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  1. The Winding Road To 1k

    Still going pretty well in my opinion, though shame about the little injuries. As for Southgate, the FA seem to love him. Took 12 years of underachievement in my save before they sacked him.... Hope it's quicker for you.
  2. Zé Road To 1000 Goals. A 1kc

    This is going to be so confusing! (trying to keep the 2 threads straight in my head). But great start and I'm looking forward to following along!
  3. It's definitely in there as my 'son' arrived the day following a player meeting all the criteria resigned. Not sure why it didn't work for you though. Did you loan him out or anything like that? Or manage him in a National team and Remove him from nataion? Or move him to the reserves? The last 2 are complete longshots, but they both reset Form and Progress for me, so maybe it affects the son as well.
  4. Wow, 89 is just superb. What tactic? And is this on EME or OME? I'm wondering how that affects things, but that is an awesome total either way and I reckon you're going to push towards a 100 next season...
  5. Jesus, 1000 Goals?

    You're looking good. 58 is plenty at this stage. Over the next few years, you should see it increase as he matures a bit and becomes more consistent. At least that's what happened in my 1KC. Also, over the next few years, you can keep building the team and get world class players in every position so you dominate most games. Keep going mate!
  6. Taking Competitions Seriously

    I always try to win everything, but I do rotate my squad around. Always a strong team, but swap out a couple of players every so often.
  7. 1k Slb Challenge

    He's developing nicely and is definitely capable of reaching 1000, but I agree with @BatiGoal that you really need to pick the pace up. The way to do that it to give him more space. His teammates are taking his goals! He should have got most of Guedes and Silva's goals. So you need to get them out of the picture and leave him with most of the chances. In my 1KC I had my striker play as the only forward and then kept other forwards / attacking midfielders wide, no central AM to get in his way. Took me a while to find a formation that actually worked the best, but then my striker started scoring 70 and 80 a season. Anyway, hope you find the key and get him scoring a lot more and on his way to 1000!
  8. Armstrong shooting for 1000 goals

    Alright, here is an overview of the current team, as requested by @Westham_Till_I_Die. I've put it in spoilers as it's long (lots of screenshots).
  9. Armstrong shooting for 1000 goals

    I'll try to do a team post in the next day or so. I'll need to include screenshots of the players, as none of them are real players anymore, they are all generated, so the names won't mean much!
  10. Armstrong shooting for 1000 goals

    Thanks mate. I sure didn't know I'd make, so appreciate the faith! I think I'll take him as far as I can, but might need a break after this season. I am going much faster now (not paying so much attention to the games, just pushing through). And can't wait to see you're 1KC career!
  11. Armstrong shooting for 1000 goals

    Nah, by the time he gets to 2000 he'll be 60 something and I'll be ready to part with him by then. If he still won't retire, it'll be be good if he has to resign...
  12. The 1000 Goal Challenge

    Who needs bootlaces? I'm changing to a 2 4 3 system and sacrificing one of my midfielders, whose job it will be to carry Armstrong around the field. I've been scouting out players for this role and I've settled on a guy called Hodor. (hope you get that reference!)
  13. Armstrong shooting for 1000 goals

    Season 19 Update - Rest of Season So, no need for any suspense this time around. Armstrong scored goal 1000 on Boxing Day! In the last update, I suggested I'd take a break, but we pressed on and finished the season. Got bills to pay and fans to please... Goals The rest of the season looked like this: You're no doubt wondering what that big empty area is - more on that below. Anyway, he ended up getting another 9 goals, taking him to 19 for the season, from 45 games. Definitely slowing down, but still scoring! Not bad given the condition he's in... And that takes him to 970 goals for Celtic, plus 39 for England, for a total of 1009 goals. Injuries In January, Armstrong suffered an injury during a match. Fortunately, he was fine once he got off the field and had a couple of beers (other players aren't allowed to drink, but Armstrong has earned some privileges!). He was able to suit up the very next game. He also scored a disallowed goal - a phantom goal to go with a phantom injury. Then in March, he got a real injury (and a real goal to go with it). He returned from injury looking like this: He's 38 now and he really hasn't bounced back from those injuries. So we'll keep pushing on, but he really shouldn't be playing for Celtic any more, except for the huge debt we owe him for all those goals! Results This year we won it all: We won: The league, going 32-5-1, with 117 goals for and 24 goals against. Our worst season in the league since early on in this career. The Scottish Cup Final 4-0 over St Johnstone The Betfred Cup Final 3-0 over Hearts In the Champion's League we beat Chelsea 5-3, Athletico Madrid 4-3, Tottenham 8-1 (including a 7-0 drubbing in the first leg), then faced Barcelona in the final. We beat them 4-0, although we were only 1-0 up with 3 minutes to go. Awards Bruno da Silva Francisco won the World Player of the Year award this year (his 3rd time), with Andres Martinez coming runner up, both Celtic players. The same pairing won the Scottish Premiership Player of the Year and runner up, with myself as Manager of the Year again. Shout out to Cattermole I just have to mention Sean Cattermole who scored 6 goals in a 9-1 drubbing of Dunfermline. Armstrong managed to score 6 before (twice I think, but I'd have to check), but that was in our 4 3 2 1 formation, designed for the vast majority of goals to come from the single forward. Cattermole did it in our 2 5 3 formation, where the goals are shared around much more. It was just one of those days were everything he touched turned to gold. The Future I guess I will press on for another season. The next target is 1000 goals for Celtic, which is 30 goals away. Could be tough as it will need two seasons and his attributes will be in the negatives by then... But I'll see. I really want try something different, but there is also part of me that wants to finish this before doing so.
  14. Armstrong shooting for 1000 goals

    Thanks mate, but you and @Taff better stop with this 'little known striker' and 'not usually considered fantastic' thing! The man's a legend and hopefully will be in real life too! Seriously though, he wasn't a superstar or wonderkid like some other players out there, but he was a promising youngster. I guess it just goes to show that anyone with the right attributes for a poacher role can generally become a big scorer. I would like to try it with someone who's good in the air as well (someone like Mitrovic) as the 4 3 2 1 formation I used for most of this would probably suit someone like that perfectly. Armstrong scored loads, but lost lots of headers...
  15. Armstrong shooting for 1000 goals

    Thanks mate! Shoot, I forgot the pie. I'll remind him when he gets to 2000!