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  1. FMH Q&A with Dec

    I'll throw in a few questions. Expect insults though. ILYReally.
  2. Edited to make the obvious part go away
  3. Ross' Challenges

    Yeah if you want to do it like that .
  4. Ross' Challenges

    I want to make the first one easy, so week 2 will be a lot harder than week 1 .
  5. Ross' Challenges Welcome to my challenges, here I'll post my challenges for you to complete. To prove that you have completed these challenges what you will need to do is upload your save game for me to check. Challenge #1 - Bring European Glory Back to Nottingham Forest Win either a Europa League or a Champions League with Nottingham Forest. You have a maximum 5 seasons to do this. You are allowed to use the sugar daddy unlockable only. You must load all English leagues only. You have until 19/3/2011 at 22:30 GMT to submit entries. Cheers, Ross
  6. Barcelona in FMH!

    This looks good Hammy, will give it a try later and see how it turns out .
  7. How did you find us ?

    Woo Scott is back, partay. Posted Image
  8. No active content, new content is at the bottom .
  9. Skin does look sexy If I say so myself.
  10. How did you find us ?

    I was one of the first as I am skinning the site .