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  1. 1000 goal challenge - Ben woodburn

    Can you repost that image @archia87 ,please?
  2. 1000 goal challenge - Ben woodburn

    I can't see the image on this post? Is it just my PC?
  3. Thanks @Taff, sorry I haven't been able to create some new challenges at the moment. Circumstances have changed so I have only been logging on very infrequently. Hopefully come back with something good soon.
  4. 1000 goal challenge - Ben woodburn

    Sorry for the late reply guys....holiday, new job has meant no being able to post here... @archia87 If you continue with the save and post the final tally when he retires plus any INT goals if you become Wales manager than I will add you to the leader board. I am also mid point through a 1k with Celtic too, with Dembele. Playing a similar tactic to you but with 3 at the back but not hitting those numbers like you plus no sign of the France job.
  5. A Defender's Story: 250+ Goals

    Great going, I think 230 is defiantly on the cards... I had four 0-0 draws just the other day so you are not the only one, no idea why? Then it was back to normal....Odd?
  6. Vaughan To Be A Star?

    Thanks Bati, I think he could have pushed 250 if he was fit throughout the five years but am pleased with what he achieved, onto the next one...
  7. Vaughan To Be A Star?

    Thanks mate. Sporting really do have an excellent squad and young players this years. I guess the focus in the past has been on Porto then Benfica but this year Sporting really have all positions covered. He did ok for me, wasn't sure to play him as a CM or AP? Yeah, I was just happy he lasted the five seasons ok! Could be my last career for a while as moving jobs soon and do my updates at work so could be a while before I post big updates here
  8. Vaughan To Be A Star?

    Thanks, yeah he did very considering he was very injury prone and I was happy to see my new tactic(s) working. Onto the next one, hope to post the start tomorrow if all things go ok.
  9. Vaughan To Be A Star?

    Season 5 - Sporting Clube de Portugal - Final Season Transfers Out Oliveira and Toornstra were just squad players. Transfers in Just Dahoud in for free, though I would see how good he is. The Supertaça Cândido de Oliveira Despite having Porto beat us on pens in the season opener. Early Season Blow Vaughan ruled out for two months, can he come back? League Cup We get penalty revenge on Porto as we take the league cup! Champions League A home defeat proved costly as Man Utd dump us out in the Quarter Final. Taça de Portugal A very poor semi final defeat to Beleneses! Primeira Liga We stroll to our fifth and final title. Player Awards Carvalho takes this years'Ballon D'Or. Silva lands the Portuguese Player of the Year Award with Foulquier runner-up, a rare wing back double! Marques takes the Portuguese Premier League Young Player of the Year award. Squad Stats With Vaughan missing, young Marques was able to shine this season proving he is a wonderkid to watch. Silva had a stunning season at LWB. Manager Stats I retain my Portuguese League Manager of the Year Award! My 3 Sporting Stars Jonathan Silva What a season he had, 21 assists and a Av.Rating of 8.43! Pedro Marques The young striker was given plenty of chances due to Vaughan's injury and had a great season. Jeffrey Gouweleeuw Another solid season from the CB, a must cheap buy for any club. James Vaughan Well, sadly Vaughan went out with wimper rather than a bang after another injury hit season. Restricted to just 27 games but he still managed 26 goals. Over the five season he notched an impressive 203 goals in 182 games, not bad for £1.5m! APPS (182) GLS (203) Primeira Liga League Cup Champions League Portuguese Player of the Year Supertaça Cândido de Oliveira European Super Cup FIFA World Club Championship Ballon D'Or Taça de Portugal
  10. Score 20 goals in a game

    That disallowed goal...
  11. Kluivert Reborn

    Is he getting enough chances each game, if not then maybe looking to have less selfish players around him to provide the chances.
  12. Kluivert Reborn

    Not a bad start there, are you playing him on his own up top? If so he might need a bit of help to assist him with the workload?
  13. Wow, some big transfers there. Villa has started well, lets hope he can keep it up.
  14. The Atletico Madrid Challenge

    Yes, I believe that is ok @Ashez? Yes, it was mighty long haul but I got there in the end with a few close shaves...
  15. Vaughan To Be A Star?

    Oh its possible in most leagues, with the very kind cup draw! Keep the faith, they have a good team with a great crop of youngsters so once they get into their 20's with a few years of first team football under their belt they are up their with the best!