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  1. 442 Eme Never Seen Before Tactic

    Nice tactic m8! How did isco perform as APm on the wing?
  2. Challenge Cup 2017

    Thanks m8 Group B FTW! Denial
  3. I'm killing off @Ashez his players with my strict LVG training succes guaranteed
  4. I get it, once you get used to losing that becomes the new normal
  5. So happy you volunteerd to post the first season, thanks for the template Great season, and as i said, my worry is real, great performance by Team Ashez, especially with the CWC
  6. Challenge Cup 2017

    Thanks m8!
  7. Challenge Cup 2017

    Thanks lads! @Scott @Thepremiermanager
  8. Easter Eggs In Fmm17

    In line with Ashez his comment i had a left back who crossed the whole pitch when the opponent got a free kick just to kick the free kick taker
  9. burn ok so battyboy is a big Ashez fan Do you have his poster above your bed @BatiGoal?
  10. Haha yeah let's leave it their. So, what do you guys think? Will @Ashez start of smashing the first season? Or will he choke under the pressure! Let's hear your thoughts
  11. Good of you to mention that @Ashez it might have screwed up my secret project
  12. Lol @samhardy nice thinking! But @Ashez and i have whole strategy with backup of saves and evidence for the seasons ready so that won't be an issue
  13. To be fair, i got involved in the community due to you haha. Mentally i'm 2-0 up, i already beat you once, plus i beat Sam
  14. Challenge Cup 2017

    Thanks @samhardy for now i will enjoy my new "title" but looking forward to defend it! If you or @BatiGoal need any help for a future edition of the CC i am more then willing to help you guys out with this!
  15. You're really making an effort to get him onboard don't ya? You need the mental support? @all, think wisely, i beat him with Pele and Rivaldo oh and only luck? Nah m8 good management is going to make the difference