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  1. No Tactic Works For Me

    The only difference a setting will make is the match engine. So I ask you again, please show a screenshot of your current player roles and how many players have you signed in one window?
  2. Go on to your training section then click the 3 line button and select a schedule.
  3. Applications are closing on Sunday. If you are interested please apply before and if you cannot let me know. Thanks.
  4. Are their regimes very intense? Are they youngsters by any chance?
  5. 2017 License Fixes

    What are you trying to fix? Player names?
  6. No Tactic Works For Me

    Engine is in preference based on match engine but to change you need to start a new save. May not be the tactics that are the issue but signing too many players. Out of interests can you screenshot your current player roles please.
  7. Display

    Try a different file manager please that we recommend. Thanks
  8. Display

    Have you read the FAQ on the download? May be as you are using ES File Explorer or ran out of space
  9. Display

    Could be the screen resolution or amount of pixels on the screen.
  10. Display

    The sidebar is for devices with a specific screen size and cannot be changed
  11. Hi, we can cancel it but cannot give a refund. Once you have bought it then unless it automatically renewed we don't offer refunds as someone could easily download what they wanted then get their money back. May we ask why? Thanks.
  12. Can Anyone Explain?

    Can you please report this to the developers at Thanks
  13. Easter Eggs In Fmm17

    It's Marc Vaughan's birthday.
  14. This may be caused by you not loading the whole file before clicking ok
  15. Just checking but you didn't put the team folders in there? You have to pick a team then copy the images over.