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  1. Challenge Cup 2017

    @BatiGoal nah m8, it's just when everything falls in too place like you imagined... like my save, it's like the best is saved for last @samhardy you are being pretty silent?
  2. Challenge Cup 2017

    Just jealous! Thanks for the support Taff!
  3. Goal Challenge InceptionTwo - Part 2Hold on, wait what? An update by PriZe in a @Ashez career? Yes ladies and gentlemen, this is an intervention. I can't bare and see how my dear friend Ashez is about to ruin his Vibe legend status, he needs help if he likes it or not....A Clash Of The TitansOk ok it's not so dramatic as it sounds One of the first things Ashez and i discuss after the release of a new FMM is challenges we always wanted to do, but weren't able to do.So this year the Fatal Fourway was discussed again and again and again. Some insights Ashez already mentioned got us so excited that we started working on the concept of Inception 2!Challengewise it was a no brainer, bigger, better, larger! And after rigorously testing tactics we found a tactic which gives us a shot to compleet the challenge's.Since it was on the EME and Ashez lacks knowledge on that part we decided to play it together, and like our Pele & Rivaldo career make it an official H2H!So there you have it, a big H2H with some crazy goal challenges! So where is this all going to take place?The Club Of Choice Short and sweet about this, we tried it in Portugal at FC Porto, but even when Ashez got us a transferbudget of 40 milion we couldn't get the quality we wanted. So what's left? Going big! And if you go big you go.....Real Madrid! A huge transferbudget, the right players already at the club for our tactic and a nice mixture of promising youngsters and players in their prime!Now let's go to the important stuff!The StrikersWe decided we both would pick a outside striker and a central one to keep it fair H2H wise. Ashez his pickLeroy Sane First up we got Sane, just look at this lad! Young, pacy, and an eye for a goal! To be fair, Ashez his pick has got me worried!!! Breel Embolo Although ruled out for the rest of the season irl, Ashez hopes that a partnership between Breel and Leroy will bring him luck in our H2H. And tbh, they are amazing picks!PriZe his picksAnthony Martial I think this is the third time i am using Martial in combination with a challenge, and we have a love hate relationship, but he has everything i need. He can play on the left and central, and his blistering pace is going to help me get some goals! Kelechi Iheanacho An all out striker, young, strong and the ability to score headers, i have high hopes for Kelechi!ConcludingSo thats it for now! Some insane goal challenges, a H2H to dream off, and exciting strikers! We hope you like the twist to this career and are looking forward to hear your opinions! As always, thanks for reading and don't forget to leave a comment
  4. Challenge Cup 2017

    Just checked, 8m i got in total
  5. Challenge Cup 2017

    Well nothing to worry about @samhardy if i am to be judge by my posting skills it's the end that counts
  6. Challenge Cup 2017

    The B team? Yeah can't complain. Better then in the previous challenges
  7. Challenge Cup 2017

    geez Sam, in a rush to whoop my ***? i just finished my squad, think my results will come in on monday at the earliest
  8. Challenge Cup 2017

    Got you worried there for a sec m8
  9. Challenge Cup 2017

    Thank you for the win
  10. Challenge Cup 2017

    You noticed the rule change @samhardy
  11. @Ashez yawn same old excuses dogging me m8 with your knowledge of the EME you will have time after one season
  12. Challenge Cup 2017

    I wouldn't be so confident m8