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  1. Wow, some big transfers there. Villa has started well, lets hope he can keep it up.
  2. The Atletico Madrid Challenge

    Yes, I believe that is ok @Ashez? Yes, it was mighty long haul but I got there in the end with a few close shaves...
  3. Vaughan To Be A Star?

    Oh its possible in most leagues, with the very kind cup draw! Keep the faith, they have a good team with a great crop of youngsters so once they get into their 20's with a few years of first team football under their belt they are up their with the best!
  4. Why Always Me A Moise Kean 1Kc

    He was sadly injury prone for me so I shipped him out.
  5. Vaughan To Be A Star?

    I have learnt now to zone out when I come up against that.... Yep, one final season to bow out in glory! Lovely unbeaten run, doesn't happen very often...
  6. Good going with El Niño, impressive stuff!
  7. Vaughan To Be A Star?

    I know, silly defeat as usual against the old foe 4-4-1-1! One more season, said I would do 5 seasons as didn't want to drag it out with Vaughan barely able to get out of bed. I am shocked to have won so much, especially with a brand new tactic.
  8. Going along well here and still lots more seasons coming up for Jesus.
  9. Why Always Me A Moise Kean 1Kc

    Great start. I would play Geraldes in the AP role and move Paulista to the DLP. He was outstanding for me and won the Ballon D'Or.
  10. Vaughan To Be A Star?

    Season 4 - Sporting Clube de Portugal Transfers Out Wallyson just fell behind some other lads so was shipped out and so was Schelotto. Transfers in Koziello provided more competition for the CM and Foulquier in at RWB. Costanzi was youth regen for LWB and McCarthy just as cover in goal. The Supertaça Cândido de Oliveira It takes us to extra time to see off Benfica in the season opener. League Cup How embarrassing as we go out in the group stage! Champions League Sevilla do a number on us here, we somehow failed to score with over 30 shots in two games! Taça de Portugal A Vaughan double helps beat Porto to the lift the title. Primeira Liga An unbeaten league campaign. Player Awards Geraldes fine form is rewarded with the Ballon D'Or. Geraldes does the double by landing the Portuguese Player of the Year Award with Carvalho runner-up. Kessie takes the Portuguese Premier League Young Player of the Year award. Sqaud Stats Vaughan was unable to match his last seasons heroics and had a few injury issues that restricted his games and goals. Benassi and Geraldes were outstanding in the middle. Manager Stats Wow! Finally win the Portuguese League Manager of the Year Award! My 3 Sporting Stars Marco Benassi Again, drove the midfield on with goals and assists. Franck Kessie He is now pushing Carvalho for the DLP role. Dimitri Foulquier Bought in for the RWB squad role and quickly become a first team regular. James Vaughan He was never gonna match his tally from last season but struggled with injury again and only managed 31 goals. Also by winning the Taça de Portugal he has now won every trophy available! APPS (157) GLS (177) Primeira Liga League Cup Champions League Portuguese Player of the Year Supertaça Cândido de Oliveira European Super Cup FIFA World Club Championship Ballon D'Or Taça de Portugal
  11. Kluivert Reborn

    Yeah, I did wonder if he was in the game. Could also try Ianis Hagi, son of the legend Gheorghe Hagi although Hagi Senior didn't win half of what Kluivert Senior did!
  12. Kluivert Reborn

    Yeah, sounds like he is a bit under valued here, scored his first goal at the weekend in the first team.
  13. Kluivert Reborn

    Good luck, hope you can improve his stamina!
  14. A Defender's Story: 250+ Goals

    Great going, so close to the 150 mark!
  15. Patience paid off in the end, he looks like Eto'o regen I think? Good luck in Portugal, you should find that league easier with the right player.