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  1. Update - Season 3 - Coventry The luxuries of managing Barcelona are now long forgotten, as we knuckle down to a full season in League 1. We're looking for Barcelona-like performances though, as our players are a level or two above the standard League 1 player (and we have most of Barcelona's money locked up in a cupboard here). Targets I signed off the last update with three specific targets for this season: Promotion again for Coventry Getting Oldham Athletic out of League 2 by pulling some strings 100 goals for Adam Armstrong Pretty ambitious targets and you'll find out shortly that I didn't reach all of them, but it was a pretty successful season. Transfers Well... I'm not sure to handle this section. We bought and sold more players than the entire Premier League did. In fact, we did so much business that we were required to register as an import/export company. Here are our transfers out: And here are our transfers in: We bought good players, as well bringing more in on free transfers. We kept the ones we needed, then we bought bad players in exchange for the good players we didn't keep. We tried to release as many of the bad players as we could, and demoted the rest to the reserves. There's going to be more and more of this in future, although it does slow the game down and become tiring after a while. Also I may need to rethink the quality of player I'm going after, as some are happy to join Coventry, but can't handle life in the lower divisions and decide they want to leave mere months later: And it's also happening with the ones I sell on: So I need good players, but not great players... Not sure I'll be able to force myself to do that though, I'm addicted to buying flashy players. Is this a bad time to mention that Balotelli and another 20 or so quality free agents are joining in the off season? Charity As you can see above, I exchanged a lot of players on to second chance teams. Oldham, down in League 2, were the team that got the most players (6 of them!). We'll see if it help with promotion later. Quite a few other clubs got players too, but not at the same scale as Oldham. Blackpool was the tricky one. They were mired in the relegation places in League 1: I could only get them to take 1 player on exchange. It wasn't going to be enough to save them, so I went back to gifting money and bought one of their bit part players for £10M. There were still 2 weeks left in the transfer window. Do you think they spent a penny of that money? Well if they did, it was on Ferraris and golf memberships, not on players... But Blackpool had bigger problems. It turns out that half the team were unhappy with the manager: We took matters into our own hands when we played them in early February (that's GK Romero up front, not AF Romero) : That should help their goal difference! 9 goals to Redshaw! And maybe the players will have a little more faith in their manager. But will it be enough to save them? We'll see later... Most of the games we 'lost' weren't such huge losses as that however. We'd normally try and crush them for the first 60 minutes or so, trying to get Armstrong as any goals as he could, then change formation. Some of these games were really excitingly close, with these 2 being the pick: Brexit One of the most important pieces to completing this challenge kicked in this year: Brexit! It's going to make signing players harder, but it looks like it will keep me out of a Spanish jail cell. My lawyers tell me the Spanish won't be able to extradite me now. It's been a tense few years, but fortunately I have the best lawyers money can buy. Job Opportunities Jobs with second chance teams regularly became available, but I was committed to seeing this season through with Coventry and didn't pay them much attention. Zaragoza came knocking: But I told them very politely that I still had work to do in England and wasn't ready to return to Spain yet. I think it was just a ruse by Barcelona's lawyers to get me back to Spain for a job interview, so they could get me detained there. I wasn't born yesterday! International Jobs In July, I noticed that Gareth Southgate was Very Insecure in his job, after England went out of the World Cup in the group stage. If I could get the England job, I'd be able to get Armstrong a bunch of international goals and really boost the 1KC attempt. But just like in my original Armstrong 1KC career, Southgate never got sacked... Weirdly, he remained Very Insecure for 6 months or so, and England won or drew every game in that time frame. The second he lost a game? No more pressure on him... That happened for the France job too. Seems backwards... Something else was concerning me. After all my hard work to get a World Class reputation, the inevitable happened (for someone now managing in the lower leagues). My reputation started to slip, from World Class down to Continental. My rank went from number 2 down to 38. While that's still plenty to move around the second chance teams, it wasn't going to be enough for an Australian to get the England job if it did become available again. So when Colombia came knocking: I took it. Maybe we can pinch a Copa America win or something and keep my name in the papers... Results We have a team that would be comfortable in the Premier League, so we were always going to crush it at this level. We won almost every game (that we were trying to win). The good form extended to cup runs as well. Here's how we went: We won League 1 comfortably, going 34-4-8, with 130 goals for and 67 against. In the League Cup, we stormed through the rounds, knocking off many teams higher than us: Leeds, Fulham, Brighton, then Newcastle in the quarter final, followed by Chelsea 7-3 on aggregate in the semi final: That set us up for a Final showdown with Leceister. We won 3-1 to give Coventry their first major trophy since the FA Cup in 1987! After each win, the board would give us £55K to spend. Cute! We locked it up in the cupboard with the other £1B we have. Not long after winning the League Cup, we beat Scunthorpe 2-0 in the final of the Checkatrade Trophy. We similarly stormed through the early rounds of the FA Cup, beating Hull and Stoke amongst others. We went into the Semi Final against Leicester in high hopes, having beaten them in the League Cup final the previous month and with the treble locked down already. We were brought back down to earth though, as Leicester beat us 1-0. I guess we are human after all... I'll admit I was quite disappointed. I'd started to believe we were invincible. Still, it was a great season. Accidental Armstrong 1KC Yes, it's official. This is now a 1KC attempt as well as an EPL Second Chances attempt. Of course that's going to rely on me being able to take Armstrong wherever I need to go. It could all fall away if he doesn't want to join me in League 2 at some point. But for now we're going to go for it. He starts the game as 19 years old, but I didn't get my hands on him for a season and a half. He was almost 21 by the time I got him, so we're starting from a little behind. No matter, that should be offset by playing in dominant teams at a lower level. In April, we got the dreaded "he's reached his peak" message: But let's face it, his peak isn't too bad for League 1 (or for any league for that matter). As far as injuries go, he got through the season fine, only to be injured 4 days after our last game. Best time to get an injury I guess. He was quite tired for much of the second half of the season and I rested him a little, but not as much as I might normally have, because he kept scoring goals (unlike when he was tired at Celtic). No stopping him at this level. This was his form in the first half of the year: And the second half: I'd asked him to score 100 goals, but he didn't quite manage it. He finished with 85 goals in 60 games and now has 113 goals total (under my management). Not bad going... Worth noting that he crushed Coventry's previous record of 50 goals in a season by Clarrie Bourton in the 1931–1932 season. League Tables Here's the top and bottom of all the English leagues: Man Utd won the Premier League again, so no bonus point this year. In the Championship, Nottingham Forest were the only second chance team to go up and at the other end Sheffield United were relegated. MK Dons were in the relegation places all season, but made it to safety (on goal difference) on the last day of the season! Whew... In League 1, Coventry and Charlton were promoted, but Blackpool were relegated despite the £10M gift and the 16-0 victory. In League 2, Oldham were consistently in the play off spots, but the gifted players couldn't lift them into the automatic promotion places. They made it through the playoff final, but Exeter beat them 1-0, so they'll stay down to keep Blackpool company next season Past Winners (2) Completed (6) Remaining (21) Looking Ahead I'm planing to see next season through with Coventry, which should hopefully see them earning promotion to the Premier League. I guess I'll have to look for jobs near the end of the year, but ideally I want to stay until I get the promotion on my CV. My specific targets for next year are: Promotion again for Coventry Getting Oldham Athletic and Blackpool out of League 2 by pulling some strings 80 goals for Armstrong in a stronger division Until then.... (which might be some time as I need to go play tag team with @Cockers2505 ).
  2. Cockers Attempts The UK Challenge V 3.0

