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  1. Damn I'm late. ? Timo Werner please..
  2. FMM Regrets

    Wait. The Brazilian league is being removed?!
  3. Football Kits 2016/17

    The Juve kit looks pretty good!
  4. 4 people already in. :D
  5. Great to have you on board mate. !
  6. Finally!Hahaa the legend that is Frazer Martin . The story is pretty epic Haha can't wait!!
  7. The Top 10 of the CSL

    Massive work dude! Although I'm not too fond of the CSL, the fact that Asia has started recruiting class players is very very good news. I believe it started with the ISL, and CSL has carried it on. The financial power though is a worrying prospect as PL clubs will defo risk out on some top notch players and this will be problematic. Imagine decent clubs like Stoke and West Ham missing out on some bargains because of the fact that CSL clubs can offer them 200k per week lol. This summer window will be the best yet i think. With the big money TV deal and stuff. Great work
  8. Magic APM! [EME]

    Interesting! Great work!
  9. Wow. Missed a few parts but now caught up. Wow man. You're just blowing everything away Haha. So. Barbosa already having done the 1k. You now have a chance to. Do 2 1kc........ Good luck mate! If you complete this one. You could have managed an insane milestone tohave pulled off
  10. Good luck. Although why have you calculated with 2000?
  11. How to Build a Solid Defense

    Great work there. Can't help bbut agree with Danovic. Although I've now switched to a 433. I did use three at the back and my wing backs always lead the assists charts. It's always fun yet risky playing with those formations tbh. I'd recommend you add an extra line at the end of the article where you mention that these are your 'own' views to avoid making it sound official which can lead to confusion amongst new members.
  12. Just caught up on this. I think we're up for another cliff hanger here haha. Typical Ashez careers You can smash this. But I think it's time to put Jesus at the center.Barbosa and Evandro can hold onto their own
  13. Very nice article there mate. Keep up the great work!
  14. Help in an IE by playing

    Nah. The maker Sims it. That's better. Why trouble vibers? Take Uks Ultimate team. We had some epic fun out there. It was the best thing ever. And all we did was buy packs. Get players. Not play. UK did that. It depends tbh.
  15. Star Wars (FMM Style)

    Brilliant Haha!