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  1. It's OK I've figured it out, I was thinking it was a pre-game editor like what you use to get with the pc version
  2. I've just bought everything on the store but can't find the editor is it in game or a separate download as nothing has downloaded? Thanks and Merry Christmas
  3. Yeah I checked and large database was on in settings, Not sure as to why then as I'm sure mbappe would be in the game.
  4. I've started a new game as newcastle but have added the leagues from Spain, France and Portugal but can't find mbappe lottin playing for Monaco or afonso for porto. Im sure I choose large database aswell? Thanks.
  5. I know there is the in game editor but 6.99 is a bit ridiculous! Why the hell is this not included with the game no wonder a lot of people just torrent the modded version of this.
  6. FMH2014 - Large database option

    Sorry I bought it on Google play but I think it is one of two things either my phone has not got the ram capabilities for it or there could be a problem with my phone downloading large files which it had done so in the previously
  7. FMH2014 - Large database option

    Just after installing when it gives you an option of either a large or basic database, I think my phone must not be able to handle the large
  8. FMH2014 - Large database option

    How do we know if we can use the large database? I keep getting an error message when trying to download but also had the same issue with the basic, Not sure if this was just an issue with my internet but managed to download the basic after a few tries. It also allows me to run multiple leagues using a xperia S.
  9. I've noticed a few seasons into the game france is out of all major cup competitions, Now only play frendlies and my first season managing in brazil the national teams plays in the CONCAF but are not in the qualifiers for the world cup. Anyone else noticed anything like this?
  10. [Update] FMH 2013 Save Editor

    Yep that seems to have solved the issue, Thank's for taking the time to help Marvels
  11. [Update] FMH 2013 Save Editor

    Anyone have an idea as to why when transfering my saved game to pc the editor reads and saves fine but whenever i transfer back onto android i cant load in game and just to add i have had this working before so not sure what has changed?
  12. [Update] FMH 2013 Save Editor

    I think its a problem with just copying and pasting onto the phone, i copyied the save over without editing it and still got the error
  13. [Update] FMH 2013 Save Editor

    Right al try doing that now
  14. [Update] FMH 2013 Save Editor

    But like I say i've already done this successfully whilst managing Newcastle so not sure whats gone wrong :/