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  1. Ryan McBride

    Indeed it does.
  2. Ryan McBride

    That's a mighty sad thing to have happened to him - also creepily found out through FM that I'm older than him. RIP indeed
  3. Hated player

    Christ....out of interest,how many of those guys who hate him either have a Loyal personality,have you as preferred person, have your club as their preferred club or were youth academy graduates?
  4. Agent Game - No more places!

    They're taken mate(I gots Pulisic)
  5. Agent Game - No more places!

    @mcandrew003 Yes please lol let the horse-trading begin mwahahaha
  6. Agent Game - No more places!

    @mcandrew003 Swapping Embolo for Pulisic @Eogtuc0910 Wanna negotiate any sell-ons?
  7. Agent Game - No more places!

    Yes please and buying in 2 spots - would also like to add Callum Paterson (HEA) @Eogtuc0910 letting go of Pulisic early?Would like to swing a deal with you for him
  8. Agent Game - No more places!

    @mcandrew003 Putting in a bid for Ryan Sessegnon (FUL?)
  9. Agent Game - No more places!

    Yes please
  10. Poor finishing costing me points

    who's between the sticks for you? also it could be your defenders pushing too far up!
  11. FMM Save Editor

    Did you try to talk him out of it?
  12. Agent Game - No more places!

    I'm surprised Arsenal plumped for Lukaku lol
  13. @mcandrew003 @Eogtuc0910 tell me about it lol injuries just about wrecked the challenge - last match was 7-0 to Atleti!
  14. @Eogtuc0910 I lose the challenge at the first hurdle I don't have screenshots but I got sacked at the start of March after a horrible run at the turn of the year had me losing all the way through