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  1. Yeah... I was quite surprised when England hired me in the Armstrong save. An Australian in charge of England? Not likely! So maybe I was overconfident this time around. I wasn't to the point where I was best in the world and there are plenty of top Italian managers...
  2. Yeah, I'm in early season 4 now and I think they'd probably pick me if the job became available now, but I wasn't quite there yet when the job became available. Sad thing is it will probably another 12 years or so until it becomes available again...
  3. You know just the effect I was after! But... the answer is none of those....
  4. I'm almost finished season 3, should knock it over tonight, but I won't get a chance to write it up until early next week. I'll leave this as a teaser:
  5. Wow, neat concept. I'd hate to see your Loyalty score by the time this is through. Anyway, third time lucky, I'm sure you'll make it past game 2 next time!
  6. That's just because @BatiGoal is worried I'll get 2 strikers above him on the leaderboard! Nah, he's right, if it was all plain sailing it would be boring. It's supposed to be a challenge.
  7. Bold move to leave Coventry at that point, but fortune favours the bold! Great stuff. Shame about Portsmouth though - they really won't take the hint will they?
  8. I've played with it, but typically that results in some more shots for Pinamonti, but less for Colidio as a result.... Still changing things around a lot, but almost tempted to just rotate them through the 4 3 2 1 I used for Armstrong, at least at this point in their careers. I used that when I rested Pinamonti and Colidio scored 4!!
  9. The Unicorn: 1K Midfielder

    I've literally had this tab open in my browser for 2 weeks and never got around to actually reading it - until now! I really like the style of your updates and you're going fantastically well! I'd definitely back you to get Yadolahi to 800 goals, which is insane for midfielder. 1000 is going to be difficult, but I'd give you a fighting chance of that too, especially if you can keep him playing until close to 40. The one danger in all of this is hanging on to him. Gotta keep his contract maxed out in case one day he won't sign it. That'd buy some time until you can push further into Europe and improve the reputation of yourself and the club, so he wants to stay. Anyway, great stuff, can't wait to see how this goes...
  10. Ah, fair enough. I know it depends if the other team wants the player, but I was presuming lower down clubs would all want the better players. Maybe some of them have salaries that are too high or something.. I guess you could always release all the players the board will allow you too, but that has limits too.... Hmm. Now I really want to try this! I just have to complete another 18 seasons first...
  11. I went through a stage where I'd look for players with reasonable attributes and give them contracts, but none of them ever went anywhere, so I gave it up.
  12. Haha indeeed! Makes it interesting, but at times frustrating too. Right now Pinamonti just isn't taking any shots, no matter what formation I use or role I give him. Colidio takes 6, Dudu takes 4, Pinamonti takes 0. What are you doing boy! Take some shots!!
  13. Tales of Viking Chief BatiGøal

    When does his contract expire? Might be able to get him on a free in a couple of years (although you'll probably have budget by then anyway)..