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  2. 2017 Standard Logos Megapack 17.0.2 is now available in the download section. Added/Updated 300 Logos including new Jurventus, A Madrid, Bundesliga etc logos.
  3. Clean sheet record?

    Currently on a 19 game run. I'll let you know how it ends.
  4. Just typical to happen as I get close to it haha. Thanks for taking the time to do that, I'm glad you enjoyed it :D. I'm not gunna lie I didn't expect the streak to be a thing but now I've built it up I want to hold onto it! The downside to that is it's meant I've been a tad picky when taking jobs. Thanks for the comments
  5. Cockers Takes On The Latin Europe Challenge

    Bilbao will be tough, depends how challenging you want it to be!
  6. Today
  7. Great player with all the key stats who could bag 50
  8. The Atletico Madrid Challenge

    Ok thanks for the clarification
  9. September First match of the month is a league match with Fleetwood town. It was a relatively even game and our man scored but we did lose 2-1. Next up is a trip to hooligan paradise as we visit Millwall. The home fans go home unhappy as we smash their boys 3-0. Nice result and a goal for our guy. Next we welcome Oldham Athletic. A Nice 2-0 win hands us 3 points and kilduff a goal. Hitting a goal a game so far this month. Will this continue against the premier league champions Leicester City in the cup. We took the lead in the 24th minute, thanks to a goal from kilduff, but in the second half Leicester had too much quality for us and hit 3 goals in 11 minutes to win 3-1. We move on to our next game undeterred though. We face Gillingham and Ciaran is rested. I do wish he wasn't tired though because in this game his understudy scores a hat-trick. So we move onto the last game of the month with kilduff having hit the back of the net 4 times in the 4 games he has played. The next game is against AFC Wimbledon. An action packed and even game saw us move 2 goals ahead before having a pleyer sent off and dropping the lead to a very game Wimbledon side. We then have an injury to make the day worse. At least our main man scored though bringing him 5 goals this month. Not the biggest haul but not bad at all. Goals scored - 5 Total - 14
  10. I have seen zidane get sack by January and I've seen all those managers listed by batigoal get sacked if they not performing
  11. [Tips] Loan out young players

    For anyone who wants to know - and also @Dec might be worth mentioning to your buddys at SI... But halfway through my season - all of a sudden i had every single loan offer come through. Like the glitch had corrected itself for some reason!! Just keep going guys and hopefully the same will happen for you
  12. You gotta hope you get the luck of the draw in those Cups. Facing 2-3 weak opponents during a Cup run would boost that goal tally by a lot and put Vardy ahead of the 80-goal schedule. KIU!
  13. Brenty's Latin Europe attempt

    Awesome.. some work to be done for sure but great club for this challenge.
  14. Agent Game - No more places!

    Hi guys! Just a quick update on 2 of our agents new players! @Taff decided to go for 2 big shot players bound to make him money! And @Jack went for a different route, snatching up 3 youngsters for his agency! Just want to say thanks again for playing guys, and I hope to update this soon!
  15. On my next turn I'm making our spine Wanyama, Honda and Eldin, who here remembers the mighty Eldin? That's a blast from the past right there! Shame Yaya Banana couldn't make an appearance.
  16. Yeah mate, either earlier or right at the end of the season, as there are some really decent ones, these are two I picked up doing it: Hope this helps!
  17. Thanks so much mate! Australia is oddly fascinating and a good League to play in, is always an interesting career! @salohcin
  18. Why can't I loan out my players?

    Thanks I'll try it!
  19. Restoring skin

    I downloaded the Green skin folder , and removed the blue skin folder, but i want the blue skin back, can someone help me to download the blue skin folder back? And sorry if i write something wrong , i am Brazilian and don't speak English Very well.
  20. A City Reunified - Berlin Challenge

    Great idea. Trips away always inspire me to do new things on FM and Germany has so many clubs full of potential. Might give this a try sometime.
  21. Clean up that mess! - Jeroen Kuijk

    Good start mate,KIU!
  22. Return of Old Bugs

    Thanks Jack!
  23. Since no French club came into my attention, I decided to continue in Juventus to improve my previous record. Season 2: Signings A nice warm welcome to Marco Reus. Since Cuadrado went back to Chelsea, I needed another Winger. No one better than Reus!
  24. Hiya, When you upload the new tactic kits provided by Vibe in the same folder there are 2 tactic pics image files, I take it they are used for the background of the tactics pitch? If so can you just upload an image file in the same format and size to amend it, also why is there two, is one for the pitch on the players profile page? Cheers Ed
  25. Choosing Who To Sell To

    Steps on how to access your save files can be found here
  26. Clean Up That Mess! Challenge

    I'm now in May 2017, I tried applying for a lot of relegation candidates, even they don't want me. I'm now trying to focus on lower leagues ( Dutch Jupiler League ). Next year an amateur club will be promoted, that will be an easy application.
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