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  1. What happend to Kaka?

    There was many reasons I will underline now for you. We wanted something flexible in terms of colour schemes and big to scale up and down. We consulted people and they said Vibe was the name they referred to as the site, due to this we wanted something to reflect that - a parrot was what we considered represented "Vibe" the best and be appealing and fit our criteria (colourful, diverse and fun). A mascot is common place on social sites and further afield - such as YouTube's play button, Twitter's bird and KFC/Nike, we wanted something that would set us apart from the standard logos we see on FM sites and be universally recognised for new users who may not come directly to the site every day. It was part of a big branding scheme I put into place to make social, emails and the site consistent. It was to future-proof us. We didn't know what the future held, we had FMM recently re-branded from FMH and we wanted to not limit ourselves to the game in the future. We wanted something that could work for all scenarios whether this is FMM or beyond. We weren't sure whether the future took the site and wanted to make sure that if the site did kick on that we didn't have to rebrand in the future. It was in a larger scheme of securing the site's consistency going forwards.
  2. Vibe content on YouTube

    As we've mentioned you're ripping off people's work. Yes carve your niche but do it fairly not off others' work who won't get credit. You're stealing views from the site with little work from yourself. Make sure to at least put an original spin on the content.
  3. Vibe content on YouTube

    Which ads? YouTube has a lot of unskippable ads now that have a good CPM, otherwise you can get around 30% views on ads and up to 20% completion of the advert. If you mean links back to the site it is due to them it being obvious and hidden behind see more. 10% is ambitious, you're giving all the content to them. They won't click on a link, even more so when they don't know it's there.
  4. Vibe content on YouTube

    How about this? Ask permission first before making a video. Always link back with no paid link service. Always give credit on the video itself of the author and the name. Make it your content not just screenread. Make original content alongside it.
  5. Vibe content on YouTube

    As far as I'm aware he hasn't, I know he's reuploaded graphics before until I asked him to take it down on behalf of Kyle. He also monetises the link clicks which is very unreliable at best.
  6. Vibe content on YouTube

    It's @serverdotmy or @serverdotmyYT. He constantly doesn't credit nor does he seek permission to steal views off the site.
  7. You can download via Torrent but you cannot download any file - even with premium membership, directly onto your iOS device
  8. Time to Step Down

    It's sad to see you go @Kyle and the site will suffer massively from your departure but you need to do what makes you happy. I personally know how hard it is to sustain graphic making for an extended period of time and you've done amazingly for all these years. You should be very proud of the work you've produced and how many 10s of 1000s of people who benefit from it. I'd like to thank you too, not many people realise how much effort it is but you've been brilliant and helped me no end when you took it off my back.
  9. The Switch

    The game is 70% off with Bundle Stars Download time has too many factors including your internet speed to be able to predict. However what I will say is the game is good if you find FMM is lacking depth and you want more control. I prefer FM Touch over FM but you can use your staff team to do tasks which saves you lots of time.
  10. FMM on PC?

    Try Bluestacks or Nox. Both are Android emulators that hooks into your Google Play account to allow you to use the PC like an Android device.
  11. I'm Leaving - Thanks & New Owner

    Thanks guys. Just reading these on my lunch break and it is really humbling. So thank you so much for the lovely compliments and best wishes. Especially you @Jens reminding me of embarrassing things we did ?.
  12. I'm Leaving - Thanks & New Owner

    Thank you all for the lovely comments. It really does mean a lot to me
  13. I'm Leaving - Thanks & New Owner

    Thanks all. I'm confident the site will be in good hands with Stam.
  14. I'm Leaving - Thanks & New Owner

    Thanks for all the comments, it really does mean a lot that I could have such an impact on so many people.
  15. Hi all, I hope you're well. Today for me is something I very rarely do and that's be personal on here, however I feel like this is very much necessary. Sadly after 10 years, meeting many great people and doing really cool things I'm going to have to call my time on the Football Manager Mobile Community. I'm very exhausted with it and feel like the site needs a change of pace to be able to succeed (more on that later). Unfortunately due to not having a break in them 10 years and being very full on for a large portion of it I'm fatigued. I understand that the site hasn't been where it was a couple of years back and this has been a source of frustration for me and I've tried to bring it back to that level to varying degrees of success, however now I don't believe I can take the site forward to that level again. For myself this is a very sad day, I created this site, I nurtured it and my heart has gone into growing it. I've learnt so much that I've now carried onto a professional life but going from a 17 year old in College to a 23 year old Social Media & Community Manager my life has changed dramatically. While I couldn't have done it without Vibe it is something I can no longer dedicate a large portion of time to doing Transfer Updates, Social Media across 4 channels, Moderation, Finances and more. I don't seek admiration for anything I've done, I just do it for my own and others' enjoyments. I remember a couple of years ago slogging out 800 created players on the transfer update which took 30 hours a week. However I didn't do it for praise, I did it for the love of the game and the community. Sadly all this has left me tired. While I've tried to strip my job back, my aspirations and the reality hasn't allowed me to do that and now I have very little time and drive - mostly down to my job being similar to my role on Vibe, to carry this on. I don't believe this is the end of the FMM community and I'd be way over my head if I believe it would be, however the direction needs to change and I believe fresh input would help this. I'd appreciate if you could all spend a bit more time where possible to help with this transition and make the community succeed again. It only takes a small handful of people to put in more effort to make content, to comment more and to interact on social media to attract new people that will hopefully make this community rife with activity again. Now let me introduce you to FMScout owner @Stam. He will be the one taking over my responsibilities. Please give him some time to sort everything out and understand the site, after that I fully expect him to make some changes that will hopefully in the long run benefit the community. It will come as no surprise to say that there is likely to be a round of staff hires coming out of this as he seeks to replace roles that I have been doing exclusively such as on Social Media. However this may take some time to get him up to speed and assess the community so patience would be very much appreciated, but the community will be in good hands as FM Scout is a great website and he's an amazing guy. Thank you all again for the great memories and spending the time here making my little hobby turn into a great community spanning more than just this website. I wish you all the best for the future. Kind Regards, Dec