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  1. PSP update

    does anyone know 1 of 2 things? 1. when is fmh12 out for ipod? 2. if there is an update for fmhi11 thanks
  2. Ultimate Team Recovery

    no im not but thanks anyway :rolleyes:
  3. Ultimate Team Recovery

    yeah but what im sayin is that i didnt intend this to happen
  4. Ultimate Team Recovery

    well i didnt buy players based on the fact that i was gonna get hacked a few weeks down the line ^_^
  5. I have sold Evra, who should I buy?

    i had a regen called joaquim pires, a brazillian left back, he was amazing, quick, skillful, long shot taker, strong...
  6. I have sold Evra, who should I buy?

    yeah i would say bale or coentrao, as they are both very skillfull with good attributes, and they could play on the left wing for you. and if one was to get injured, the other will cancel out that empty left back position
  7. Ultimate Team Recovery

    okay dont go over board.i know its my fault. but when they tell me i will get my stuff back in a couple of weeks or whatever they want to tell me, i would expect that to happen.
  8. Ultimate Team Recovery

    thats not the point. i had 20+k coins, players like gerrard, sneijder, and their calibre of players. i also spent quite a bit on player packs.
  9. Ultimate Team Recovery

    yeah well iv been waitin at least a month, and they have told me, itll be done it 48 hours, just one more week and it should be done, you should get a final email within 72 hours. nothing btw dec im not having a go at you there :rolleyes:
  10. Ultimate Team Recovery

    it was ea sports live chat
  11. Ultimate Team Recovery

    well, they said that id definitely get my items back. and several times they have given me a time frame, and not met it
  12. sorry, i crossed my mind after i posted it, i just sort of type before thinking.
  13. Ultimate Team Recovery

    then il threaten to sew
  14. what type of strikers are you looking to use. is it, target man in middle, then ur 2 wide strikers, perhaps like ashley young. whats decs 433i, and how good is it
  15. Who should I manage?

    afc wimbledon - decent squad. and if you win back-to-back promotions to the EPL, it will be a picture perfect story.