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  1. Nintendo

    Loving the switch at the mo Bought it for the kids but I've played it more than they have haha Love Lego City and can't wait for the Mario games to come out!
  2. Interactive Game - Turkish Delight

    Eyupspor Fethiyespor
  3. Interactive Game - Turkish Delight

    Eyupspor Fethiyespor
  4. Interactive Game - Turkish Delight

    A GOALKEEPER lol I'll give you a choice of team my friend Where do you want to go Eyupspor or Fethiyespor?
  5. Interactive Game - Turkish Delight

    Right then after the Christmas break I will continue on our journey in turkey!
  6. Interactive Game - Turkish Delight

    Eyupspor Fethiyespor Well well well... Looks as if Eyupspor have the upper hand now
  7. Interactive Game - Turkish Delight

    Didn't even notice that haha good spot I think they can defo get back into it and secure the title
  8. Interactive Game - Turkish Delight

    Let the games begin... Eyupspor Fethiyespor
  9. Interactive Game - Turkish Delight

    Right then I'll continue this now lads Remember that you can join any time boys just fill out the form on the Original Post
  10. Interactive Game - Turkish Delight

    Nah I've got it set to Global mate but still flies through the game which is nice for some but I personally don't like it
  11. Interactive Game - Turkish Delight

    @Thepremiermanager I've become really disjointed from the game as for me I like to get immersed into the game do my own commentary (when I'm alone ;-)) but this game is currently movin forward between games way too quickly imo its literally just game, game, game, transfer window, game, game, game I don't like that it doesnt feel like your in complete control plus all the bugs due to the competition's being added from FM is a joke tbh Algeria in the FA Cup?? Please!!
  12. Interactive Game - Turkish Delight

    Last three games before the Winter Break... Eyupspor Fethiyespor Little sidenote are the updates better with the squashed up results or better before with the whole screenshot? Looks better with the smaller ones I think
  13. Awesome stuff @PriZe love it so far steadily chugging along Thought you'd do a harder challenge though tbh?? Seems a bit easy for you
  14. Interactive Game - Turkish Delight

    Three games to go before the Winter break and then we'll see how many of our players end up leaving the clubs They will of course be put back into the teams but will still be interesting what bigger clubs come sniffing around