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  1. Anyone Else having issues with Images

    Clear your cache
  2. iCloud problem/bug!

    This is the third time you've posted this. If someone is able to help they will, asking repeatedly won't help
  3. Why'd you keep talking about yourself in third person Mr. Armstrong? Lovely career to follow, great detail. Keep going
  4. @wizztech That's the PC game, this is a FM Handheld site
  5. 500 International BatiGoals

    You're shite at this game!
  6. How can I get this?

    Buy the game from the app store or play store to support the developers and get real player names. Piracy is not tolerated on this site. Locked.
  7. How can I get this?

    In English please. This'll be deleted if it isn't translated by the end of the day.
  8. I wouldn't even consider changing the format if it was my decision. The fact that it ensures there's a minimum and maximum amount of red cards available makes it even more challenging, plus if a contestant is trying to pick up on the rules it often means they're trying to gain an advantage it some way. Very cheeky @Taff The leaderboard doesn't surprise me at all really, top three were all Challenge Cup quarter-finalists!
  9. That's how to do it!
  10. Pretty essential you get the Confed. Cup at this time of asking. Good luck!
  11. How do you know it isn't Armstrong doing the stalking?
  12. Believe I used something similar to that earlier on in the year to great success @scratch99 Unfortunately can't remember much about it or even the player roles
  13. national team unlock

    You have to earn a national job through applying and win a major international trophy with them to unlock it
  14. The Road to Lewandowski

    Good idea Mike, will definitely keep an eye on this one. What an away end!
  15. Not much more to say that hasn't already been said! Great work