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Other SGC #2 - Stuttgart 1.0.0

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The second of the Save game challenges with Stuttgart in the Bundesliga.

Description - After suffering a deeply shocking relegation in the 2015/16 season, Stuttgart have sorted themselves out and, with the year now in 2019 they are battling for European places again with just 8 games remaining. However, they have taken the bizarre step of not spending a penny since their relegation three years previous and have insisted on buying old, past it players and ex internationals on free transfers. There is a bright side though: there will be at least £50M to spend in the summer as a result of the financial management, so, with 6 players retiring at the end of the season, can you make Stuttgart a European force?

gallery_1_1_529.png - Qualify for the Champions League this season, win it next season

gallery_1_1_538.png - Qualify for the Champions League this season, win it within the next 2 seasons

gallery_1_1_2931.png - Qualify for the Champions League this season

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thanks but unfortunately it's not working :-(

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