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  1. James and Patricks' H2H

    Actually, I'm just going to update at the end if the season seeing as we're not even open yet.
  2. What would happen if Manchester United were never a football club?
  3. James and Patricks' H2H

    To be fair, I haven't played a bad team yet except from Stoke. (No offence to Stoke supporters - They still beat me). 1st update will be up as soon as I finish my January transfer window.
  4. James and Patricks' H2H

    Not going well so far - Currently in a relegation scrap. -_- Maybe my win percent will go up in the coca cola championship eh? ^_^
  5. James and Patricks' H2H

    May the best girl man win.
  6. If I can't find a USB I'll tell you and we can sort something out.
  7. In that case I'll destroy my room to try and find a USB. Just for you though, Patrick.
  8. None. <_< Turned my PSP on earlier for the 1st time in about 6 months and it had gone, I am truly clueless. :blink:
  9. Sadly not, forgot to mention that. :unsure:
  10. Formation: ----FC--FC---- -----AMC------ ---MC-MC-MC--- DL--DC--DC--DR Note: Right sided MC has a run going into the AMR position. Left sided MC has a run going into AML. Team Instructions: Mentality: Attacking. Passing: Mixed. Tackling: Normal. Pressing: Yes. No. Offside trap: No. Counter attack: No. Player Instructions: Passing: AMC Direct, rest team. Tackling: DCs and middle MC committed, rest team. Pressing: Gk and defence no, rest team. Pass to: All R/L/C. Set pieces (A): GK, DL, DR back, rest forward. Set pieces (D): FCs and AMC forward, rest back. Free role: All no. Forward runs: DL, DR, outside MCs and AMC yes, rest no. Run with ball: DL, DR, outside MCs and AMC yes, rest no. Hold up ball: All no. Long shots: Outside MCs and AMC yes, rest no. Through balls: AMC yes, rest no. Cross ball: DL, DR, outside MCs and AMC yes, rest no. Marking: Dl, DR outside MCs and AMC zonal, FCs and GK none, rest man. This tactic has given me great success, consecutive promotions with MK Dons (Currently 5th in the EPL). 2nd season with Rushden 1st in Coca Cola League 2 after 30 undefeated games. AMC must be good at passing, middle MC must be a tough tackler with good strength and the out side MCs must be reasonabley quick with good dribbling. Overlapping full backs can also help. Hopefully ya'll can try this out and gimmie some feedback. Peace out, James.
  11. Bring it on Patrick, what club you wanna be? Btw, take it easy on me I haven't played FMH for months.
  12. Looking good so far Dec, like the little headings.