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  1. Leave my boy alone!!! Or gonna sell that so called striker duo of you
  2. Sorry guys for the lack of new updates. But i am trying to figure out how i am going to post the next update.. it so unfair for @Ashez After my almost public hanging for selling Honda in the CC... i don't know what you lot will do when i crush him so early on... stay tuned
  3. Ok this is weird! He didn't even play @Alari @Jack Joyce
  4. I don't think i have ever read such bollocks on this site before my oh my
  5. Yeah, you already mentioned it in the DM, but since you cba to put it in the OP i wanted you to explain it again
  6. So how does this actually work?
  7. Whahahaha love it! Thanks for the support! Stop trying to win harts, start posting and stop playing Zelda!
  8. Brutally honest, not interested
  9. I am playing, and your lads are shit as usual... so start updating! Lets have a laugh....
  10. oh go home Bati, you can speak when you actually start winning something
  11. I am glad we agree on this! Deal!
  12. Haha think most challenging will be the 1kc, i have confidence we can manage the other ones, unless @Ashez screws up So you are a watermelon?
  13. Thanks m8! See guys, we do have some smart people on this forum!