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  1. nice article, lookman is one to watch for sure, although I think if Tammy Abraham goes on loan to PL side (as it is rumoured) he would be a good shout as well
  2. offer them new contracts if you are able to afford it, and win as many trophies as you can. I guess signing some big name would help the morale of the team as well
  3. Robbie Keane - 1 Season 30 Goals?

    I would say a special training regime and playing him as a part of 3-striker formation (we all know that making formation with 2 strikers work is almost impossible) should help the case, as well as resting him properly - treat him just like youngsters!
  4. False 9

    Dybala as well
  5. 3-4-3 Help

    I played Kante as BBM (he got the traits) alongside Cesc in the middle of the park and he performed superbly, also got many many assists (15 I guess)
  6. Two New Hornets: Niang And Zarate

    it would make no sense, look at Suarez, Costa, Messi, Ronaldo etc., I guess positioning of all of them is below 10, but I believe its confusing because in the attribute is called positioning in FIFA series
  7. Two New Hornets: Niang And Zarate

    Nice simulation (although I have to say I see no point in them, cause AI managers tend do underperform every time), just one thing, positioning is a defensive attribute
  8. Sam v Ash 2 - A Unique Hammering

    Maybe you should get someone more selfish in AMC position (Ofc it might ruin the whole play, but still )
  9. Sam v Ash 2 - A Unique Hammering

    Maybe a bit late, maybe a bit too late, but I still believe in you Ash, 3rd season will be tight!
  10. @PriZe I might actually check on that later today if its the same for me, or if its just random or if it depends on some hidden stats (not just obvious stamina attribute)
  11. I am rather curious if evogens get their hidden stats from the players they evogen from, I am always temtped to try Torres' evogen (tried him last time in 2014 I guess) but his hidden stats (which I guess are shaky) are putting me off. Any ideas on this?
  12. @PriZe Now that's something! Maybe its because of different type of formations I am using on separate engines, however I use pressing in both of them. On OME I always end up substituting the same players (central midfielders) every match, cause they are burned to their roots (AP/DLM, and BBM obviously), but in EME I have a AP-BBM pairing in central midfield and they seem to cope nicely, like they havent run at all the whole game (maybe I just should watch extended and see if the players are actually trying! :P) .
  13. I would say the engine used might have an slight effect on player degradation, because as you might have noticed, player burn more energy on OME (at least I noticed that), and that might affect their fitness, they are rested less, etc.
  14. The Premier League greatest

    I am just leaving this here ....
  15. The Premier League greatest

    I 've already chosen my team and started the save , it is not a PL team, but we are taking a major twist here (to make it more realistic and more of a challenge), I shall post a few screenshots in the morning, and 1st full update by the weekend See you lads