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  1. What this is about? if you remember me i was active here back in 2013, didnt play the FMH14 and 15 but i just got myself the new FMM16.. looking forward to this
  2. Best tactic for Tottenham Hotspur?

    My friend use Tom's 4321 with Spurs and it works good
  3. So it begins

    Nice season, keep it up
  4. Challenge Cup 6

    Yeay got through ^_^ i conceded too much though. Congrats and goodluck to everyone
  5. Nothing is Impossible

    Very good season! Goodluck in Premier League
  6. Liverpool Career

    Good signing there. Keep it up.
  7. Challenge Cup 6

    Uh sorry then, i didnt mean like that
  8. Try change the DLM to BWM as you play BPD behind him
  9. Must Buy Players

    Luke Shaw and Yassine Benzia
  10. Challenge Cup 6

    AS should proud
  11. Any good sweepers?

    Im sure Leonardo Bonucci is one of the best sweeper in game
  12. Challenge Cup 6

    Same question here. Can shadow player be signed? anyway, goodluck to everyone
  13. Challenge Cup 6

    Sorry. been really really busy at the moment - just PM'ed you the result AS
  14. Save Request

    Will pm you the saves very soon