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  1. Version 17.0.5


    If you want real competition and club names for England, Spain, Germany, Turkey and more then download this license fix file. This does not include players, that issue is due to piracy. Go buy the game! To Install: This file is for Android only, it doesn't work for iOS due to Apple restrictions Download the file - If you are not playing the game in English please download NON_ENGLISH, otherwise please download the other. Then use the ES File Explorer app to download directly onto your device or on a PC/Mac use: Your device cable OR use the AirDroid app for wireless transferring IF USING NON ENGLISH ONLY! Back up your database folder in files > Installed then delete. Extract the file using 7zip, winzip or ES File Explorer then copy the files folder. Navigate to Android/Data/com.sigames.fmm2017/files then place your file here. Start a new career. Other: Please report any bugs, crashes or missing changes in the comments. Thanks. Thanks to @TheFMEditor, @Kyle and all the BETA testers
  2. As Athletic Bilbao have a Basque only rule.
  3. Football Manager Touch

    I wouldn't recommend that as it voids warranty and means that the game could crash due to the additions
  4. Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sigames.fmm2017 iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/football-manager-mobile-2017/id1095683899?mt=8z Information: Football Manager Mobile 2017 will be out on Thursday 17th November Game will be available on Android and iOS and priced at £6.99/€8.99. Everton will now be licensed in FMM17. There are no additional languages New Features: There will be two NEW playable leagues - Poland and Turkey New National teams are playable including African nations. Brazil and Argentina are still playable. Scouts have been updated with the ability to hire real scouts and improved reports. Read more here. Player interaction has been improved with the ability to comment on performances and find for bad behaviour. Read more here. Footedness, staff search, Brexit, physios, youth promotions, appealing work permits and loan to buy transfers, UEFA Coefficients all in the game. Screenshots:
  5. Manager Profile

    Totally forgot about that screen. Thanks
  6. Manager Profile

    Where would it display?
  7. Manager Profile

    There's no room for it to display in the current UI.
  8. Any Swindon Town Fans?

    May be worth using the FMM logo not the FM PC logo. But looks good. You should maybe consider doing it for popular teams as it would be a good download.
  9. Change Start Up Screen

    They are different sizes. I need the original image you are intending to replace that is in the game folders
  10. Change Start Up Screen

    Attach the background picture here and I will tell you the pixel size.
  11. Change Start Up Screen

    Depends on your skin, always best to check your skin size first. You will also need to rename to the file name as before.
  12. Change Start Up Screen

    If on Android it is very simple, all you need to do is find the images in your Android folders and then get a new picture, rename and make sure it is the same size as the other.
  13. Basque Youth Players?

    I believe this has been noted as a bug. @Alari or @Jack Joyce should be able to confirm though.
  14. Tested, both work fine here. Thanks.
  15. Which file? Non English or English?
  16. Match Overview

    A good idea but sadly none of them can be to one issue and sometimes they can be ignored if you win and keep winning. For example: Midfield failed to retain possession. Cause? *Playing long or direct passing (therefore not an issue) *Being pressed quickly by opposition *Players lack good teamwork and passing *No passing player roles in midfield Too many things there to consider writing a guide on in my opinion. Plus as mentioned it sometimes isn't bad and it really depends on performances, consistency of the issue coming up and whether that matches your team's style (Leicester last year played amazing counter attacking so wouldn't care about midfield possession)
  17. Is it opening as it is a .txt file? What error is returning? I'm not sure what you are or aren't seeing. Which license fix file are you trying to download? Thanks
  18. For Android Google Chrome or Firefox should be fine
  19. License fix doesn't have a Torrent. It should download fine. Any errors?
  20. Best Regen You've Managed?

    Not a regen and from 2010 but wanted to throwback my Sergio Ramos. He was a beast. Also camera quality is so much better now
  21. Tips For Managing In Italy

    Italy is more technical but you cannot have that decide your player roles. Player roles should be decided by your team's strengths
  22. Can Anyone Explain?

    Seems a bit dramatic @Alari @Jack Joyce
  23. Help!

    If you want to send us a screenshot of what you think is the best and I can have a look to tweak to make it balanced.
  24. Help!

    The best method is to utilise your players rather than fit them into one tactic.