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  1. FMM 2017 Man utd save

    Lol go buy the game and stop downloading it illegally.
  2. FMM 2017 Man utd save

    unlicensed? Do you mean the "version" you don't pay for?
  3. Fox in Both Boxes. 132 Goals

    Its a pretty decent start, your team will improve with purchases which can only mean more penalties! Good going, might have to give this one a try myself
  4. A Defender's Story: 250+ Goals

    Hardly ever post/comment but with following this journey i have to. This was insane and such a great read, massive congratulations!
  5. FMM2017 Funnies

    I can not remember for the life of me haha, sorry
  6. Very good tactic 4-3-1-2-OME

    Maybe post some results to prove how good it is?
  7. Macs 3-5-2

    Maybe put up some screenshots of your results as people would be more inclined to test it.
  8. Goalkeeper Wonderkids Video

    Thanks mate! Yeah i recorded voice through sony vegas, last i will be doing that.
  9. Goalkeeper Wonderkids Video

    Rajkovic actually slipped my mind..... Shambolic i know. I kind of wanted to keep this track with new players in the game considering i could still be going with how many good young keepers there are but Lafont and Donnarumma are above any other young keeper on the game in my opinion hence why they were added.
  10. Hi, i have made a youtube video of my pick of wonderkid goalkeepers. The next position will be out some time this week (today or tomorrow). Do what you gotta do to keep up with the videos!
  11. FMM17 Bug List

    I can't say i have witnessed this bug but have you tried holidaying past the date? It might work.
  12. FMM2017 Funnies

    So this just happened.....
  13. I am live streaming FMM 17... If you have any questions regarding the game or want to see certain things without waiting for people to post screenshots, jump in and ask me and i will happily show you!
  14. Great read, happy to be apart of the experiment! Different leagues will without doubt give different results and that could be interesting to see. I also never considered hidden stats but will those vary with different saves also like PA etc?
  15. Collaboration request- Editor needed.

    Throw me a PM? I am interested depending on the time consumption?