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  1. need a help

    Why do you need a save? Where did you get the game from?
  2. team national germany

    Yes but they cannot be called up due to licensing issues.
  3. team national germany

    This is due to licensing issues.
  4. No, in fact they can create an overlap, though you may want to continue playing the INFs dependent on how wasteful they are
  5. This league isn't playable in FMM. Sorry
  6. Fm mobile 2016 update

    There isn't any updates for 2016 and it seems highly unlikely that there will be. Sorry
  7. I'd say use wingers not INFs as they track back and go with a TM. They would help with more direct play too.
  8. Seems like a bug to me! @Jack Joyce @Alari
  9. Lower Leagues

    Unfortunately SI have come out and said that a potential fix for 2017 would require huge changes which is too much of a risk I believe. They are looking into it for 2018.
  10. Vibe Awards

    Thanks, we are looking to track down the bug as soon as possible. At the moment we are doing a few tweaks elsewhere and will look to fix this within that update if possible
  11. Vibe Awards

    Hi, thanks for reporting this. We will check it out and get back to you. Thanks, Dec
  12. Nice list. Shocking how many legends of the game are free agents at the moment.
  13. I cannot guarantee that to be honest but it just seems like 1 Champions League is low.
  14. It likely has a high reputation so may need more European success.