lol
  16. with this, can I swap a Malaysia club to Epl ?
  17. Yeah... I was quite surprised when England hired me in the Armstrong save. An Australian in charge of England? Not likely! So maybe I was overconfident this time around. I wasn't to the point where I was best in the world and there are plenty of top Italian managers...
  18. First rule of execution. Execute before second chances!
  19. Liga Indonesia

    Yes, how to change the country name ?? Can ?? thanks
  20. Ya bro, nanti klo udah kelar semua... Masih banyak kekurangan...Thanks
  21. Yesterday
  22. Does Catenaccio work in game?

    It all depends what formation you're playing. If you're playing with 2 strikers you could use Trequartista and Poacher or DLF and Poacher. One of them will move around and drop deeper to receive the ball to feed the Poacher. If you are playing with one striker than it depends what players and how many you have in midfield. In one of my saves i had a fantastic regen striker but because of wrong roles combo in midfield i was using, he didn't performed as expected. You should check BatiGoal's "Guide for player roles combo" if you haven't already. Good luck.
  23. Loss of form

    Rotate your starting 11 as well if they're a bit knackered!
  24. International "Unfitness"

    It should depend on the nation you're managing + the databases you're using.Admittedly I usually use the Home Nations but I've never had that issue
  25. Non-league eight seasons ago...

    Daniel, here are my tactics (EME). On the instructions tab everything is the same except the primary outlet is always the advanced playmaker and the passing focus is almost always center. If the opponent runs a diamond against me then I'll switch to either mixed or both flanks, but I like going right up the middle. I like keeping primary attacker empty since I invested a lot of money into the attacking options and I want all of them to be a threat. And Bati, my bad, I honestly forgot about the first post.I'll keep any future updates in this post. Cheers.
  26. Closest Championship Race Ever

    Wow that's incredibly tight race . I assume you did the double over Juventus?
  27. That's some international journey Jens! Another extremely impressive season breaking 50, keep it up mate.
  28. Last week
  29. Nintendo

    First time I faced him and i beat him lol. On first map I can walk the moth dude but if I get the skeleton one I'm screwed, I've not managed to beat him yet. Saw a strategy to beat him though but not tried it yet (use rogue's spell on the knight to get him to 8 hits, get Skeleton out of stamina and knight will one shot him). With the second level boss I just did my best to manage the lines and used the knight to hit the boss when I could. I was lucky though as I got a stamina boost on my rogue and a refill not long before him. I had a spell that gave everyone instant attacks and one that gave two instant attacks, with the hot potato spell it made clearing lines manageable, without those I'd have been screwed. Edit - I think he becomes hitable after you break the statues but not sure
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