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  1. Guess in FMM17 even managing Germany is tough I can't figure out, what exactly is wrong that I'm doing?
  2. Say you start a new game, then made yourself the manager of Germany's national team e.g. thru editing the license fix text file So what happens if you resign? Will an AI manager becomes the national head coach? Will this AI manager of Germany do call ups & dropping players like the other national teams? Side question: what's "taking/passed coaching exam"? Does 'coaching style' mean anything?
  3. After I updated the FMM17 app to 8.2.2, & launched the app, I got prompt to download basic data. I chose basic data, & the data download is just stuck at 0%, 0/100. Is anyone else having this?
  4. Mareno Amazing #3 Orginal

    Tried your tactic aaand (how do I link images into posts??) How many games does it take a team to get used to a tactic?
  5. Intensive training for FMM17

    So General & Attacking training are identical?
  6. BatiGoal's T.K.O.

    2 defenders are enough if you're playing a top team. With only 2 defenders, both of them and your 'keeper better be at least world-class. If you're playing a League One/Two challenge doubt you can have that luxury
  7. As someone who skipped fmm2016, I haven't the faintest idea of how coaches/scouts/physios/even the new AsstMgr mechanic works. Is there any guide thread for newbs like me? Especially since physios are new addition to '17 version.
  8. FMM17 Bug List

    Am I the only one in the entire world having this? Bought the app, launched for 1st time download basic data, got stuck at 18% for a long time, then "Download Error An error occurred while trying to download the data"
  9. I just bought the app, launched it, & the data download is just stuck at 0%, 0/100 What gives?! Did I just paid money for a dud app?? EDIT: how long after purchase does the refund option expire?
  10. New update is available!

    Any patch notes on what this one fixes?
  11. Wanna find out if I'm the only person remaining in the entire world that hasn't already moved on to fmm17 (not paying a cent for it yet until more bugfix patches) In fact I'm still on a lower league game in fmh2015: started with Bristol City, won promotion to English Championship, but in 3rd season in Championship I'm struggling with horrible form; I can't even beat a League 1 team in FA Cup draw. Anyone know if there's anywhere on vibe or any other forum that stills offers tactic advise on older FMH games?
  12. I started a game picking a League One team, got promoted to the English Championship. Currently in second year in the Championship, I'm trying to sign a guy from another Championship team. Man's valued £1.2m, I offered 1.4m, accepted Now his current club is paying him 8k/w, but he's demanding 60k/w wages; when the highest wage among my current players is 17k/w! (Maybe that's why I haven't been promoted to PL yet?) Need advice: will you pay a player 7.5 times his current wages to sign him?
  13. Key to success in lower leagues

    I find that unless you're a top flight team, free transfers are all you'll be able to sign. A Benfica's 'B' Team Reserves player was drawing 8.5k/w, my board allows wage budget up to 17k/w but that still can't satisfy Mr Greedy-Legs' demands. How do other AI-managed lower league teams find guys who accept salaries £2k/w & under?
  14. Game Breaker (penalty wins)

    Thanks for the warning, billy, will hold off purchase of this app until more patchfixes (still won't pirate it, even though SI/Sega totally DESERVES that for launching such a untested bugfest)