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  1. Silver is a very solid return for this one, good start mate. I'll add you onto the leaderboard.
  2. Save game challenges

    Yes all saves are multi platform, make sure you have the latest update though or it won't load the save data.
  3. Save game challenges

    Next SGC will probably be uploaded on Monday. No names on the leaderboard yet so a chance for someone to get on before the second challenge arrives!
  4. SGC #1 - Espanyol

    Do you both have the latest update? It'll only work if the latest update installed.
  5. It's been like that since the EME was introduced
  6. When Life Gives You Lemons...

    You're lucky to keep the job! That first season makes @anfieldsquirrel look like Brian Clough...
  7. The Next Ronaldo?

    That's definitely Ronaldo, the stats say it all
  8. Australia is an option as it's classed as Asia in game. I explained why the flowers made an appearance in the very first hole
  9. Glad you like it @mcandrew003 @BatiGoal Haha, concerning thing is I did it on PC so can't have been autocorrect! Was tempted to just leave it like that
  10. Fox in Both Boxes. 132 Goals

    There's not an awful lot you can do in this except for hoping you get a lot of penalties and free kicks. It'll become incredibly frustrating after a while, hope you keep at it!
  11. The Augusta National Golf Club challenge The golf club at Augusta is one of the most famous sporting venues in the world, and has played host to the Masters every year since 1934. Containing 18 holes of extremely challenging moments, some a lot longer and more challenging than others, I couldn't help but link it to a potential challenge FMM wise. I acknowledge that a vast majority of the site will not be remotely interested in golf (me most of the time included ), however this 22 season long marathon will put your managerial ability to the test, no matter how skillful you think you are. Before I start introducing the challenge, let me establish a few pointers that will be important for the challenge: You start, and stay, as the manager of a Champions League team, in a league which contains 38 games. Yes I'm that fussy. There will be 18 seperate challenges set during the save that all relate to the holes at Augusta. All the holes that have a par score of 3 will be a half season challenge, a par score of 4 will be a season long challenge and a Par 5 will be a two season long challenge. During the challenge you will see the following terms: Par - Every golfer manager will start with a score of 0. If you par a hole then you stay on 0. Birdie - A birdie is something you receive if you do better than par on that hole. You will then be 1 under par for the round (-1). Eagle - 2 under par for the round (-2) Bogey - A bogey is something you receive if you fail to reach the target (par) for that hole. You will then be 1 over par overall (+1) Double Bogey - 2 over par for the round (+2) Confusing enough? Good. Now let's get on with the challenge. Holes 1-9 There. You've reached the end of the front 9. Halfway through. 11 seasons have passed, and hopefully you're currently under par and on the way to a good score. If you're over par then you're in serious trouble, as the next four holes are absolutely brutal and are known worldwide as some of the toughest challenges in the world of golf. Hole 10 By now you would be forgiven for thinking "What have I let myself in for?" Sadly, it doesn't get any easier for the next 3 holes, in fact quite the opposite. Amen Corner is the name given to holes 11, 12 and 13 at Augusta, due to the trickiness of the holes, and usually where most of the action has taken place in the past. Many golfers have seen their Masters dreams crushed during this section of the course. Let's hope you managers don't suffer the same fate, and come out relatively unscathed (not likely). Amen Corner (Holes 11-13) Well, you've reached the end of Amen Corner. Thankfully for you now, it doesn't get any worse. In fact, it gets quite a bit easier in the final 5 holes. Holes 14-18 Congratulations, you've reached the end of Augusta. Now it's time to total up your score. How did you finish? Were you over par in total or under par? Rules Own formations only No unlockables, editors, or outside software Must stay at the same club throughout Either match engine - depends on which way you want to go about it If you get sacked you fail to record a score Have fun Leaderboard: (Completed Saves) / Leaderboad (Saves in Progress) / Can you master Augusta? All pictures from
  12. English football

    Well that's that. What an absolute disastrous wreck of a club we have turned into.
  13. A Defender's Story: 250+ Goals

    Great, now @BatiGoal will be even more overrated than he was before this challenge. What a fantastic achievement and my favourite career of the year so far to follow. Great stuff
  14. Save game challenges

    They're only cheating themselves
  15. When Life Gives You Lemons...

    I saw Ajax and shit myself, if you'd used El Ghazi it would've been an automatic failure before you'd even started. Terrible player.