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  2. Winger's average rating during this test was 7.8 . He assisted 15 goals . My team in euro cup score astonishing 38 goals in 8 games . Inside forward scores a lot .
  3. Yesterday
  4. Those last two sections cracked me up!
  5. Vibe Community Content List 2016/17

    I know mate, I've been busy all afternoon so apologies for that. I'll make sure it's done at some point tommorow. Cheers.
  6. Remind me which one is it I've missed
  7. Yeah the article is very well put together, and it's nice to see my local league get some exposure
  8. The Not-so-clever Opponent

    I think this depends upon manager's ability to manage pressure, handle situations + his preferred formation + mentality of his preferred formation.
  9. I'm Leaving - Thanks & New Owner

    @Dec just came back to pop my head in, sad to see you go mate
  10. Playing In 'Unplayable' Leagues?

    Leagues like MLS won't be proper anyway as I dont think FMM has the correct transfer process etc in place
  11. Great first half season there and the OAP is proving me wrong 11 assists plus a 4 week absence is incredible (especially with 4 for pace)
  12. 1000 goals

    I tweak instructions almost every game. But here is most recent
  13. Wilson was a big surprise to me! This season is a huge contrast to the last season, but apparently choosing Rs was difficult to me 😂 Good thing is that the next letter brings the manager is already in january ready with next years rather deadly trio.....💪
  14. TheBatiTaff ( EME 2413 )

    Sounds kind of deadly for sure Bellerin is really good at all what a rm should be able to do :)!
  15. @Cockers2505, what tactic do you use? Dying to have a tactic where my forward bags for funs! cheers
  16. You'll soon have all 6's (maybe the CD is going to take the longest) but what a team you are assembling
  17. Squad harmony

    Firstly, great signing I think what Nick said really, give him a few weeks/months to settle, and make sure he is getting regular game time.
  18. Mine this year is Kwesi Appiah, I signed him in all 3 saves I've done this year
  19. Manager's son?

    I did. Well, i tried holidaying through the end of season and still no son coming out.
  20. Confedration Cup

    I support Australia obviously and their game against Germany was the perfect example of why Tom Rogic needs a move to a bigger club as he has clearly finished his development at Celtic. Portugal are very lucky they have Ronaldo or they would be out by now
  21. Last week
  22. Thanks! Working perfectly.
  23. Tactics please

    do you know which tactics that makes a striker more goals in eme?
  24. Do You Have FM/FMT And FIFA?

    I prefer Fm touch over fmm. @mcandrew003 haven't played fifa since fifa15 . My lappy don't have 64-bit processor. I would love to post about hidden gems.
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