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  1. nice article, lookman is one to watch for sure, although I think if Tammy Abraham goes on loan to PL side (as it is rumoured) he would be a good shout as well
  2. offer them new contracts if you are able to afford it, and win as many trophies as you can. I guess signing some big name would help the morale of the team as well
  3. Robbie Keane - 1 Season 30 Goals?

    I would say a special training regime and playing him as a part of 3-striker formation (we all know that making formation with 2 strikers work is almost impossible) should help the case, as well as resting him properly - treat him just like youngsters!
  4. False 9

    Dybala as well
  5. 3-4-3 Help

    I played Kante as BBM (he got the traits) alongside Cesc in the middle of the park and he performed superbly, also got many many assists (15 I guess)
  6. Two New Hornets: Niang And Zarate

    it would make no sense, look at Suarez, Costa, Messi, Ronaldo etc., I guess positioning of all of them is below 10, but I believe its confusing because in the attribute is called positioning in FIFA series
  7. Two New Hornets: Niang And Zarate

    Nice simulation (although I have to say I see no point in them, cause AI managers tend do underperform every time), just one thing, positioning is a defensive attribute
  8. Sam v Ash 2 - A Unique Hammering

    Maybe you should get someone more selfish in AMC position (Ofc it might ruin the whole play, but still )
  9. Sam v Ash 2 - A Unique Hammering

    Maybe a bit late, maybe a bit too late, but I still believe in you Ash, 3rd season will be tight!
  10. @PriZe I might actually check on that later today if its the same for me, or if its just random or if it depends on some hidden stats (not just obvious stamina attribute)
  11. I am rather curious if evogens get their hidden stats from the players they evogen from, I am always temtped to try Torres' evogen (tried him last time in 2014 I guess) but his hidden stats (which I guess are shaky) are putting me off. Any ideas on this?
  12. @PriZe Now that's something! Maybe its because of different type of formations I am using on separate engines, however I use pressing in both of them. On OME I always end up substituting the same players (central midfielders) every match, cause they are burned to their roots (AP/DLM, and BBM obviously), but in EME I have a AP-BBM pairing in central midfield and they seem to cope nicely, like they havent run at all the whole game (maybe I just should watch extended and see if the players are actually trying! :P) .
  13. I would say the engine used might have an slight effect on player degradation, because as you might have noticed, player burn more energy on OME (at least I noticed that), and that might affect their fitness, they are rested less, etc.
  14. Hello, fellow Vibers It's been a time since I posted a new career, so I guess it's the right time now My obsession with the greatest football league in the world (Premier League ofc) just got me this idea, simple and easy, make some history (and break many many records!). But, here is the twist - YOU choose the team I play for (basically you just choose the striker from the poll above - wanted to make sure he is english, as far as I think that Shearer should be dethroned by another Englishman) - excepting Rashford, playing as Utd would be too easy, so if you choose him as my main star, we'll decide together with which team I am going Here are the nominees : 1. Zach Clough Good spread of attributes, dribbling, shooting, movement and decisions will turn green in no time 2. Joseph Dodoo Already green in shooting and decisions, and his physical stats will grow enormously from what I've experienced. 3. Marcus Rashford Promising, eh? His performances this season have been inspiring and I just couldn't omit from the list. Could be dangerous with that stamina tbh Finally, here are the standing records which we want to break Most titles: 13, Manchester United (if we start with a club which already won it, we do NOT count it, so e.g. if we start with Blackburn Rovers, we start with 0 titles) Most consecutive title wins: 3, Manchester United twice (1998–99, 1999–2000, 2000–01) and (2006–07, 2007–08, 2008–09) Biggest title-winning margin: 18 points, 1999–2000; Manchester United (91 points) over Arsenal (73 points). Most wins in a season (38 games): 29, Chelsea (2004–05), (2005–06) Most consecutive wins: 14, Arsenal (between 10 February 2002 and 24 August 2002) Most points in a season: 95, Chelsea (2004-05) Most Premier League appearances: 632, Ryan Giggs (Manchester United, 15 August 1992 to 6 May 2014) Most Premier League appearances at one club: 632, Ryan Giggs (Manchester United, 15 August 1992 to 6 May 2014) Most Premier League goals: Alan Shearer (260) Most Premier League goals at one club: Wayne Rooney (177, for Manchester United) Most consecutive Premier League matches scored in: 11, Jamie Vardy (for Leicester City, 29 August to 28 November 2015) Most goals in a season (38 games): 31, Alan Shearer (1995-96), Cristiano Ronaldo (2007-08), Luis Suarez (2013-14) Most Premier league hat-tricks in a season: Alan Shearer 5 (42 games) (Blackburn Rovers, 1995–96) Most Premier league hat-tricks: Alan Shearer 11 Most goals in a game by one player : 5 Most consecutive seasons to score at least 30 Goals: 3 (1993–1996), Alan Shearer (all for Blackburn Rovers) [76] Most consecutive seasons to score at least 25 Goals: 4 (1993–1997), Alan Shearer (1993–1996 for Blackburn Rovers, 1996–1997 for Newcastle United)[77] Most consecutive seasons to score at least 20 Goals: 5 (2001–2006), Thierry Henry (all for Arsenal)[77] Most consecutive seasons to score at least 10 Goals: 11 (2004–2015), Wayne Rooney (all for Manchester United) Most Hat-tricks against a single club: 3, Luis Suárez (for Liverpool v. Norwich City)
  15. The Premier League greatest

    I am just leaving this here ....
  16. The Premier League greatest

    I 've already chosen my team and started the save , it is not a PL team, but we are taking a major twist here (to make it more realistic and more of a challenge), I shall post a few screenshots in the morning, and 1st full update by the weekend See you lads
  17. What a performances despite that stamina Goncalo is surely a beast You can do it mate thats almost for sure
  18. The Premier League greatest

    So, its already past 9pm, I only caught up now, and the voting is tied between Clough and Rashford, and personally I would choose Rashford because with all the hype surrounding him we could maybe predict his career and I guess it will be more of a challenge. I have another question, do you guys think I should start as United or choose another club ?
  19. The Premier League greatest

    It also depends on training facilites, we'll see tonight who is going to get chosen
  20. The Premier League greatest

    I'm more afraid of some injuries which could hamper his development
  21. The Premier League greatest

    yeah, the only one from the three I haven't used before is Rashford, I guess his stamina could give me a mayor headache during the career
  22. The Premier League greatest

    added screens to OP, so you can see the players
  23. The Premier League greatest

    that will depend on team I start with too soon to make predictions
  24. The Premier League greatest

    @Real_Random decline is inevitable but as long as it would be player not depending on his physicality, it could be done easily imo @M4cc4n4 I would bump up his aerial, creativity, decisions , movement and pace (stamina is fair tbh right now)
  25. The Premier League greatest

    at least the stat spread should be done better, I guess his current stat spread doesnt represent what is he like IRL