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  1. Your Community, Your Thoughts: Feedback Wanted

    PGE will be released very shortly. SE will follow very soon as well. Heard it here first.
  2. About Mover Clubs

    PGE features should be the same as last year
  3. Save Editor

    I think this is being done by Vibe staff but if not I'll invite people.
  4. Save Editor

    Once the PGE is released I'll look to update the SE. I'm stuck on a couple of bit on the PGE that's made the development stall, I need to get my head down and try to over come them
  5. Player Generator

    No need for the PGE now!
  6. FMM 17 Scout Features - Out Now

    The PC Save Editor will be out in due course. As for an iOS app, not possible, I have explored this and realistically the only way would mean hooking up your i-device to itunes and transferring the save to somewhere like iCloud or Dropbox etc, which defeats the point of the app.
  7. German national team

    There is a work around that allows you to manage Germany and call up real players.
  8. Coach recommendation

    Actually coaches and assistants do have a CA and PA so there is a rate of improvement that's possible. Scouts and Physio's are the ones that don't.
  9. Coach Development? Can They Improve?

    Afraid so...limitations with Apple basically.
  10. Coach Development? Can They Improve?

    That's from the scout app ;-)
  11. FMM 17 Scout Features - Out Now

    Swipe the screen from right to left. It goes: Players > Shortlist > Staff
  12. FMM 17 Scout Features - Out Now

    Hopefully going to get a lot done over the Christmas period. Its currently part way through development. I have spend some time refactoring some of the code because I wasn't happy with some of it.
  13. FMM 17 Scout Features - Out Now

    You have a Huawei Mate 8 don't you? Is FMM installed on the default location or have you moved it to the SD?
  14. FMM 17 Scout Features - Out Now

    Before you do that trying clearing the app data/cache
  15. FMM 17 Scout Features - Out Now

    Hmm..Odd. Do you have the latest version..There was a bug in 1.0.1 that sometimes didn't display shortlists but this was fixed in 1.0.2