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  1. Kane will be god in 2nd season , scoring 45 goal in 45 match and the reason i won title
  2. Best Vanamara Conference South Goalkeepers

    @JustM1kePlays niklas freund is steffen freund's son and i think no one knew it
  3. The Goal Keeper Challenge

    Im thinkig about to do clean sheet challenge and see how many cs that my goalkeeper can keeping in his entire career
  4. Europa Skin by. GyeonYoon

    Can you create wvga skin?
  5. Cant Download Data!

    Im also face this problem , i think is internet or SI server error
  6. MLS - Eastern Conference

    Cannot extract the downloaded database , try to reupload
  7. Newcastle United Skin!

    Your player profile make me want to download this skin even didnt support newcastle
  8. a decent Spurs tactic

    I have a good tactics 6-0 man utd in 1st season 4-2-3-1
  9. My Next Skin

    Club skin -AC Milan (red and black) perfect for anything
  10. Thanks peely , I changed bwm to dlm , and work for me again , this time was the arsenal (my rival club in real life) , thanks for this wonderful tactics