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  1. 1 season, 1 striker, 80 Goals?

    Likewise my fingers are crossed for Kilduff. It's great we're taking such different approaches - it'd be boring if we all used the same approach, much more fun to see people trying different things!
  2. 1 season, 1 striker, 80 Goals?

    He had a good November, but I haven't had time to post it or play any further this week... Hopefully I'll post tomorrow.
  3. 1 season, 1 striker, 80 Goals?

    Wow, he's doing really well! I've got a feeling you'll make it!
  4. 1 season, 1 striker, 80 Goals?

    Yeah, this challenge is pretty tight. You can go at a goal a game, hit a few hat-tricks and you're back on track, or the goals can dry up for a while and you're in deep trouble. It's like walking a tight-rope!
  5. Liking this a lot! It's great how you interweave the story, very entertaining! Keep it up.
  6. Great stuff - a gripping read, must have been intense when you were playing it! I was going to ask why you passed up the Scottish chances, but you answered that above. Can't wait to see where you end up next!
  7. 1 season, 1 striker, 80 Goals?

    Nice going. A goal a game keeps you in touch for the moment, but he will need to increase that to make it to 80. Nothing to worry about yet. A suggestion: Because it's a long hard season and he's going to get tired, you should probably rest him against strong opposition (like Leicester) and play him against weaker opposition (like Gillingham). There is a temptation to play the strongest team in the cups so you get more games, but he's going to get more goals against the (comparatively) smaller teams (sorry Gillingham fans!). Anyway, keep it up!
  8. Update - October You know I like my challenges nice and tight. None of this cantering across the line for me. So let's get right to it: Vardy gets the dreaded injury. Not a 2 month injury which would clearly have spelt the end off this challenge. No, a 10 day injury, just short enough for me to think I might still be able to pull this off. Just the way I like it... 😳 Settling In On the plus side, Vardy is no longer struggling to settle into the team. I guess at this point he just wants to play! That means there's no need for me to bring in an Englishman on a free signing. Lucky, because the choice is pretty poor: Bobby Zamora, Leon Osman and Jamie O'Hara. I don't have England loaded so that's it. The Joker window is still open, so I can buy an Englishman playing in France. There is one and he looks slightly better than the free signings, but I don't want to waste any money on him (I want it for January). What money I hear you ask? Didn't I try to talk Ashez into joining on a free? Well, I had £6M stashed away in the wages fund, but don't tell Ashez - he might change his tune and ask for a £6M signing fee! Goals Obviously the injury has affected Vardy's output, but not as badly as it might have been. We had 5 games in September and he only missed 2. He got injured in the 8th minute so he really he missed 3 games. I wasn't expecting much in the comeback game, as I started him when only at 86%, but he scored. He's now up to 17 goals from 13 matches: Could be worse. And yet in such a tight challenge with such small margin for error, I have to wonder if it's enough. I have this sinking feeling he might make it to around 78 or 79 goals... Results We're doing quite nicely as a team, although there have been a couple of games where we've been a little flat. The Future Not great to have an injury scare, but let's look on the bright side: He only missed 3 games and came back scoring. Now we need to get him back to full condition (at 91% for the next game) and keep him scoring goals. And maybe get some stress therapy for his manager...
  9. Shame! Is there no amount that would get you to pull on the boots? Nice idea for that challenge/career: A 1KC but at a different club each year! Tempting... You'd have to pick the player well - not too good or you wouldn't be able to sign them at some of the clubs you end up at... added 0 minutes later Thanks mate. I keep telling him he can do it and I think he's starting to believe.. We'll have to see what happens in the next update though - speaking of which....
  10. Thanks! It's shaping up nicely. At least up to that point!
  11. 1 season, 1 striker, 80 Goals?

    Makes sense. Also, I think from memory I might have had an international break in August and that would mean less games in the higher leagues, but I'd guess League one probably plays through them.
  12. 1 season, 1 striker, 80 Goals?

    Wow, great start. 9 goals in 7 games. Just keep going at that rate and he'll be pretty close. But amazing that Coventry played 8 games in August! That's intense. I don't normally play down in Division 1 (although maybe I should) - is that normal? I tend to only get 4 or 5 games in August in higher up leagues.
  13. Yeah, I actually opened the contract offer screen but didn't go through with it. I praised him again instead and that got rid of it again. If it comes back, I'll try a new contract.
  14. Vaughan To Be A Star?

    Late to the party, but man, what a party it is! I love the idea behind this career and you've done so well. 9 goals in a game? How is that even possible! Anyway, Vaughan will go down as a legend...
  15. Hated player

    Yeah, I always sell them when that happens, no matter how good they are. Well except for the time the hated player was the main player in a goal scoring challenge - I had to sell the others players instead! (although I kept some of them).