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  1. FMH2013 transfer analysis

    Remi at QPR would be interesting.
  2. Site Feedback and Suggestions

    Site looks good, really liking it. Sorry if it's out of place, the title mislead me to thinking this was a feedback thread but all the bitching here has give me second thoughts.
  3. I personally never spend my whole transfer budget, instead what I do is put whatever budget remains into the wage budget. Doing it the way I do I've found the board give you more money to spend as the seasons go on. Free Transfers and younger players means even with more money I have little need to spend anymore then I do in the first season, essentially I just keep ploughing money into the club whilst remaining competitive on the pitch.
  4. The iOS Users Career!

    Add me please.
  5. a question for all

    You mean the add and remove leagues feature? Where you can change which leagues are active at any point during your career? FMH is superb as it is, ok it needs a few changes to stop it being same old same old but if it keeps adopting stuff from the PC version than it won't be any different to the PC game after some time.
  6. FMHvibe Athletic

    Name: Dean Gould Year/Age: 1989/22 Position: GK CA: 132 PA: 178
  7. Possible Wonderkids

    Leandro Damiao (Internacional).
  8. Your favourite ever player

    Pavel Pogrebnyak. Absolute beast on fmh 2008, 2009 and 2010. Pretty sure he wasn't too shabby on 2011 either. Top striker with garaunteed goals.
  9. My Career Details With Braintree

    My local side. Seems you're doing well, the real challenge only seems to come once you hit the Premier League. Keep going strong pal, best of luck.
  10. Nice interview Marc, the only problem I have is this; Custard creams > Digestives.
  11. Happy 1st birthday FMHVibe

    Happy Bday Vibe.
  12. My 5-3-2

    Your formation is set up as a conventional 3-5-2 mate not the 5-3-2 you have stated.
  13. Everton Guide

    Nice guide provides a lot of information.
  14. I prefer my team to work as a unit, in phases of play where the opposition are neither attacking or defending, thus a stalemate, I like my team to have a good 5/5 split, this leaving the squad balanced depending on how the next phase of play turns out. When in a defensive or attacking phase though I like an extra man to come back/go forward depending on the phase I am undertaking. For me the perfect balance is having 6 defenders when on the back foot, but also 6 attackers when on the front foot.
  15. Logos won't appear.

    Finally working, thank you