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  1. 2017 License Fixes

    I've just downloaded it fine. Do you have space?
  2. Logos

    Just take out " (0)"
  3. Logos

    The reason it is has created two folders. So you will need to delete original (not ending in (0) and rename
  4. Logos

    Then you've installed wrong. Please screenshot where you pasted them. Thanks.
  5. Logos

    Should be fine as these clubs already have logos.
  6. Logos

    Just the clubs, comps and continents.
  7. Logos

    No they should overwrite
  8. Right so what I can see is that you are playing a few weird choices like Shelvey who isn't a playmaker as a playmaker and your right side has a player cutting in but then no one providing width. I would suggest putting Shelvey as a CM so he doesn't have to make use of that 12 teamwork, Gamez as a wing back, and drop Colback who is a bit crap for Tiote.
  9. What is your player roles? Can you screenshot your tactic please
  10. Tactics Not Going Good

    Show a screenshot of your current player roles please, how many signings are you making in one window? Do you have a lot of youngsters playing?
  11. Uploading A Tactic

    Just take some screenshots and write about it then attach the images by selecting "click to choose files"
  12. 2017 License Fixes

    It's a direct download