    Well done, huge congrats. I got a bit worried there for a while, but he smashed it!
  3. Yeah, great stuff! Be down to terrible/terrific two after next season! And Mark Berry is just awesome!!!
  4. Cockers Attempts The UK Challenge V 3.0

    Going great, almost there! Out of interest, where did Tranmere end up? Did they plummet down the league after you left?
  5. Been a bit tied up, so pretty late with an update- sorry! Hoping to get one out tomorrow (if I can get through the 8 games tonight)... But I've gone ahead and updated the title of this thread to accurately reflect what's going on.
  6. I've only moved clubs once and you need to do it outside the transfer window, but I did this: Notice the job I wanted. Arrange the transfers to send them players and money (when the window opens again). Resign. Apply. Accept!! Worked pretty well for me, but of course if they don't hire you then you are screwed! Lost all your money and still didn't get the job. That's why I placed a lot of emphasis on having a good reputation. Anyway, you obviously haven't needed this so far, but thought I'd lay it out here just in case it helps you get those last few stubborn clubs!
  7. Really getting close now, can feel the end coming! Just remember to resign before applying for those jobs! It was proven to help when people were trying to move countries in BG's challenges. Anyway, keep it up and take Ipswich up!
  8. Welp, can't be too disappointed with that. Gainfully employed over the summer, didn't let Mansfield take you down, took a much bigger club to extra time... So close to passing that hurdle, but the fans must have been pleased with how things were going and must have regretted you resigning... You've broken their hearts again, but I'm sure they know you'll be back...
  9. Tag Team Challenge

    It will either be an epic disaster or a CRUSHING VICTORY!! Not sure which yet. Although given neither of us can find the damn team, the pendulum is probably swinging towards epic disaster right now.... 🙄 But don't worry @Cockers2505 , all my saves start off like this!
  10. 500 International BatiGoals

    Oh, this is interesting! Nice idea and I won't be surprised if you pull it off (though it will be tough). What formation will you use if a player is unavailable for a game? Will you switch down to the next formation listed? Or draft in a sub to take their spot in the formation you're using?
  11. Mine too! Blind leading the blind. But FMM loves the romance of that sort of thing, we're sure to win!!
  12. Hehe, I'm happy, but you may not be in the near future!
  13. I'm happy to do it if someone wants me to, but I'm also happy to sit it out (2 careers right now and not enough time to spend on them).
  14. Alexander Isak 1kc - completed

    Good stuff! And his stats are still pretty good for a 33 year old, so you can push on and see how far you can take him! One question: Was it EME or OME?
  15. Another great season mate, looking good!! Glad to see the job offers are rolling in, gives me hope!